Big Brother US 24 - Morning Feed Discussion - August 01 2022

  1. Im genuinely shocked at how bad Paloma’s response is….. Girl cannot own up to her actions. You were a BULLY, own that shit, and mental health isnt an excuse to treat people the way you did. Girl bye

  2. For ppl using bbviewer when u switch to quad do you hear sound from both sides even when you switch to only one convo?

  3. If you are watching the Quad cam and have C (center) selected for audio, you will hear the audio from both the top and bottom cams. If you click either L or R, the audio will be isolated for either the top or bottom.

  4. I swear I've heard that a few times. I think it's big brother not switching the mics off in time and not BB Viewer. Does it continue or fix itself after a few seconds?

  5. I’m so lost. I went to bed thinking it was a lock for the veto to be used and for Nicole and Taylor to go up. Why would they keep it the same???

  6. Michael thinks he and Brit can convince Indy to join their bestie pair, so they're covered in the event of a backdoor. He was betting at the chance that Indy would pick him.

  7. The only benefit for Daniel here is that Michael and Brittany are open to be backdoored next week now even if Nicole goes. That doesn't excuse... this lol but Michael and Brittany are in legitimate danger given how easy it is to use the Veto.

  8. There's no way Daniel hasn't walked past Taylor hanging out with large groups within the past 2 weeks 💀 like how overly confident can you be to ignore that. Monte and Turner don't trash talk her anymore, Joseph hangs out with her all the time, Kyle sits next to her at dinner... I mean? Regardless it's not going to be UNANIMOUS to keep Nicole. I can't believe his hatred for Taylor is blinding him so much LMAO

  9. I hope feeds come back to Nicole arguing with Daniel about not wanting to be put on the block and big-brain Elvis explaining how he's got it all figured out.

  10. I kind of wish they brought out Sam bb20’s robot for Jasmine. I know it’s not practical and doesn’t make a whole lot of sense but I don’t wanna see her suck on pickles anymore

  11. Similarly to how a lot of “super fans” go onto the show thinking they’re going to mastermind the whole season, many viewers overestimate their own understanding of the game.

  12. I love that it’s happening this way and that they all try to push their agenda. It’s way more fun than the typical set-up of big alliances. Makes what should be boring proceedings more fun.

  13. Now that Kyle knows Daniel is using the veto, Kyle is smart enough to also use veto, right? Or is he thinking "I need to show my allegiance to LO so I'll say I'm not and hope that Daniel goes through with it"?

  14. If Daniel's already using his then Kyle has no reason not to use his if it means taking Alyssa off the block. Even Michael and Brittany admitted that the plan was screwed if Daniel was using his own veto anyway.

  15. I actually don't know if we're going to get an explicit moment where each decides — last week, Michael and Brittany just said "we have decided to use the Power of Veto"

  16. Terrance said that Ameerah was sexy and Kyle laid in his bed cuddling with Alyssa stroking her hair, but no action. That's fine though since him being down there made him the only Leftover not exposed by Jasmine and that means Nicole's getting blindsided Thursday.

  17. Wait, just catching up…! Who does Daniel think is going on the block if he uses the veto? If he doesn’t think it will be Nicole/Taylor?

  18. He doesn't have a great idea, but thinks it won't be Nicole and Taylor. It looks like he can narrow it down to Jasmine and Turner.

  19. Daniel said to Kyle if you’re not I have to use this veto. then he went to shower and veto meeting was called so no time for Nicole to talk him down. seems highly probable

  20. Who is the group that Daniel thinks will evict Taylor? Alyssa, Jasmine, Kyle, Dan. Who are the other two?

  21. Unrelated to this chaos, but someone said production tried to take Jasmine’s scooter but she said she would sue. Anyone have a time stamp for it?

  22. 😂😭😭 I want her gone the most at this point just cause she’s milking a nonexistent injury to avoid playing the game

  23. If Nicole does get evicted, surely that pulls the curtain on the full 7-person alliance, right? Or does the other half of the house still think Kyle is a swing vote?

  24. Terrance will most likely vote out Nicole and Kyle will probably try to inform Alyssa at the last minute so that she's not blindsided again.

  25. You would think, but the other side hasn’t been to bright when it comes to seeing past their hatred for Taylor.

  26. If the feeds come back and Nicole and Taylor are on the block, I’d be disappointed if Daniel can’t finish putting it together today. Should be a giant red siren going off.

  27. Michael and Brit essentially tanked/exposed their own alliance in exchange for a very small percentage increase in their safety for 1 week.

  28. Kinda expected from Brittany since she's always really paranoid. Michael somewhat tanked his game when he picked Brittany as a bestie w/ the intention of beating her in a vote and then pivoted to making her his closest ally

  29. I can't imagine how Daniel is so confident in these votes when he's never gotten these people in a room together lmfao. Also it makes no sense because there were 6 votes other than him to send home Ameerah, which means that there are 5 other voters (including himself) that he's assuming to be on the same side. If Nicole's on the block and Taylor, who voted out Ameerah, is also on the block, then that math works out to 5 votes at a minimum against your best interests, which means Monte will break a tie in a best case scenario

  30. It’s not a huge stretch to think he has Terrance, and that Kyle will listen to Alyssa. Very incorrect, but I see what he’s thinking.

