Julie Chen Moonves wants Big Brother: Hotties vs. Mommies

  1. So this concept isn't what I thought. It's hotties WITH their mommies. (And it wouldn't matter if the mommies were also hot.)

  2. Then make it Hotties vs Hottie Mommies vs Grandmommies. If the Grandmommies are hotties too, just add the next generation and so on.

  3. I read it, it’s hotties and their own mothers, which is important info but still wtf Julie. She is not on our side.

  4. Hmmm -- I don't know if I'd last long, but I don't think my mother would either. My son, though, wouldn't care if I were voted out.

  5. Who exactly is submitting them for this? Like is a mom going, “oh yes my son and I are HOTTIES!”

  6. Wouldn't that make it a gender imbalance when a solid half of the house are women (mommies) vs the rest of the house (mixed genders)? That would be at least 50% and then some (like closer to 75%) unless you make it sons vs moms which might put the women at a physical disadvantage (overgeneralizing, I know, some moms might be more physically fit than their sons, but it's just to convey how flawed this twist is).

  7. 4 of each would work cuz that makes 16. Break it down like 2 father/daughter duos, 2 father/son duos, 2 mother/daughter duos, 2 mother/son duos.

  8. I just don’t get why they had to be hotties, ahaha. Like what exactly is the hotties defining? Does she mean legit hot people or in this context did she mean people who thought they were hot shit?

  9. This... Actually doesn't sound completely horrible. Maybe if by hotty they just meant young, but I know she meant actually hot attractive so it'll be people trying to hook up.. But that is doubtful with their parents in the house... For most of them anyway.

  10. She actually comes up the twists on the spot as she says them live. Or maybe "Expect the Unexpected" is some sort of code to controlling the showrunners ala Bioshock Andrew Ryan.

  11. I genuinely think it would be hilarious. With a slight change where it’s a mom or dad (or parental figure), but basically Blood Vs Water.

  12. This sounds like a crazy idea. But you’d be surprised that Big Brother Greece has essentially done a version of this twist. In the 4th season they had houseguests move in and so did their mothers who were essentially there for just a period of time and would leave the house if their child got evicted.

  13. Yeah, it just needs some tweaking. I suggested breaking it down like 2 father/daughter duos, 2 father/son duos, 2 mother/daughter duos, 2 mother/son duos.

  14. I mean 4 guys and 4 girls in there 20s and 30s and a mom or dad from each person would be an interesting dynamic. The way she said it referring to them as hotties is just off putting.

  15. What's the point of phrasing it "Hotties" and "Mommies" if those two words don't even rhyme... at that point just make it "Hot People and their Mothers"

  16. They need to remove the woman from the franchise. She adds literally nothing except reminds people CBS supported a predator and offensive religious nonsense.

  17. I read the title and thought she wanted an all female season of women who are "bacheloretttes" vs. women who are mothers, and thought, "well thats one way to get an all female alliance to work.

  18. Ok this, but have them go into the house in waves, all playing together. Twins a1-a4, twins a5-a8 then twins b1-b4 and b5-b8 so everyone can see that twins are the theme that year, but then there's a secret triplet that swaps out every other day with one of their siblings

  19. I wouldn't be shocked if the takeaway from this season was "pair twists are good!" cause of how well partner twist seasons have been received relative to the norm.

  20. They do 2 challenges first episode to determine the “mommy-est hottie” and the “hottest mommy.” The winners are dueling HOHs - each nominating one person from the opposite team.

  21. Given that there are always house guests that still live with their parents every season I don't think it would be the big twist she thinks it would be.

  22. That's honestly quite shocking, I would assume Julie would want a family-friendly season full of God-fearing characters...

  23. I haven't read the article but selfishly, I would love to play Hotties vs Mommies. Of course I wouldn't want it on TV cause people would judge me and there can't be any endurance comps cause I'm old. I just want to be in a house with a bunch of hotties lol. Hey, a girl can dream! Julie put the idea in my head, blame her.

  24. The quote is actually referring to "8-10 hotties and their mothers". So do you have a hot son or daughter you would want to play with? 😂

  25. This is so fucking stupid. I don’t even like seeing show-mances. It’s not what the show is supposed to be. I’d rather see all older contestants with the physical challenges tweaked than watch that shit.

  26. I was fully prepared to read that she wanted 10 hotties and 10 moms (but not their moms- just moms in general) implying moms were not hotties. So at least it’s not that lol

  27. I just want redemption season for pre-jury or maybe even people who behaved poorly (if they’ve tried to better themselves post show).

  28. Am I the only one who doesn’t like Julie. Seems like she was a home wrecker causing the divorce of les moonves and his wife and then they got married the same year!

  29. I think half the house being a relative or parent to the other half isn't a bad twist, but that was also not what was said, was it.

  30. I will always support Julie, she is the beef broth of the show. Awlso, love this idea. Hotties Vs Mommies. The actual twist idea is to have singles put in the house and then add their moms it isn’t that crazy of a twist. I actually would prefer if BB did more casting stunts.

  31. This sounds super uninteresting. Super cheesy attention seeking social media mommies and models? It’s like the worst part of casting every season…the recruits! Bleh hard pass

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