What is the absolutely worst product you've ever tried?

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  2. Benefit They’re Real eyeliner. You couldn’t even draw with that thing before the tip broke off, and the formula was too stiff to just glide on, so it broke again and again and again. Monster fail.

  3. It’s crazy how bad this liner is when the Benefit Roller Liner is genuinely sooo good, I’m always repurchasing it in black and brown

  4. I completely forgot about this eyeliner, I got a sample and am so glad I didn’t purchase it. It was so dry it did even want to apply properly.

  5. I remember returning it at Ulta, and the cashier looked at me and said, “are you sure you just don’t know how to use it? There are a lot of beauty gurus who have made videos on it!”

  6. Benefit’s porefessional has personally offended me in ways not a lot of products have. It pills up and looks awful, also the color is just not it. Not to mention every single subscription box or holiday pack comes with a mini of it

  7. Kat von d foundation. I have never owned a foundation that oxidized so badly and it never melded with my skin no matter what I did, just sat on top, being orange forever. Ugh. I unsubscribed from that YouTuber immediately because I couldn't bring myself to trust them after that.

  8. Same here! It’s the only foundation that I’ve hated enough to return. It went past orange and looked like I mixed actual rust with my foundation

  9. If you’re talking about the original one, I agree! I bought it in college in the lightest shade. It matched me pretty well when I initially put it on but when I got home I looked so orange and like I didn’t know how to match my foundation. It was awful. I haven’t tried the Good Apple one though.

  10. I tried it TWICE. Two different shades, years apart. I tried with several different primers, without primer, different application techniques… no. Nothing worked. Worse foundation ever and I don’t understand why so many people love it.

  11. I have that problem with Bareminerals BAREPro. It lays on top, oxidizes quite orange, and any application mistakes are emphasized. However, it's the one foundation that my oils can not break through and needs absolutely nothing to set.

  12. Too Faced White Chocolate Chip palette. The pigment was nonexistent and when you managed to get some pigment out of the palette all the colors either looked the same or blended away.

  13. Shape tape, better than sex mascara and the mac paint pots. I can go into detail here but if I tell you I have dry skin I think that explains enough 😂

  14. Yes! Every YouTuber used the MAC paint pots so I got it in Soft Ochre and it was so drying that my skin would flake and I could roll the dried makeup off.

  15. That was the only foundation that I actually liked and used most of the tube. Im sad because when i bought it it was already discontinued and at marshalls.

  16. Colourpop ultra matte lip in the shade LAX. The color is stunning but it was so dry that my lips bled ! I know some ppl were saying they reformulate it but I'm too traumatized to test out again ( i love limbo and tulle tho).

  17. Oh my god I don’t think my lips have ever looked as crusty and flakey as they have with LAX on. I swore off Colourpop Ultra Mattes as a result

  18. Years ago I bought a large Chantecaille palette - large pans of blush, eyeshadow, etc. It was SO pretty but it looked like mud on. Everything blended out to chalky nothing. It was such a disappointment. I couldn't do anything with it. It was 2006 (I had just had a baby and did a lot of middle of the night shopping) and I'm still mad about it.

  19. I wore a Milani matte liquid lipstick in a pretty berry color under a mask. Usually with liquid lipsticks and masks, I would just get some smudging around the edge of lips. Not this time.

  20. Sorry, I'm here laughing but I'll just say it, I'm especially disappointed at the fact that in this story you did not remove your mask at some point during the argument or immediately after lol Imagine how hilarious it would have been for the person you were arguing with.

  21. lmaooooo, reminds me of the time i smeared chapstick all over my lips haphazardly and put a dab on my the sides of my poor tissue-abused cracked nostrils during class and didn't realize until i got home but it was actually tinted 😩

  22. Imma say this one is controversial: Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray. It didn’t work and my makeup looked worse.

  23. I use it before my foundation. I prime and then spray- let it sit for a minute or two- then do my foundation. I also spray my foundation brush with it to sheet out my makeup for a daytime look. Never use it to actually set my finished look.

