Big Brother US 24 - Morning Feed Discussion - July 26 2022

  1. "I don't have to accept his apology but I know it's coming and it's going to be really ugly for him when he gets out of this house"-Taylor

  2. Terrence just brings absolutely nothing to the table, is there like a trapdoor somewhere and he can just fall through it? I mean is anyone really going to waste an HOH on Terrence?

  3. I completely agree! I didn't want him to go home week one because the older person always gets sent home but he is just an absolute dud. No social game. Not good at competitions. Isn't very perceptive. Just dead weight. Damn I'd bring him all the way to final 3 if i was in the house.

  4. This may be a life lesson for Taylor. That not everyone is going to like you (for no reason) but that's their problem and not yours. Continue to hold your head high and keep it moving. They haven't been worthy of her friendship thus far.

  5. Taylor saying how cool the girls in the house are and how she wanted to work with them so bad and Britt agrees. They don't know how they ended up like that. Nicole walks up on them hopefully she didn't hear anything

  6. Britt and Taylor flabbergasted that it's the strong men having their backs in the game instead of the women. Me too, ladies.

  7. What's great is even though Ameerah told Nicole if she gets voted out to watch out for the boys, Nicole is for sure going to blame Alyssa/Indy and even Daniel before any of the leftover guys.

  8. lmfao im in a work meeting and someone said “if anybody has read it” (a report) and i heard it as “if anybody has reddit” and i PERKED up

  9. This seems like a great time for Jasmine to try putting a little weight on her ankle. Maybe medical told her not too...?

  10. I kinda hate the narrative that the girls excluded Britt cause they were mean or whatever. Brittany ratted them out multiple times and got caught doing it. She tried to play the rat game in the sloppiest way possible. Of course nobody's gonna trust her.

  11. 100% But I would still put the onus on the girls because Brit was so easy to keep and they dropped the ball hard. They barely tried to make her feel included, but yeah Brit’s messiness was the start of the problem 😂

  12. This is true. She was on the bottom but she did herself no favors being so messy. That's why they're so weary of her. But the girls also shouldn't make it so clear that she's out of the group lol

  13. Yup this. The girls didn’t handle it well which isn’t good gameplay but Britt 100% did it to herself

  14. Brittany and Taylor are great but I just know Brittany is gonna get Taylor evicted cause that opens an easy path to F2 for her. I’ll enjoy them while I can 🥰

  15. I would love it but it would be terrible for their game at the very end. He has incredible social game. Honestly if I was in this jury it would be such a hard vote between Taylor - Michael - Joseph

  16. Oooooh Brittany’s starting to sprinkle some girls girls shit talking tea to Taylor 👀 don’t be shy spill some more

  17. Taylor doesn't even know the fill extent because of how much was done behind her back. Surely she'd clock Nicole and Daniel though, since they both came at her straight on.

  18. There are potential pairs that could cause trouble if a non-Leftover wins HOH. It would be interesting to see Joseph and Monte up on the block

  19. Thinking ahead, and knowing the Leftovers will look out for each other for a good few weeks, it's hard to imagine we won't have a fun endgame. This season has been set up well

  20. I think what makes this alliance interesting is that there are overlapping relationships inside the alliance. Like they all like each other and the dynamics are mixed. And that could get even more pronounced over the coming weeks. There isn’t a particularly strong hierarchy.

  21. anyone know exactly how the votes lie right now? obviously ameerah’s getting evicted, i just want to know by what margin

  22. According the the update from Taran, Monte proposed either trying to get a split 6-5 and everybody lies their face off, or do unanimous. Monte prefers the split 6-5 if they can pull it off, as it's more risk, but higher reward.

  23. Brittany and Taylor need to make sure they aren’t seen by the Leftover boys as a girl pair in the coming weeks. They both benefit by Michael being the bridge between them.

  24. Waking up to him giving Taylor the silent treatment yesterday as she nicely tried to engage him in conversation (like, asking questions that he just chewed threw and didn't answer for awkwardly long periods of time, not just talk incessantly at him, as many of these HGs think conversing works)--when I don't even think anyone else was even in view for this 47-year-old man to be scared would see him talking to her--moved me from dislike to hate.

