Julie Chen Moonves reacts to that epic Big Brother speech

  1. Seriously. Julie pretty much said nothing of substance. I can’t even affectionately call her “chenbot” anymore. She just ain’t it yo.

  2. My husband and I got tickets to the BBCan season 7 (the last one with a live audience) and Arisa made the whole 3 hours a blast. She’s a great host and a true fan of the game.

  3. I think Julie should be moving on from Big Brother at this point. She hasn’t cared for a few years now but she doesn’t even try to hide it anymore. Idc if she stays on board behind the scenes, but the game deserves a host that enjoys it

  4. I'm pretty sure shes not involved with anything behind the scenes. They give her a script she shows up and does the show.

  5. I’m not gonna defend Julie or anything, but TV sets have really strict standards that they might be bound by.

  6. Fuck Julie but that protocol makes sense. Julie is a threat to the houseguests because only her God knows what she and her predator husband are doing outside of the studio. There is also always some chance the houseguests could get the virus from production. I assume they do weekly testing.

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