Big Brother 24 cast share picks for most underrated players ever

  1. yeah Tyler is totally underrated, said nobody ever lol, Ian is a fine player who's neither over or underrated, man these answers were some booty

  2. I hate that your post has tldr It's 2022 and people read on their own accord. Plus your post is full of value and content. Why would anyone call this tldr. Award given for content post and value. Never say tldr again :) leave that to the trolls

  3. What a great question. It really out the fake superfans and highlight how they see the game and what they value as a player.

  4. a lot of them seem to have answered the question "who is your favorite player" instead of "most underrated player". like they just picked the player they relate/look up to the most

  5. The most underrated player is Jason Guy. And before you say "most people already think Jason's a good player", consider this: Jason was one competition away from winning the game. Not only winning, but winning without ever having been nominated AND he probably wins unanimously. If that happens, is there any doubt he's considered the greatest player of all time?

  6. You make a real strong argument for Jason I got to say. The only real flaw Danielle and him made was keeping Lisa over Amy. And it’s not even a hindsight thing either; watching the season it is really clear Amy is a bad player and less threatening in comps/final 2 then Lisa. granted Danielle loses no matter what

  7. Tyler is definitely not under-rated he’s seen as one of the most beloved and smart players of the modern era.

  8. Has Brittany only watch BB21? She said that Nicole Anthony was her favourite player, and now that Holly is the most underrated player.

  9. Some of these answers are just plain dumb. Monte and Kyle said tyler who is arguably the best modern day player and nicole said tiffany lmao. These ppl have no idea.

  10. the only good answer was given by taylor. marcellas gets no love for his gameplay in either of his seasons and is more widely known for his one veto blunder and getting slapped on the head by julie in bb3. his name is rarely mentioned here despite him being one of THE MOST iconic old-school players to grace our screen. also terrance's answer is decent, josh is incredibly underrated and gets zero credit for a great win.

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