Two Weeks! What do we think the clues are?

  1. It doesn’t look like she’s looking back, she’s definitely looking up. Either to the sky or looking at something bigger. Maybe it’s like a dollhouse theme? Everything is bigger in size to make the houseguests feel tiny?

  2. butterfly ring=butterfly effect twist. like Pandora's box but it resets the entire game to day 1 (yes they already figured out a way to make someone guaranteed to press it)

  3. Ok she is standing in front of a house so I'm calling it here first: The season will take place inside some sort of house.

  4. Could be. It's taking place outside a house, so maybe people will need to do something (like win some sort of competition) to enter the house?

  5. Multiple houses in the background, there will be multiple houses will full casts that are completely unaware of eachother. It will never be addressed during the show, not even a single time.

  6. I’m just imagining two seasons going on at once but each season is on separate nights so BB is on 6 nights during the summer. Also, each house can watch live feeds of the other house.

  7. She's looking up and what is up there? Space. Big brother is going to space. This season is going to be out if this world

  8. Clearly Julie is looking at a boomerang in flight, and boomerangs are things that return to you. All Stars 3 confirmed. /s

  9. Wanna know what our sun is? A star. That’s right, we’re getting two returnees as captains for the season. Welcome back Paul and Nicole!

  10. OMG the VETO KING is back! Her dress is obviously resembling blood splotches, which of course is in reference to the harm (albeit a little harm it was still a harm) that James Rhine faced in All Stars.

  11. More weird pseudo-Christian aphorisms at the end of each episode, and a Bible for every gay houseguest.

  12. She has hoop earrings. You know what else has hoops. Basketball. BB24 will have basketball wives and their husbands or ex husbands as the cast.

  13. I........wouldn't be against know how much drama Tristan Thompson and Khloe Kardashian would produce? I get they're not married but I'd dig it

  14. Omg I'm not even a Swiftie and TikTok had me clowning right there with ya'll when it was thought there'd be another TV release.

  15. My first thought is she is throwing back her head so maybe a throwback style of season? Wishful thinking maybe!

  16. Clearly this picture was taken in the fall so obviously it’s some wonky time travel twist with a time machine. Maybe someone has to steal a POV from another season from the past and quantum leap back

  17. It’s important to keep in mind, Julie Chen is not subtle. So to those reading into what’s on her fingers or the background, just no. The answer is in her pose.

  18. This is a huge stretchand i dont believe it but i think its good to theorise but shes looking like directly at the sun. Maybe this could be like another dani/dick thing and having like dad/son teams or something. Pretty sure its something much simpler tho

  19. She's wearing a cross necklace, so she'll say some weird spiritual, but not too spiritual saying at the end of every episode?

  20. 2 watches=2 returnees Butterfly ring=butterfly effect Her hair is back like it’s flown=wig flown Looking up high to Heaven=the returnees are high and mighty powerhouses Also means the returnees look down on her and everyone else

  21. She's looking at the sky/sun, there are two suns in the caption. The sun is a star. It's not all stars, but Two stars. Two returnees.

  22. The cross necklace is giving Christian season. I expect stained glass windows and homophobic cast members! Should be interesting considering we've confirmed another Frankie appearance!

  23. Scenery in the picture gives bb10 house vibes. Theme is bb10 2 with an all returning cast of all bb10 players

  24. Every time I see photos of Julie promoting Big Brother I always think about how weird it is that she's still hosting the show while referring to herself as Julie Chen Moonves. 😭

  25. From this lovely flower print dress accessorised with gold plated jewellery. I’m guessing, summer beach club x

  26. She's looking at a raven in a tree. So we're definitely going to see Raven again. Also, the pony tail. Who had an iconic pony tail beard? Austin! The barefoot hero will return.

  27. Well ever since the sale of the Studio City lot I've been waiting for the house to be relocated to either CBS Television City or Paramount Pictures Studios. I was kind of surprised that CBB3 was still at the same house.

  28. She's looking up. She's always been the host, being pretty much at the top of Big Brother all this time. Maybe the fact that she's now looking up... Did Chenbot get demoted? Please be right...

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