Julie Chen Moonves EW interview on latest eviction

  1. She makes a good point about Michael. He’s a smart super fan and should be thinking ahead to his place in the Leftovers pecking order and working the other side of the house a bit to protect himself. If they make it through and there are 7 left I can see him turning into their #1 target.

  2. He already is. He's aligned with Taylor/Britt, inside the group, he also has the best relation with the guys out of the 3. Julie already planning them to break off of the 7 is just dumb. Just make the 7, and the comps decide from there. Explain to me why Brit/Taylor/Michael aren't just or more dangerous to target guys first ?? They've got more comp wins.... etc etc. It's just them hyping big guys again.

  3. What he is doing is good for his game. Ameerah was the glue for the other side, and Daniel and Nicole are 1) toxic and 2) going to target him first.

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