Big Brother 24 cast pick best and worst alliance names ever

  1. if i’m ever on big brother i’m gonna name my alliance ‘The House’ and then we’ll never have to worry about accidentally exposing the name

  2. Big brain play is week 1 make an alliance called something like "F8". A play on the word Fate, and implying there are 8 people in a final 8 alliance.

  3. I don’t like it either and I think for me, it gives off the vibe of calling a cat Fluffy. It just feels lacking in creativity.

  4. In the recent BB AU, players formed the J-Crew, because their names all started with "J". When people would learn of this alliance their first reaction was how lame it was to name it.

  5. Because Survivor is pretaped and they already know the outcome they can more easily edit the story so that everyone is familiar with the principle important alliances (and ignore the ones that don’t matter).

  6. It's referencing the "insert name here is invited to the cookout" joke, which is code for a non-black person who is seen as an ally or friend to the black community.

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