  24. Me too. This was my first ever high end product because I just wanted my makeup to last longer and I had seen Twitter videos of girls literally using a shower head on their face and said their makeup didn’t budge because of the UD all nighter.

  25. Omg I HATE it, I have dry skin yet using it still made me look like a greasebomb, I do not understand what the hell went wrong. I gave it to a friend who thinks it's the best setting spray ever so it's clearly a me problem but I just don't get it.

  26. I have hella oily skin and All Nighter is my holy grail of setting sprays. With oily skin it’s the only one I’ve found. I’ve tried countless primers to try and get everything to stay, but it really does work for me. Do you mind me asking what skin type you have?

  27. Can you suggest a Setting Spray that actually works? It starting to get hot in my hometown and I don’t my make up to melt away 😩

  28. i love these threads bc it allows me to shout from the rooftops how much i despise too faced better than sex mascara.

  29. Yesssss. The flaking on it was SO bad that it flaked while wearing it one day and a flake got in my eye, embedded itself under my eyelid, and every time I would blink or move my eye it was scratching my cornea. Needless to say it scratched my cornea horribly, and I had to have an eye doctor remove the flake. Then I had to be on antibiotic eye drops to keep the scratches and tears from getting infected while they healed, because if they did I could go blind. Needless to say I will NEVER use that stuff again.

  30. YES. I couldn’t think of a super terrible product I’d tried but you just reminded me…this was it. I must have blocked the memory from my brain.

  31. It looked great on me right after application but after an hour my lashes would be compleately drooped down and straight and it flaked like crazy

  32. I didn't know it was possible for mascara to flake into my eyeballs, but the BTS mascara did it so well it felt like it was designed for that purpose. So painful.

  33. I tried to convince myself it was good and KEPT using that flaky clumpy mess of product because I couldn’t believe that something that was so universally loved by beauty gurus would be so horrible. Lowkey I think they convinced themselves they liked it too and weren’t 100% lying about it

  34. I hated the mascara wand of this!!! Maybe the shape of my eyes are too… pancakey because I’m East Asian and don’t have a lot of dimension to my brow bone and sockets? Idk if I’m making sense but the brush was so big that it was nearly impossible to apply the product properly without smearing something on my skin. But it was still BTS with my ex-husband.

  35. Juvia’s Place eyeshadow primer, i made the mistake of using it right before a job interview and by the time I got in my car and drove to the interview my eyeshadow had melted away which had never happened with that eyeshadow before even when I didn’t use a base. That was the first and last time I used that primer.

  36. That Beauty Bakerie palette is more like a highlighter palette! It’s crazy! And the name is dumb! Cotton candy champagne?! Why the champagne? I guess to account for the shimmer in them? Just weird to me like they couldn’t decide and were like okay, lets go with both!

  37. That's too bad about the Beauty Bakerie blush palette! I love that one, but I do love me a shimmery cheek so that works for me. I definitely don't need a highlighter when I use it, lol.

  38. There was also a Juvia’s Place eyeliner that was AWFUL. I didn’t think I had anything for this thread until you mentioned it.

  39. Lime Crime black liquid lipstick. I have been using the NYX black and wanted to splurge on a nice one. I saw that LC did a revamp and that horrible woman wasn’t involved anymore so I wanted to give it a try. The liquid is thin and doesn’t cover as well as it should and it dries very crusty and SMEARS! I was so embarrassed. It was like I’d never worn a dark liquid lip before. I’ll stick their neutral colors, I guess. Just wish it wasn’t so crusty. I’ll stick with my $8 NYX.

  40. If you want a nicer liquid lipstick that doesn't support terrible people, may I suggest the Beauty Bakerie Matte Lip Whip in Midnight Truffles? It's my HG black lippie and it gets used to death by both me and my wife.