  25. i want taylor to walk in on terrance talking about disciplining her or calling her a bitch one time so this blindspot she has for him ends.

  26. The longer Britt/Taylor stay, the more I hope they realize they need to sus out who to take to F3. Michael ain't it. He's going to win more this season so I hope these two see that he is a HUGE threat.

  27. If one of the leftovers win HOH next week they should nominate Alyssa and Indy cuz no matter what pair wins veto it’s gonna be used and then she can nom Kyle and Daniel

  28. There are a lot of strong players in the Leftovers - I think they'll last through Daniel and Nicole being booted, but I suspect they'll start to cannibalise as soon as besties is over

  29. So, in the scenario where Leftovers are final 7 - does Kyle side with the boys or with Michael/Brittany/Taylor?

  30. Both sides think they have him so his best option would be to stay working as the middleman between both cliques and take the side that would give him the best advantage.

  31. His best strategy at final 7 is to probably just not win HOH and then work to bring a F2 pairs from each side to the F3.

  32. Possibly. People think it will be the men (minus Michael) vs Taylor/Michael/Brit but I don’t think it will be that black and white. I feel only only Monte out of the men in The Leftovers would want the men to stick together. And who knows, that could change too. This week has surprised me with a lot of players lol.

  33. Probably with the boys. Micheal and Taylor's resumes are too good. Brit will probably be the F2 goat unfortunately

  34. Britt probably thinks that she loses to Michael but beats Taylor. I do think she loses to Michael, unclear if she beats Taylor.

  35. Britt might have loose lips, but the GG trading her and Michael for Nicole/Daniel was still a terrible move. Nicole and Daniel are wayyyy more emotional than even erratic Britt.

  36. This is the most attached Ive been to feeds for a season so far. Since Day 1 I feel like Ive been in the house with these mfs 😭

  37. If you take Michael to F3 he is very likely to win the game. As we saw last night his trivia knowledge is insane and part 3 F3 HOH is trivia now.

  38. Ok a Michael/Taylor/Brittany final 3 would actually be amazing and is honestly possible. They’re all kinda floating nicely between the two groups and no one sees them as too much of a threat. Plus with Michael and Taylor they can win physical comps, something we don’t often see in an “outsiders” alliance like this

  39. The horrible part of me really wants Jasmine to stay in the house and on that scooter just so I can hear that hilarious squeaky sound effect in the eps 😭💀

  40. I need Brittany and Taylor to bond well. They’re going to need each other and most likely plus Michael if the Leftovers make it all to the 7.

  41. I really don't mean this in a mean way, but Brittany should wear her sunglasses when game talking more often because her eye contact is so intense that it puts some people off. lol

  42. I know Jasmine has never once lied to us but I don’t think she’s going to work on that foot so she can compete in the HOH comp this week.

  43. Brittany and Taylor talking about making the vote a split vote is making me excited for Leftovers chaos round two on the weekend 🥳

  44. I really dont think the leftovers wanting this vote to be split is a good thing it gives the other side a much better chance at figuring out who's working together

  45. If Taylor does good in the next HOH and it’s between her and a fellow leftover in the comp I NEED them to let Taylor have it so she can send Daniel home herself

  46. Even after everything Taylor has been through in that house she has so much more grace and confidence than I could ever imagine. If I were in her position I would not have the self worth to say “I am owed an apology”. You gotta admire the girl

  47. Is the plan the swoop Terrance into Leftovers? I guess it all depends on what happens after Ameerah is eliminated.

  48. I really appreciate Brittany on this season. Feel like she’s been great for Michael and Taylor on a personal level. Plus she’s messy as hell game wise which makes for chaotic feeds

  49. I love when there's a superfan who gets so involved in everyone's business that they're terrible at the game but they're also great for entertainment value

  50. I think Jasmine will be poison on that jury. Nicole and Daniel are poor options too, but I think Jasmine will be the worst. Nicole or Daniel might even move on to other topics if they're separated. Jasmine seems most likely to spend every opportunity rehashing all of Taylor's terrible actions if she's still in the house and keep acting/push the others to keep acting awfully to Taylor, maybe a new target, when she (unfortunately, probably) joins them.

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