Issues continue with Fashionsta

  1. I don't think they're shutting down at all. Fashionsta has a cult following (not sure why). So far their Dec & Jan boxes are late which tells me they probably have shipments coming from China which have been held up at the port.

  2. I used to be one of those followers in the beginning. Then, they started filling their box with sub par items and the same color story and they lost me after they canceled the $40 mystery box. I stuck around hoping it will go back to where they were at the beginning but I think they are long past that point. I have a feeling if they continue this trend, they will lose a lot of that cult following and will probably continue to be backed up for months.

  3. I have been reading in The Box groups, a lot of people encouraging others to be patient and "it's just a beauty box" etc. But I can't imagine paying $50+ with no updates over the last two weeks on when boxes will even ship. I know they typically ship late in the month but we are 2 weeks out from February and two boxes have not shipped out yet. I cancelled in December when I started to notice less spoilers and later deliveries with the intention of resubbing but now I don't think I'll resub because things just seem to be getting out of hand.

  4. I am also waiting on the Dec and Jan box, if I do not receive them by the begging of February, I am going to have my bank deal with them and give me the money back and I am also going to cancel my subscription.....I honestly think they should not of charged anyone for the January box until they ship the December box.

  5. I completely agree. Once they announced the December box was being pushed to January and now it's almost February and neither box has shipped, they should've just taken the loss for December and moved those products to different months to help sort out the delays. I know these boxes take a lot of planning but they have a whole year to re-sort that box or they could sell it as a one-off extra box. Paying for the year subscription, I doubt I can do a charge back but I do hope they get it together. I feel the delays will keep on coming. People can only be patient for so long.

  6. I got a couple of boxes a year ago, eagerly signed up again recently and it SUCKED. To put it politely. I don't always like everything I get in a beauty box, but I prefer not to feel like I wasted my money on a bunch of crap, which is exactly how I felt after wasting my money on a bunch of crap.

  7. Yes! I liked the first few boxes I got, the last few have been pretty bad. The eyebrow products were WAY too dark for me, why would they include something half the customers don’t be able to use? Then all this bellepierre or whatever it’s called, everything from that brand has been crap imo. I’m in that FB group also and my goodness, some of those woman seem to think that owner is God and the company can do no wrong. They seem obsessed. I’m just hoping I get the last two boxes I paid for and then I’m canceling.

  8. That's how I feel now. They kept promising so much, like complexion personalization, more variations, and skincare for our skin type, but none of it ever happened.

  9. I used to love this box in the very beginning and was always patient through all the shipping woes. BUT...nothing ever got better after like they kept promising it would. I no longer looked forward to it anymore and I agree about the boxes often felt like the same small handful of brands just cycling through. Also that Facebook group is something else....😳 I cut the cord from it all about a year ago and have zero regrets.

  10. We share the same opinion. They were so great with actual indie brands and a great variety. Now it's bellepierre every other month and a cheap red/pink leaning neutral palette or a copycat palette. Rarely do we see an actual indie brand anymore. They recently sent out some makeup products that were only made for medium skintones so they singled out a huge portion of their customers. Sometimes their skincare is on point but it has progressively gotten worse since the Around the World box. I'm waiting until my sub ends now.

  11. I doubt we will be seeing a refund. They did that once when they hit it big originally but it screwed over a lot of the long-term subscribers. I had to email them to remind them to push my year subscription 1 month when they did that. I feel if I didn't do that, I would've lost a month and they would've kept my money.

  12. I haven't gotten my subscription for about 5 months. Was going to start back up next month. I'm also in the fb group and been seeing some posts lately. Definitely not a good time to come back 🤣 it's a shame I use to love my boxes from them. 😪

  13. Yea. I just put in a dispute for the remaining months of my subscription. There still hasn't been a single update from them and I'd rather have my $160 back and not get another box.

  14. They're shutting down. Some subscribers posted an email they received from fashionsta claiming they were "pausing" the box. I never received my December box and no refund for it. They stopped responding to emails. I canceled.

  15. We should be getting our December boxes and a refund for January, at some point. I filed a credit dispute for the rest of my year subscription. It felt sketchy. I've been through many indie companies doing similar tactics so I just decided to pull out now rather than wait.

  16. On one of the Facebook groups they posted that all December boxes and sales items are packed and ready to be shipped once they get "clearance" To ship out , And December mens box refunded,

  17. Their website has vanished. I had a prepaid sub. Looks like we'll be reaching out to the bank to issue a charge back. Unfortunate. I feel bad that they are closing but am also irritated at the lack of transparency. Playing detective to get more info

  18. Their website vanished about a month ago. Most subscribers have put in disputes already. No one really knows what exactly happened but it seemed like Shadi abandoned the workers and no one was leading them.

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