  41. the milk hydrogrip eyeshadow primer. i love the face primer because my skin leans dry but my eyelids are oily. so idk why i thought it would work for me. its to date the only product i’ve returned

  42. I use it as an undereye primer only and it makes a huge difference preventing my concealers (lightly powdered to set) from creasing and and aging my undereye area!

  43. I got a free one to review and I think I gave it 1 star, lol. It’s absolutely terrible. I tried it again recently and it’s still awful.

  44. Agreed! I can’t use that at all under my eyes. BUT, it’s the best I’ve found to cover my hyperpigmentation from sun spots. Everything else I try, they always peek through. The Elf Camo Concealer works great over them. I had to play around a little to find out how to get it to not look dry on my drier areas but once I figured that out, it’s my go to when I want the sun spots covered up completely!

  45. ELF Monochromatic Multistick. I've always avoided peach blushes, but decided to give a cheap one a try. Plus, I wanted a cream or gel product. But there's no pigmentation in it. Literally none. And I'm pale to the Are You Okay? level of pastiness. But no. Nothing. It was all glitter and glycerin. I think that might be the first time ELF has every really, truly failed me.

  46. the TF hangover rx primer that everyone loved lol I wasn't familiar with coconut products/coconut in general so it wasn't until a long time later that I realized mine was most likely spoiled. and it broke me out which I think is a general coconut problem and not just a rotten coconut problem.

  47. Oh my god, I'm with you on the sensory issues. Anything I can't powder down into a non-sticky finish, I'm just done with. This new age of cream and liquid makeup is a nightmare for autism lol

  48. I actually love the cc cream, but I also use the tiniest bit and spread it out across a very dewy base so it essentially functions more like a skin tint than anything else. I find it looks really nice and skinlike when I do that. I have absolutely no idea how YouTubers use it the way they do, though 😩 Looks so cakey if you just pile it on and go at it with a brush

  49. I know this is a beloved palette, but Lunar Beauty Moon Spell Volume 1. The original. It's beautiful to swatch and look at. Everything about it seems like it would be perfect for me. I love the packaging and shade names.

  50. Some random tiny eyeshadow palette from Estée Lauder , it was like touching a kids pretend makeup. Even digging in product you’d get absolutely nothing

  51. Not the absolute worst for me, but a product that never lived up to the hype (or price, for that matter) is the Milk Kush mascara. The wand was meh and the product flaked like nothing I’d ever had before. I used it since I don’t like being wasteful, but I quickly went back to Essence Lash Princess and waterproof Wet n Wild mascara.

  52. I scrolled way too far to find this. I absolutely HATE that mascara. It stops me from buying so many of the Sephora Favorites kits too because it's always freaking included. It's not even a new product anymore, please replace it in your kits, Sephora.

  53. A lot of people don't talk about how after a certain point of use, a lot of the tubes will like pop up? Not sure how to describe it but they just don't close properly and concealer seeps from the tube and congeals around the opening. I just don't understand how that's such a common defect for such a popular item.

  54. It's house paint, I swear. I don't use it for my undereyes anymore, but I'm finishing the tube by using it (a tiny amount!) to clean up my more graphic/avant-garde looks.

  55. It's not for the undereye areas, it's way too thick and drying for that purpose. It works amazing to conceal facial skin problems such as pimples, redness and post acne discoloration for people with very oily skin, like myself. I use a minuscule amount on the problem areas only and then follow with sheer layer of foundation for a natural look. But I agree with you, it's awful for undereyes and for anyone with dry or even normal skin types.

  56. Rimmel Magnifeyes Ultraviolet palette. I love purple, so got this as a gift and was thrilled. I'm not sure if it was the palette itself or if it was out of date or something, but for the amount of color that ended up on me, I might as well have swiped my brush across a purple piece of paper and tried to apply that.

  57. Great thread! Anybody remember the Revlon HD Photo-something foundation? It was full of GLITTER! I wore it a few days and then one day, I heard a stranger say, “I like your GLITTER! Where’d you get THAT?” My roomie later said she didn’t have the courage to tell me how flashy my foundation was.

