Big Brother US 24 - Morning Feed Discussion - July 28 2022

  1. I honestly think Taylor has nothing to worry about tonight. She's just the default house target right now for people who will have her name thrown out by the other side to conceal whatever targets they actually have a this point. It's not like they can really get mad at her after this considering no one from Ameerah's side even asked for her vote. The fallout will make them reconsider everything in terms of strategy and the target will slide right off of Taylor's back. She'll still be considered a pawn candidate though.

  2. I hope Nicole and Daniel don’t come for Taylor again like they did before the veto comp. I don’t know how they will react if Ameerah is blindsided. If it was Alyssa they wouldn’t care as much but I see them raising hell because it’s Ameerah. Then again I don’t see them attacking Taylor because they don’t view herself to be smart enough to cause a flip. I don’t see there being a fight tonight just everyone being sad

  3. OT: But watching these furbabies wanting to play so badly breaks my heart. I hope they are in a humane shelter.

  4. I love Joseph but I'm not even in the house and he's annoying me. His allies are gonna sense he is a hardcore gamer and get him out early once it's near final 7.

  5. Some of ya'll want a blindside more than you want the other side to be tricked into getting out one of their own members? Couldn't be me.

  6. Actually yeah I do want a blindside more than that. I never found idiotic alliances to be fun at all

  7. Everyone concerned with Taylor “taking the fall” and I’m not happy about it, but she’s really the only one that makes sense to leak that info. I’d personally prefer a complete blindside but they need to protect Monte/Joseph and Michael/Brittany to keep the numbers.

  8. Why would Jasmine or Indy be mad if Ameerah left b/c of an alliance they weren't part of? That just means ameerah wasn't loyal or most loyal to them?

  9. Michael was vacuuming it then Nicole took the vacuum from him so she could take credit and go around the house telling people to look at how clean the rug is

  10. Taylor gets a chance to make a move and add to her resume and start to be respected as a game player. This is a win win for everybody

  11. Taylor is realistically at the bottom of The Leftovers anyway just by the fact that she doesn't have anyone in the alliance she's close to game-wise. That can obviously change if they're gonna stay strong as a group but she should try to have some contingency if possible (which it's probably not cuz the other side irrationally hates her RIP)

  12. I think she can team with Brittany or Joseph. Brittany will eventually realize Michael has a partnership with Kyle & she’s already trying to form a bond with Taylor to show that they might be at the bottom but can show they’re valuable. Joseph seems to really care about her and as long as he can protect himself can help bring her closer to the end.

  13. Sorry for being sentimental but I love this sub. I just started getting into the feeds more and coming here and reading the comments make my day. Y’all are so fun. Besties besties

  14. “Why is the secret majority alliance causing confusion to stay hidden and make the other side target eachother?”

  15. taylor really wants the girls to like her. even though she is leftover strong she wants to be friends with the girls. she should do this plan because it’s basically the first game move she can do all game and the girls are going to blame her no matter what. i get her reservations though. nobody wants to be the outcast. who would want to be the outcast for a whole month?

  16. Why would Indy or Jasmine be mad? They werent included in Po's Pack. This just means that Ameerah may have been using them.

  17. I still don't know what they are going to do if Daniel or Nicole won hoh. Daniel might target Taylor thinking he has the votes but I have no idea what Nicole does.

  18. Gonna go have an early dinner with family and stock up on adult beverages for tonight's episode and feeds. Enjoy y'alls afternoon!

  19. id like to close us out in prayer: Dear Jesus, please let the houseguests keep their mouths shut during lockdown and not ruin the blindside. Amen

  20. They need to protect the bestie pairs Monte/Joseph and Michael/Brit in case they don’t win HoH so that hey can retain their majority vote. The only one who it makes sense coming from is Taylor.

