I’ve got an interview tomorrow, any advice?

  1. Go in with a clear mind and a good attitude. You don’t know what’s in store for you until it happens. You’ll know if it’s for you or not, just listen to your gut. A lot of us are disgruntled with the company and/or our particular store but everyone’s different. Treat the Best Buy Reddit like reading restaurant reviews: some people hate it and some people love it.

  2. Don’t say the word technology more than once. People try to sprinkle it into every sentence and it’s a red flag that you don’t have anything to actually say.

  3. A lot of their interview questions have two parts. Make sure to answer both questions. Keep your answers around 5 minutes. Try to be concise but detailed at the same time.

  4. tell the interviewer you’re willing to learn departments you’re not super knowledgeable on. It was my first job and still is. I’ve been here for a year and there is still stuff i’m still learning. Good luck with E-Learnings if you get the job lol

  5. Oh yeah for sure, I absolutely love technology and I love helping people with tech as much as I can. My expertise is PCs and pc peripherals

  6. I walked in dressed way too formally, told them I was passionate about working with customers and helping people as much as I could, and while I really didn’t know anything about tech at the time I showed a willingness (and excitedness) to learn… I lasted 2 years, it was a really great place to work for a lot of it, until I got burnt out. Good luck!

  7. If you're applying for a warehouse position, talk about your ability to multi task and willingness to learn things outside of your initial role.

  8. Dress nice! I can’t express how much that is important. So many ppl come in now these days in casual clothing but dressing nice shows your effort that you’re putting towards this interview.

  9. A couple things that are very important for Best Buy is that you are customer oriented giving them the perfect experience while in Best Buy and getting them signed up for our total tech membership and Best Buy credit card if you make them feel like you will provide that to them the job is as good as yours hope this helps

  10. Wish I could get an interview and job at best buy, trying so hard everyday, just to get rejected after a day from applying. sigh

  11. Yeah I’ve applied to 9 positions at my local bestbuy, then for the previous 2 that I applied for (2 mobile department ones) they called me to tell me that you have to be 18 to work in the mobile department, but they wanted me to apply for the customer experience advisor position which is what I have the interview for (I’m 16 btw)

  12. A common question regards stealing. Usually something small like a soda, snack etc. You will be asked how you would react in a situation where you witnessed another employee doing this. Make sure you say that you would immediately report it to a manager no matter the situation or how small. You will be not be considered for 2nd or 3rd interviews if you give any other answer.

  13. Stay calm and pretend you’re talking to a friend, that might help with any anxiety you might have. Find something in common with your interviewer. My cousin and i got hired at jobs we didn’t have experience at because we personally connected with the interviewer. My cousins interviewer even acknowledged it.

  14. Please don’t tell me that you built your own computer. I don’t care. What that tells me is your able to follow instructions and buy parts. I want to hear that you enjoy talking to people and helping solve their needs. While being able to attach credit cards and total tech of course.

  15. From somebody who’s been with this company for over 10 years get your experience and go find something better Best Buy is underpaying for the kind of work that we do especially in field services and computer repair you’ll find other companies independent that Treat you better and pay you better use this as your first steppingstone don’t settle into a routine

  16. You’ll get a couple questions about theft. The only right answer is to report it no matter what the situation is. Doesn’t matter if it’s a stranger, your coworker, your family, or Corie Barry herself. It could be an entire Macbook or a bottle of coke. The answer is always to report it.

  17. Some questions might also seem dumb/simple but just stick with your answer. I remember being asked "What would you do if a customer said you gave them the wrong amount of change?". I just said I'd recount in my head/take a moment and then tell them I didn't and call a manager if it escalates

  18. You might have some repeat questions from the video interview, so keep in mind the questions and the answers you gave. That’s from my experience at least. And it’s relatively easy questions. Nothing to stress about

  19. Yea run lmao not worth it, and the management fucking blows unless you like forcing memberships on customers instead of actually helping them :)

  20. I'll hit 10 years with BBY in October. For the most part I've enjoyed it. The pay scale is wack though. I started as a seasonal hire making $7.50. Worked my way up quite a bit. Have done sales, cashier, mobile, CA and ARA at the precinct, field cadet, home theater agent in the field and now currently in the field as a DAR. New hires starting at $15 now annoys me when the higher side of the pay scale didn't also increase in that same fashion. But the pay is still decent, get benefits, 401K, PTO, employee discount etc. There are definitely worse places to work.

  21. Don’t listen to these miserable Redditors who are telling you to run, don’t go, etc. They just go on this subreddit to gripe. Just go into your interview with a positive attitude and you’re already halfway there. The questions they ask are all pretty simple tbh. You don’t have to worry about any tricky questions or whatever.

  22. Be prepared for these questions: What makes you want to work here? What makes you a best fit for Best Buy? Tell me about a time you were recognized for your customer service skills? Why should I hire you?

  23. As a 14 year veteran of bby who went from cashier to salaried management. I can confidently say. Don’t go. Or go and drain their resources and get another job. Bby doesn’t care about their employees or customers anymore. They want to sell credit cards and tech support. But you know good luck either way. I just think the culture is shit now

  24. I saw in other threads ur 16. I was hired when I was 16 too. The best advice I can give you if you get the job is to work your ass off and go above what they ask of you. A lot of people are gonna say well they don’t give you any hours or it’s a bad company, it’s really not. If you put the time in to learn and be open to learning, while also going above and beyond, you will get hours and you will be liked by your managers. Just don’t be a lazy fuck who thinks the company and managers are against you. Good luck in your interview man, you’re gonna kill it. Just be yourself and be honest. Don’t make up lies to make yourself look better.

  25. Yeah for sure, I’m gonna work my ass off. Gonna definitely work as much as I can but right now I am doing driving lessons and stuff along with school. Luckily that won’t affect much.

  26. That question about what would you do if you saw an employee stealing (my old boss would ask about stealing a pack of gum)….the answer is always be a snitch lol don’t beat around it.

  27. Immediately report it to a manger, if they’re willing to steal something as small as that, what else are they willing to steal

  28. Review some frequent interview questions on google. The one I always think of is -when they ask you to tell them about yourself what they REALLY mean is how do you fit in here. How can you help US. They don't care that you have 3 cats & 5 kids type thing.

  29. Be prepared to answer questions based scenarios you may find yourself when it comes to interacting with customers

  30. Have a few sips of vodka before the interview. This way, if you show up to work buzzed, they’ll think that’s just how you are

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