  58. Maybelline TattooStudio Brow Tint Pen. I don't usually buy products without reading reviews, but I was in a shopping mood and this intrigued me.

  59. god so it's not just me! it was impossible to make my eyebrows look anywhere near acceptable or natural with it, and it stained green 💀

  60. The ABH brow pen is horrible too, at least the blonde one is - it’s literally red, it looks so bad.

  61. The Too Faced #tfnofilter did absolutely nothing for me. It didn’t blur or set, so I tried using it as eyeshadow. The pigmentation would show up when I swiped it with my finger, but it was just gone on my eyelid. Brushes didn’t work, obviously. I kept it for a while because there was a cute cat on it, I think?

  62. my god i HATED the ouai wave spray with all my heart. i have type 3a curly hair and that spray dried out my hair soooo badly and it made it so sticky. it literally did nothing for my hair. my hair is always pretty soft but this spray really made it feel so rough. i also feel like it affected my curl pattern because on the days i did use it, my curls were not defined at all. i was so pissed considering how much i paid for it. i did like their hair oil though, its really lightweight which i love.

  63. Oh that eye cream is a nightmare. Horrible texture and literally doesn’t absorb. It was always talked about like some miracle worker/actual brightening potion but noooo. What a waste.

  64. ABH eyeshadow primer. It was awful! I returned it, and I never return beauty products unless they cause a reaction. My eyeshadow faded and creased worse than if I had no primer on whatsoever. Yes, I set it. It’s garbage.

  65. I have given up on any primer except NYX glitter glue. It’s the absolute best primer at only $5 and the bottle lasts forever.

  66. Agreed! I remember seeing rave reviews about this primer so I bought one and my eyeshadow was creasing before I was even done with my makeup. I find it sort of works if I apply a tiny bit over another primer but I just don’t really like to have to finesse it, it’s too much work for a product that should just do what it’s advertised to do

  67. Essence Lash Princess mascara (green/black tube): No matter what application techniques I tried - bending the wand, rolling and blinking, wiggling and blinking, powder on lashes before mascara - it always flaked, stuck my lashes together, lengthened in the clumpy-est way. Always shocked it's so popular!

  68. Essence Lash Princess looked pretty on my lashes, but by the end of the day I’d always look like a raccoon bc it was so smudgey

  69. I agree with you on the Essence Lash princes. It is not good. I don’t understand how it gets all that hype. It’s so clumpy.

  70. Yeah, the brush of the Essence Lash Princess is actually perfect for my lashes, but even with the waterproof one I look racconish within a few hours (and it's still hard to take off at the end of the day)

  71. Something in the hourglass ambient lighting powders gives me the worst reaction. My face broke out HORRIBLY within an hour of applying. Went on beautifully, but something in them didn’t agree with my skin.

  72. The better than sex mascara! I tried it because everyone was saying HOW GREAT IT IS. Wrong. On my goodness. 😂😂😂 it’s like my eyelashes became conjoined

  73. Probably the Jecca Black Playpot I got from Boxycharm. It’s supposed to be a shimmery multi-use balm type thing. Giant sparkle flakes that ended up everywhere in seconds, like all over my face and hands and the bathroom sink, and wouldn’t wash away. It had no redeeming qualities, which was a shame because I liked the brand’s inclusive vibe and ethics.

  74. Milk HydroGrip Primer. I'll never forgive this stuff for making me redo my whole face just before a big work event. My foundation pilled, clung to certain patches...ugh.

  75. this is why I check now if my primer and foundation are both water or silicone based otherwise my face does the same, extra work yay

  76. Oh so many to list but the ones that stand out was Jaclyn hill palette that caused my eyelids to blow up and the smash box foundation that looked like cracking plaster on my face.

  77. Trust me I wanted to like this and still haven't tossed it yet but the Fenty Beauty gloss bomb :( It's too thick and goopy to sit comfortably on my lips and I hate the smell of it.

