Big Brother US 24 - Afternoon Feed Discussion - July 30 2022

  1. Okay I’m old and putting myself, but Kyle totally reminds me of Skippy Handelman on Family Ties. He looks like a Skippy and if I were in the house that’s what I’d be calling him.

  2. I don't blame Kyle for not wanting to go on the block. Eventhough he has the numbers pawns do go home. Someone in the leftovers could see him as a bigger threat and get rid of him over another person. But he paired up with one of the most hated people in the house. I could not see most of the leftovers keeping Daniel over Kyle. It is too early for someone to make a move now. Most of them are on the outside of the other groups and would go home next if they betrayed someone in the leftovers this early.

  3. Daniel should not be in jury sonthe sake of all the women, and cause he'll be a bitter juror and I have a feeling the vote at the end will be a close he needs to take one for the team

  4. Wait did this actually happen cause all I want is Kyle to realize he has better chances with those 3 then the Pound

  5. Worst sound ever, so bad that it's time to move the feeds to Joseph and Kyle screaming "My Boy!" playing futsal.

  6. Unrelated, but related. Chris Katans the special guest at the baseball game I’m attending.

  7. Kyle should realize his best chances long game are with Michael. He's not winning against Monte and Joseph IMO. With Michael I think he has a tad bit of a better chance.

  8. Kyle can probably beat Joseph. Didn’t some of the cast already say Michael is the biggest threat at the wnd

  9. Michael is beloved by all in the house and a proven comp beast, if anything Michael is exactly who any one should NOT want to sit next to at F2.

  10. Michael is a way bigger threat for those memory comps at the end. I've never seen Joseph study for them and I don't know what Monte is doing as far as studying.

  11. Kyle is into Alyssa he even reaffirmed it to her again the other day. I think part of why he is 'targeting Alyssa' is for his alliance and so he can get his 'distraction' out of the game so he can focus. I don't think he cares whether she's in jury or not. I don't think he wants anything to happen in the house because obviously his family and cuz its hard to gauge if something is real in the house vs outside. Once they're outside they can see if those feelings are actually real.

  12. Kyle is seriously looking for any reason to refuse to go on the block next week. He’s really going to make Taylor do it AGAIN.

  13. i think she will, she was telling M/B that’s it’s Kyle’s turn to put in work in the alliance and get blood on his hands. let’s hope

  14. Poor Girls Girl, without their fearless leader, even their united hatred of Taylor is not enough to keep them together...

  15. You guys realize Kyle was talking to Joseph the guy he trusts the least in Leftovers. If he says the same thing to Michael and Monte then you have a case here.

  16. Putting on my clown makeup, but I think Kyle may not actually want to take the Pound to the f4 and will at some point realize getting Monte/Joseph out sets himself up very nicely for the final few competitions... then again, him not seeing the value in an Alyssa ally is sus unless he fully recognizes its a bad game move but in terms of comfort in the house he's willing to take the hit

  17. he spent most of the original meeting advocating for the outsiders. i think his michael/britt f3 is his priority.

  18. I'm pretty sure he's been misting us about Alyssa. As soon as he won that veto, he told her she was safe. I think he was pretending to want her out this early.

  19. Kyle doesn't want Alyssa out prejury. He says this because Joesph pressures him and gets him paranoid about it. He's controlling. He's done this several times he comes in and says stay away from her calm it down cause people are talking.

  20. He’s the one that brings her up multiple times no one else is doing that for him. Literally just this week when everyone was more or less on board with Nicole BD he was tryna get Alyssa to be the target. If it was an act he wouldn’t have done that because everyone already was in agreement. It wouldn’t make sense.

  21. It makes sense for Joseph to want to keep them apart so he stays loyal. I wonder if Joseph has caught onto the fact that Kyle is just pretending to want her out.

  22. If I’m Joseph, I want Alyssa in jury because then when it comes down to it, pointing out that Kyle has a built in jury vote in Alyssa the others are more likely to target him

  23. People really thinking that Kyle is appeasing the LO when he has actively made Alyssa one of the priority targets now for the LO after Daniel/Nicole.

  24. Maybe bc he’s hoh and doesn’t wanna be renommed but also maybe she realizes she doesn’t have numbers

  25. Where in the world is Kyles head!! You’re wanting to date Alyssa? You want her out? You tell her everything? You tell everyone what she says?? WTF is he doing!