  31. Kyle was the only Leftover that Jasmine didn't catch in the HoH room last night because he was downstairs with Alyssa (ironically at the same time that the rest of the Leftovers were deciding to send Alyssa home). Therefore they think there's only a six-person alliance rather than a seven-person one and don't have the numbers to save Taylor, so Daniel's using the veto and thinks he has Kyle's vote to send Taylor home but he's totally voting to keep Taylor instead because he wants to see Taylor get her revenge.

  32. Daniel thinks Kyle's vote is with Nicole, he thinks that they have the numbers to evict Taylor and that Monte was imploding trying to get them to evict one of their allies to get that extra number. Since Daniel is going to use the veto, it's back to plan A

  33. It would be interesting to see Michael play in a modern Survivor season where votes seem to be decided like an hour before tribal and there’s only a couple of hours of deliberation at camp after the challenge in general. He’s very good at putting ideas in peoples heads, he just doesn’t do the follow-up. I do wonder if he’ll be more effective later on down the line when there’s less people and moving parts.

  34. That’s how BB Australia is, right? The nominations are made immediately and then they have one hour to “scramble” to get their votes. It’s wild.

  35. When people say they want old school big brother, this is what we mean. Flips, blindsides, split houses, people gaming and scheming. Not bullying and ostracizing!

  36. I think actively targeting Alyssa is really bad for Kyle bc he's voting out somebody that is in his corner and that is way more able to be manipulated than Nicole that is a wild card and more difficult to convince.

  37. I’m just getting back: did they decide to stay with nicole or is Kyle daniel going to keep noms the same

  38. initially Alyssa but last we heard right before veto, Daniel wants to use the veto so it will be nicole

  39. The target switched from Nicole back to Alyssa last night late but Daniel thinks he has numbers to evict Taylor so he’s using veto

  40. Kyle was really about to send Alyssa packing this week. That's crazy lmao. That kind of showmance betrayal hasn't happened in a while

  41. They're not a showmance. The most affection he's ever shown her were a couple pecks on the forehead and stroking her hair.

  42. I don't think we realize what we just witnessed, this will be talked for years as one of the worst moves of all time, probably the worst move of modern Big Brother. I really hope it doesn't get screwed up

  43. It’s not really that bad because his game was done either way. At least this way he goes down fighting.

  44. I’m at work and behind on everything. Is Daniel using the veto now and backdooring his closest ally?? Is the Taylor speech back on??

  45. Michael and Brittany are lucky they are in an alliance who value loyalty and making each other feel comfortable because they would be the biggest targets on a different season. It won’t last forever.

  46. Do you think they will just tell the girls in that the votes aren't there to send Taylor home and it'll be unanimous?

  47. The lines going to get drawn anyway, so I would love it if the LO pulled a Nicole on Nicole and went to her like she did with Terrence and said “you just don’t have the votes to stay”

  48. I love that Nicole may be getting evicted because Daniel doesn't think anyone from the leftovers knows how to count the votes. Never underestimate your opponent or question someone's intelligence in this game. He really thinks that 6 people (since he doesn't know about Kyle) don't know about the count. He deserves the embarrassment this week.

  49. I don't think Kyle outplayed Michael with this whole veto situation, but the cards he was dealt with, he played perfectly.

  50. At least Michael & Brit can both say they voted Nicole out b/c they were told by multiple people she planned to nominate them if she won HOH. Everyone will know that's true.

  51. daniel just assumed kyle was gonna use veto no matter what to save his "showmance" and his huge ego is just trying to make this look like HIS move... his ego is getting his best friend backdoored LMFAO

  52. She hasn’t posted anything on her IG yet. She was on FaceTime with Pooch yesterday on Pooch stories

  53. They way i thought the suspense around last week’s veto meeting would never be matched, only for it to be surpassed the very next week. I NEED those feeds back already

  54. Everyone talking about how bad Michael/Brittany are at Big Brother like this wasn't the best move for them. Nicole going means Taylor either joins Alyssa/Indy or takes Terrance. Either way, they're still extremely vulnerable. Alyssa going means there's a chance Indy joins them and they're safe. All they did was try to push the option that MIGHT make them safe. We all forget that just because we want Nicole out doesn't mean it's what's best for them.

  55. This would have gotten them through the twist and all LO members into jury if they pulled it off. This is exactly the move I would want to make if I were them. They simply suggested it, and Monte/Joseph led the charge with trying to convince Kyle/Turner. It’s also better for Monte/Joseph if whoever stays has to break up the trio instead of joining another duo.

  56. It was definitely the right move for them to try and lightly push for it since it was so low risk to them. Monte and Joseph were the ones who were really trying to convince Kyle so if he’s wary it’s probably of them and Michael/Britt’s position isn’t any worse now that it’s not happening.

  57. So basically it’s better to let Nicole and Daniel stay another week and either one or both of them make jury just for the slim chance Indy chooses to join them? It’s too much risk for possibly no reward.

  58. It's funny seeing Jasmine and Indy talking about Taylor and Brit missing social cues when the boys were waiting for them to leave not Taylor or Brit.

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