EW Exit Interview with 5th one out

  1. When people keep harping about how loyal they are, especially when they say "I'm loyal to a fault", I see big red flags. For me, that means they will likely excuse their own, or support someone else's, disgusting behavior and they believe they are absolved of any wrongdoing due to their "loyalty".

  2. I'm reading all these interviews with Daniel and the big thing I'm getting is that, he thinks his side of the house was strategic while the other side isn't at all.

  3. I think he's upset that the others didn't play the game he wanted/expected them to play. He built his "strategy" around this and couldn't anticipate and adapt to the Leftovers when that alliance came to fruition.

  4. As a fan of the show I wonder if he will ever truly appreciate this fact, old school/new school in his case is completely meaningless. Just bad strategy on his part.

  5. Among all the other delusional BS, he claimed that the LO formed a massive alliance that made it a boring season.

  6. I laughed when he said that alliances “don’t have meetings”…like dude what show have he and Nicole been watching?

  7. He's blaming Monte for lying to him which led to his mistreatment of Taylor. Whatever bro. Still delusional about Paloma. 😵‍💫

  8. I drives me crazy that both him and Nicole excuse their treatment of Taylor because they’re just such “loyal and protective” people 🙄🙄🙄🙄 Get a friggen clue

  9. I’m also annoyed with how they sidestep direct quotes with “I’ll need to watch it back to see what went down” like the interviewer literally told you what you said, what are you needing to watch back?

  10. At least now when Terrence says "Your boy, DJ Showtime!" someone's out there willing to be like "yes, that IS my boy!!"

  11. At least two interviews now that he’s mentioned how his dream of making a final two deal on day two was accomplished. I don’t understand why that matters so much to him.

  12. Because Tyler and Kaycee were formed on day two and were ride or dies. He thought that he and Nicole were the second coming of them.

  13. I actually don’t mind the storming out of the house once votes are read. It’s immature, but I think it’s totally on-brand for Daniel lol. But maybe a better way would be to get up and casually leave, still without hugging anyone? Kinda like Ameerah’s “you got me” exit. She wasn’t rude but she also wasn’t fake imo

  14. It's been so interesting to see Ameerah and then Nicole and now Daniel get booted and then realize how horrible their behavior was and how they have been perceived and suddenly.....they are all singing a different tune.

  15. He didn’t even seem to really believe the fact that he was lied to in this interview but he’s going to see the extent to which he really was an idiot once he has time to catch up on everything he didn’t know about. There’s already a slight tone shift in his 2nd interview as it seems like some of it seems to be sinking in…some of it anyway.

  16. “Well, ultimately whether Paloma said that or not “ dude you are on a MEDIA TOUR after being evicted. There’s no more game to play, why on earth would the interviewer need to lie to you about what Paloma did. Just delusional. Is he in love with her or something?

  17. “Although they created the Leftovers, and I respect that, it's still a mass alliance that I'm not a big fan of. To me, that's a boring season.”

  18. Yeah it’s a LITTLE bit different this season. The leftovers started several weeks into the season and their was a larger alliance already established. It looked like Po’s Pack could’ve steam rolled the season and they set themselves up to do so as well as they set up the pairing with other players outside of the alliance. If Ameerah wins that 3rd HOH instead of Turner maybe THAT alliance is steamrolling? Or maybe she wastes her HOH targeting Taylor and the remaining leftovers start the next week? Who knows. The treatment of Taylor and Turners speech definitely gave the LOs a big boost of support from the audience.

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