  21. Big moves and that’s literally it. Anybody who’s trying to defend this is wishful thinking

  22. Because Nicole is crying to Terrance telling him he’s leaving. No one is going to believe she flipped the votes

  23. Daniel/Nicole have been going around crying and saying "We're so sad we have to evict our best friend Terrance :( :( :( " so now the Leftovers are worried that it will look suspect if they try to pin it on them anyways

  24. Daniel and Nicole have said to multiple people they’ll be giving a sympathy vote to Terrance, the votes won’t line up anymore

  25. Feeds went down this time last week for an hour. They came back for a few hours before going down for the episode.

  26. Yes, they do a practice run of the show to get camera angles, people in correct sitting positions, order they vote in. Then they give them time to change and get ready for the live show at 5pm est

  27. this time HG goes into the HOHroom and they will play some music to keep them entertained and production team is in the living room setting up camera angles to used and set up all the different lights and usually they do a run through to make sure that everything goes smoothly for the eviction episode.

  28. This isn’t about the plan but am I the only one who doesn’t like this savior mentally some of the group has. Like don’t get me wrong they did allow her to be able to start gaming but isn’t she an important number just as everyone else in order for this plan to even go through?

  29. you are not the only one. i find it extremely grating. joseph and monte are the worst offenders, in that order (monte has many problems but sort of condescends to everyone and at least talks with taylor more).

  30. Both are possible. They can see mistreatment of Taylor as unfair and want to take her under their wing, while also seeing that as a strategic advantage. Obviously they will be more vocal about the first thing than the second because the second is pretty obvious.

  31. Last week feeds came back after about an hour and stayed on for a while before they went down for the episode.

  32. Last week feeds were up pretty late before eviction, but I wonder if that was more because it didn’t air live.

  33. It’s just lockdown/tech rehearsal it should be back around 3:30 if it’s like the previous week. But who know 🤷🏼‍♀️

  34. They always do a first shorter lockdown for production reasons, but the feeds should be back in a bit for a while longer before they go down for good.

  35. Cookout might be the most successful (remains to be seen of course if LO make final 7) but Leftovers are all playing to win

  36. It's not the end of the season yet, so we can't compare. Statistically speaking, at this point, the Cookout is the greatest alliance of all time. So the Leftovers would have to make it to Final 7 unscathed to even be considered in the conversation.

  37. dont think the leftovers have accomplished enough yet to be compared, but man do they have the potential to be even better due to entertainment reasons

  38. It’s just a short one. Last week feeds came back after about an hour before going down again for the episode.

  39. Haven't ypu heard? Daniel and Nicole are VICTIMS and Taylor's the Bully calling out all the mixed MeanGirlGirls...

  40. The idea is that Taylor leaked information that led to Ameerah's boot, and since Jasmine herself saw Taylor snooping, it's enough to want the girls to target Taylor next week.

  41. Don't be fooled by the cane. Jasmine will have a "setback" and have a motorized wheelchair by the end of the week.

  42. 🚨Can't they ship her to a Hospital for a week like Christmas? Discrimination!? Call FloridaCopNicole to perform Citizens Arrest of Production! 🚔

  43. Here’s the thing. Taylor really wants Daniel out next week. Which is totally understandable. I’m worried that the guys are going to all want it to be her/nicole instead otb with Nicole as a target.

  44. IMO backdooring Nicole/Taylor is the best move they can make, because they can just say the target is Taylor and the alliance stays under wraps. It's better for Taylor in the long run, and LO has the numbers so idk why this sub is having meltdowns

  45. Listen, I love Taylor too. But she's not as fragile as you're making her out to be. The response seems to be "I don't like it because they'll be mean to her again." Like, Taylor can handle it especially because Joseph/Kyle/Turner/Monte/Brittany/Michael will be RIGHT THERE to gas her up, comfort her, and make sure she knows she's loved. I know we wanted a break for her and so did she, but this is the right move and even right after she voiced upset about it, Brittany helped her realize it's fine. She's fine.

  46. I don’t think it’s that we think she can’t handle it I think it’s more of a she’s already taken enough heat that if someone else can take a little why not?

  47. Yea she has proven she can handle it. And this time she knows she has backup (even if it’s in the shadows). She will be fine.

  48. GuysGuys/Leftovers think Production has been instrumental in busting out MeanGirlsGirls and Ameerah's blindside tonight...

  49. I think a big thing they aren’t realizing is that Ameerah is the logical brain on that side. She will be gone tonight when they try to figure out the vote! I don’t think there is any need for all of this before the vote because it’s giving Ameerah the chance to be involved when she shouldn’t be.

  50. Honestly I forgot that too! They are about to be brainless, this is going to be better than I thought (if that’s even possible)

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