  78. I used to love the gloss Bomb, l fully used up multiples but there was one something l didn't like about it but couldn't identify. Then a YouTuber compared it to other lip glosses and said that she could taste it in the back of her throat and l realised that l could too.

  79. Imma piggyback off this and say their liquid lipstick also didn't work for me. I got it in the shade Uncuffed (I believe), and it didn't last on my lips, it wore off terribly and just looked like shit, also not very comfortable.

  80. I've never broke out from a product the way the born this way line broke me out. Great coverage. Beautiful packaging. But good god. Every time I wore it, 2 days later with a big painful under the skin lump around my chin area. It took 2 or 3 times for me to figure out it was this.

  81. Same! Did you buy the new and improved OLEHENRICKSEN banana eye primer! I did, and the next day had severe milia under both eyes. I tried it for a week. I wrote the company and they said” it has not been proven to reduce Milia! NS! 😂

  82. The Danessa Myricks Yummy Skin Blurring Balm Powder. I got this for free in a VIP gift bag at a MUA Event and they were pushing this product quite hard. I got the Translucent one. I've tried it several times and can not get past the smell. To me it smells like gasoline. I tried it in many different ways and feel like it's still quite greasy. I'm quite oily and it's supposed to be used as a primer, or to set Foundation, contour or even as a stand alone foundation. It literally feels like a grease trap on my face.

  83. for me it’s the naked 3 palette. i wanted to love it so bad but no matter what i did with it it just looked like a muddy mess. i was so frustrated bc it was so hyped up. nowadays it just sits on my bookshelf under a stack of more loved palettes.

  84. Nyx Epic Ink Liner. Y'know, the one that everyone was screaming was a dupe for the KvD tattoo liner. It is for one use. Then it starts to bleed everywhere. I tried it once 5 years ago and once again recently. Yes, I am a fool.

  85. NARS Natural Radiant Longwear foundation (I think). Nikki Tutotials raved about it a couple of years ago. I did get compliments that I was glowing but that thing separated on my skin within half an hour of applying it. It looked so bad, I actually returned it.

  86. The rare beauty foundation 😭 it was the best shade match I’ve ever found but it literally looked like paint on my skin, it was giving me wrinkles that I’m pretty sure I don’t actually have lol

  87. TONYMOLY lip stains. I bought them before lip stains were popular / readily available in the west. They’re so patchy and settle into every line on my lips. They make me look so crusty.

  88. The Wet n Wild Photo Focus foundation. Absolutely awful! It was so thick and chunky, impossible to blend, the shades were really bad and it smelled like literal paint. I couldn’t believe how bad it was after everyone on YouTube hyped it up so much.

  89. Fenty Pro Filtr concealer. It looked like I never had a sip of water in my life and emphasized fine lines I didn't know I had. I'm not one to dismiss a product that easily. With fingers, with a damp sponge, dry sponge, with a brush, a lot, a little. I tried everything and tossed it.

  90. ABH eye primer - I feel like this was released at the height of the cut crease era of makeup and that’s who that primer was for. It was thick af and opaquely white. If you built up too much, your shadows were going to crease anyway

  91. I swear, every Nars complexion products leans super yellow. I have tried to find a good match in both the Soft Matte and the Radiant Creamy concealers and its just impossible for me.

  92. I know everyone was so excited about Fenty when they first came out but their very first foundation was the worst thing I'd ever bought. It was so dry, patchy, and awful. It dried down so fast it was impossible to apply, it was the weirdest formula for a brand that was aimed towards POC given how dry and drying it was, and the color oxidation was horrible for the lighter colors. I'm glad they ended up changing it eventually but after that burn I was too scared to buy from them again despite how well things have for them since then. It was a big splurge for me at the time and i was super unhappy I'd wasted my money on it.

  93. The Glow Recipe Sunscreen pills so badly that my partner across the room asked me what was wrong with my skin. And I didn’t even put anything over it!

