What’s your favorite cheap eats from local businesses in Central Oregon?

  1. The Pizza Mondo lunch special is actually a pretty good deal. Slice of pizza, salad, and drink for $7, I believe. Now if only I could swap out the soda for a garlic knot 🤭

  2. They do have a nice afternoon (after mountain) special for 2 slices and a beer. Can’t remember what the price is ($10 ?) but it works out nicely for us (2 adults and 2 kids).

  3. Tortilleria Reyes is hands down best tacos in Bend. $1.75 taco Wednesdays are a great deal, and carnitas with salsa verde is where it’s at

  4. Americana, $8 burger. Voted best burger (Source) this year. They’re at spider city brewing which is also a great brewery.

  5. You ever try Rigobertos in Redmond? I have no experience with the one in Bend, but Redmond is a personal favorite for massive, cheap burritos. Def gotta try Rodolbertos next time I find myself in Bend, seems like a bunch of people agree w you 🔥

  6. This is kind of a technicality, but friken faco chicken is super cheap to me because I buy the large, cut it up into small pieces, and then just make rice bowls with it. Their chicken is so tasty and making it into rice bowls allows you to get 3-4 servings for 17$ for the large order of chicken, and I buy my rice in bulk from Costco, so that is around 50 cents per serving if not less. All in all that’s around 4.5-6$ per meal, and you can always add in greens/carrots/cabbage/onions/mushrooms whatever else you think is good in a rice bowl

  7. I love Lucy's but don't get it as often as I would like because for some reason the always goof and put guac and sour cream on my wife's food when she orders without. She vetoes it more often than not.

  8. Eating out sucks now a days. Costs at least $18 a fucking sandwich and the service sucks. Source: I’m a service worker and my company has been hiring for a year! Oregon’s tax laws fuck the poor so hard and you come away with $14 after tax and rent is so hard here in Bend. $2k for a 1 bedroom is bullshit

  9. Just went today and the prices have definitely gone up!! $15 - $18 for a standard breakfast 😳 Massive portions still but those prices for diner food…

  10. El Sancho for cheap ?? Maybe a few years ago. Now they’re mediocre and way over hyped sadly. I miss the old tacos

  11. Thaipas… $17 phad Thai? Not even in the realm of “cheap.” Also, how much would you like to tip for the pleasure of bussing your own table at the grove?

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