  26. I literally had a grade 2/almost grade 3 sprain 4 days ago and I’m able to hobble-walk on it now. I’ll be keeping off it for a few more days mostly to to be safe…. But hasn’t she been using that scooter for over 2 weeks now?

  27. If Kyle makes Taylor go up again next week to get Alyssa out when she’s already up on the block I’m gonna be so annoyed. This alliance promised her she wasn’t going to be used as a pawn and it seems like that’s gonna be the case if she joins Alyssa/Indy’s group.

  28. Then Kyle needs to win HOH b/c I don't know if any other LO would do this. Not Michael/Britt, not Monte/Joseph (they promised Tay), not Turner,

  29. Funny how Jasmine says she lost 3 pounds already and this is proof she “probably shouldn’t eat.” Didn’t she say she gains weight if she doesn’t eat 3-5 meals a day just yesterday?

  30. I feel like they’ve mentioned Mexico multiple times. Did they quarantine in Mexico? And if so why would they fly all these Americans out of the country only to fly them back in

  31. It's better now when it's just a few days, she has to go up eventually if they wanna get Nicole out, might as well rip that bandaid off now

  32. Taylor is 80% on wanting to go up it’s not bullshit. She has been with the alliance for a week and hasn’t seen the block.

  33. Kyle tricking everyone including us into believing that he doesn't want to work with Alyssa when he plans to keep her as a number. Mastermind king. Let me be delusional 😅

  34. Some fans basically defend Alyssa’s behavior because she’s conventionally attractive. If she looked like Jasmine there would be no one questioning Kyle being uncomfortable with her obsession

  35. A lot of fans have given her benefit of doubt and grace that they don’t give the non thin white girls. I been waiting to see when they’d get louder cause you could tell a lot were salivating for when it becomes Cool to lol

  36. The defense of her behavior is one of the most disappointing things I’ve seen part of this fandom partake in in a while. There’s literally no way you should be having sympathy for a person who gets furious and wants to stamp their property aka someone they’ve known for two weeks and has been told multiple times isn’t theirs. Super gross and shitty to even come close to defending or accepting that

  37. Kyle telling Alyssa over and over again that he’s into her is also part of it. The other night he literally told her its hard to control his “urges” around her.

  38. Kyle told Monte the other day that the main reason he had the no showmance talk with Alyssa was to appease Joseph (25) because he was having doubts. At this point, I believe Kyle will continue to feed Joseph (25) that narrative to keep him reassured.

  39. I really thought Joseph would be a douche. After Taylor and Michael (by a few million miles), I wouldn't mind seeing him win

  40. Joseph: Lean into Nicole dude. Your name comes up too much with Daniel. And stop making drama between Alyssa & Jasmine.

  41. It felt like Kyle was shifting to wanting Alyssa around, but he can’t say that to Joseph. Joseph pushes to Kyle that Alyssa is “finessing” him, so he can’t really be honest here.

  42. Unfortunately, I could very well see Kyle being the Hayden Moss of the Pound and running it successfully to the end. He's not going to have the same influence over Michael/Brittany/Taylor.

  43. daniel needs to go next week. the LO girls have been the only ones taking the hits so far, now it's the boys' turn.

  44. Yes - if any of the Leftovers except Kyle get HOH, then Daniel should be the next to go. Taylor is still stuck having to not be socially open and going OTB again. Brit is dealing with the girls girls fallout, etc

  45. Has there ever been someone who loved to gossip as much as Jasmine?! Even gossip queen Dani could occasionally take a break. Jasmine’s always gossiping and spinning that web of hers… I could almost stan if she wasn’t so hateful to Taylor.

  46. Jasmine, this version doesn't even make sense. You haven't studied The Leftover Method 10 yet. Your constant changes to this story has brought it to the point of being laughable. Why would Brit come to you and say that? It makes no sense.

  47. He should aim to parachute to Michael, Brittany and Taylor w/ Alyssa still around bc going up against Monte and Joseph in F3 would be idiotic

  48. I agree and the end stage comps are usually physical especially the final hohs. For kyles game it would behoove him to team up w less physical ppl

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