  94. Nars soft matte foundation and the Bobbi Brown priming moisturizer. I know so many people love them, but they were terrible for me. I bought them because I saw them used together in a Hindash tutorial and he was raving about them. I used them before going to an event and when I arrived there, I went in the bathroom and saw that the foundation was breaking up all over my face and pilling everywhere. By the time I got back home a few hours later, I looked like I had slapped beige paint all over my face and then rubbed it with sandpaper. It was horrible and I was so embarrassed. Never again will I trust a tutorial!

  95. Seconding the dislike for the ELF Putty Primer. I’d heard such good things about it, but as someone with combo skin (with the oiliest parts being the center of my face, where my pores are most prominent and I most need a primer to improve the wear of my foundation), it felt soooo uncomfortable, like I had a weird layer of something on my face the whole time. And then, within a couple hours, it’d make my skin appear to have some weird texture. Wanted to love it, but I couldn’t deal with it.

  96. If we’re talking about products that were hyped on YouTube, it’s the Laura Mercier loose “translucent” powder and Tarte shape tape. Dry and cakey af. And many years ago Clarins had a popular lip gloss thing that had a sponge applicator. I don’t remember the name but it dried my lips like crazy. I developed a hard dry ring around my lips. But YouTubers loved it 🤷🏽‍♀️

  97. I wanted to love the Laura Mercier powder because of how much everyone hypes it up but for something that's supposed to be translucent, it really turns everything I have on underneath yellow

  98. I bought that powder on vacation because I forgot mine and thought I go with something universally loved. That was a mistake! it looks horrible and flys everywhere while using it.

  99. Jaclyn Hill’s Version 2 “The Vault” Morphe Collab. Good god they were awful. I bought Bling Boss and it just was not good. The shimmers felt like after a few uses they were hard-panned. I didn’t even put setting spray or anything wet on them either. The mattes were so hard to blend. I tossed it after a few months.

  100. It cosmetics CC cream- this is a thick full coverage foundation in my opinion. The shades were also horrible for my medium olive skin and the wear was awful - like lots of lifting and cracking on the skin. I don’t get the love for this product

  101. MAC’s MACSTACK mascara. Spent £26 on that bad boy in departures as a treat while going on holiday and I get panda eyes. My eyes aren’t even oily, never had a mascara slither south faster.

  102. Kylie Liquid Lipstick and Liner Duo. Absolute garbage product. Left a weird crumbly outline from the liner. The liquid lipstick looked like old man ball sack texture. AWFUL

  103. The Glossier Sky Wash lid tints are horrible. No pigment, separates immediately. It’s a complete waste unless you have paper white skin.

  104. Loreal infallible fresh wear foundation. I didn't like the fragrance, it made my face itch, and it was a really bad finish on my skin.

  105. It’s crazy how different makeup preferences are because this is my HG! I’ve tried so many different foundations and nothing holds a candle to it.

  106. A matte liquid lipstick from Hola Neon, from Ipsy I think. It was a pretty berry-brown shade, and it went on nicely at first. But it smelled like burnt plastic, and once it dried down it was like a layer of blistered skin on my lips - so tight and dry. The worst part though was that it cracked all over the place, and each of the cracks was bright white. It was revolting lmao

  107. Better Than Sex mascara. Oh dear God. I thought it was going to glue my eyes shut, and then it wouldn't come off, and then I thought I was going to go blind because it burned my eyes so much. And then it gave me panda eyes even after I thought I got it all off!!

  108. The first Naked Basics pallete. This was at least 9/10 year ago. I am not joking when I say that this pallete smelled like piss. Literally. It smelled like pee.

  109. In keeping with Too Faced, the Selfie Powder trio. Super gimmicky trio of powders marketed to give the skin a filtered effect. Ha!

  110. Smoke Sessions pallette from Melt Cosmetics. I spent $48 on this pallette because I love green. It's so patchy with or without primer. The green shades went on brown, it was hard to blend. To this day my most hated pallette that I've bought.

