Plug a name into this URL to see if a BB24 HG has their picture up yet!

  1. I also found two alts last year. I'm not saying their names publicly because I don't wanna muck up their chances of being on the show, either this season or any future seasons.

  2. It still might be too early to tell! I used to be able to do this 7+ days in advanced. But they might not have even loaded the headshots yet, I heard they only just did interviews last night.

  3. That we're not getting any viable results right now suggests to me that you're right, and this is probably a year where the file naming is less guessable.

  4. They changed the directory from w400-q80 to W425-q80 this year, they've used it most recently with the challenge cast release so it is still current.

  5. Are you sure it works? It’s hard to imagine that after 100 names not a single name matched the cast

  6. As someone who literally knows nothing about this stuff… what does “deploying it” mean. Is it as simple as pressing a button, or would it be a more tedious task? Because if it is something that takes a bit of time for them to do, I’d imagine they’d do that before the end of today and not save it for Tuesday morning at the very last minute.

  7. it's meant to not work, you have to change the 'YYY' to a random name to see a headshot. like if i put 'kevin' and there's no Kevin it wouldn't work, but if i put (example) 'katrina' and someone's headshot came up, it would work

  8. Does it matter what browser I’m using? I just tried that link with that first name and got nothing

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