Never received my $25 Allure Member Store Code

  1. In recent months, their customer service has been painful, so good luck. I’m so happy to be off this cursed train soon! Goodbye, Allure subscription that I dragged out for two years!

  2. Your post/comment was removed because it contained private information (email, phone number, etc). Please do not post private information publicly. If you are attempting to claim a starter or free box, make sure you message the giver privately.

  3. I wonder if you (or whoever wants to) can use my code? I decided not to use it, I didn’t wanna pay shipping. Here’s the code, worth trying: SC255VXDSMR8

  4. I did not get my code either. Apparently, it was a system glitch and they are looking into it. From talking with their CS several times, they are worried that if they are issuing credit to the affected people individually, the system might eventually issue it as well (or people might take advantage of this issue).

  5. Same story here. Never received my store credit. Already escalated with CS but we'll see. This is my first ever box with them. I cut out all other subscription boxes for this reason, don't have time to deal with CS chasing what was promised or missing boxes/etc. I'm cancelling.

  6. I received it, but unfortunately cancelled my sub right after I paid for October so I have no access to the store lol

  7. Oh no! I called them and they told me to skip so I could redeem my credit. I ordered my gift and paid the shipping. Now I need to cancel.

  8. I had the same issue, escalated it and got a response saying they’re working on it. They replied to my email 2 days later saying that I was one of the winners and should receive an email with instructions on how to redeem the code within 3-5 business days. It’s been over a week and no code; still haven’t received an update from their customer service team.

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