  111. I have a love hate relationship with it. At first it felt greasy and then over the period of the day it felt good. The bad thing is the greasy feeling made me feel like my skin was being choked.

  112. Shu Uemura lightbulb foundation. I was coerced into buying this instead by the sales person instead of my tried and true face architect at the time and it was the worst. It oxidised 2 shades and slid all over my dry skin. Haven't been back there for foundation since.

  113. Urban Decay had a naked primer, that was like silicone. It was awful, it balled up on your face, and made foundation look absolutely horrible.

  114. The Too Faced Better than Chocolate palette they released this summer. I was over the moon excited, crossing out the days on my calendar until its release. And then I got it and nearly immediately wanted to throw it in the trash, it was SO BAD.

  115. Indeed laboratories nanoblue primer. GARBAGE. This stuff went viral and I honestly don't know why. Tried this under foundation and over foundation. I've tried applying it with my fingers, a sponge, a brush. It doesn't blend into the skin, it's SO drying (which is even crazy for me to say since I have such oily skin). When using it as a normal makeup primer, it makes your foundation SO splotchy and patchy. Your foundation will not blend on top of it. When you try to use it over your foundation, all it does is remove your foundation. It doesn't blur your skin, it doesn't fill in your pores. It makes my pores look even worse because of how drying the product is. It literally does nothing that it claims to do, other than being incredibly overly matte. Horrible product. Can you tell I hate it? Haha

  116. JSC Ice Cold highlighter is what comes to mind for the worst product I ever tried. It was so chunky and just sitting on top of my skin

  117. For Makeup: Make Up For Ever #2 Artist Palette. So so patchy that I think it was just a bad batch then the actual palette. Not even an eyeshadow primer could save it. I would blink and chunks of eyeshadow would disappear.

  118. Profusion Mean Girls collab. Such truly awful quality shadows and I was required to keep the plastic protective sheet in the palette because the glue they used to stick it down didn't come off and stuck to the cardboard of the lid 🤦🏻‍♀️

  119. Melt Cosmetics Millenial Pinx Palette - I loved the colour story and packaging and the general aesthetic of the launch - pinks and big dark smokey eyes are my all time favourite, and those two TOGETHER?! a dream - so i was super excited, but it was a BIG disappointment.

  120. Milk primer, and I love their products generally. I couldn’t believe how sticky it was - like smearing white glue all over my face. Then, it disagreed with my other makeup products, so all that stickiness remained and got patchy. Complete fail yet so many people seem to adore it.

  121. laneige lip stuff the pink one. it literally made my lips dry and then flake. also cosrx made my skin peel. two major Ls.

  122. Kylie Cosmetics highlighter. Idk how those were ever hyped. Idek how people can say they are ok. It looks like I wiped my face on a surface that hasn't been dusted in 10 years. I've only used one shade so maybe it was just that shade but oh my god is was bad and I couldn't even redeem myself with another highlighter because of how badly it sat on my skin. The Lancome juicy tubes have always been a no for me as well. Ik those are a classic for a lot of people, but I have always found them to be really stringy and gross and I haven't used a worse lip gloss since then (maybe with the exception of the clear fenty gloss which was also really bad. Really dissapointing considering the fact that I'm obsessed with the formula with all of the other shades)

  123. Urban Decay primer potion. So clumpy and chunky coming out of the tube and it made my eyelids look gross and textured. I returned it to Sephora.

  124. I bought a pair of MAC false lashes from my local cosmetic discount store and they were the worst lashes I’ve ever used! Like virtually no band to glue and they bent/folded more than drugstore lashes. I had to reapply 4 times. They went straight in the trash.

  125. The Tarte mermaid eyeshadow palette. It was the worst eyeshadow palette I’ve ever used and the only makeup item I’ve ever had to return.

  126. La Roche Posay Lipikar lotion. Dermatologists and reviews say this is great for dry skin. I'm sure people had legitimately great experiences with it, but it did not work for me at all. It just felt like it coated my skin and I would wake up in the morning feeling drier than ever.

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