BBUS24 - Full Spoiler Episode Discussion - August 17 2022

  1. How great would it have been if Taylor had been tethered to Kyle instead of Joseph. Just think: Taylor draws HG choice > picks Alyssa > Alyssa steals London trip from Taylor (HOH) and gives her punishment > Taylor tethered to Kyle for 48 hrs. Cue Alyssa sobbing in DR content.

  2. I love Taylor but getting that mad about the trip is petty. I thought she was joking about the replacement nom when Alyssa was next to her

  3. Not happy with today’s edit. Production is really working overtime to make Kyle and Alyssa look good and Taylor 100 times worse

  4. Honestly Alyssa screwed up. You take the veto. The only two left after were Jasmine and Kyle. Jasmine wouldn't take the veto, let her trade Taylor the cash for the trip (which is dumb anyway since I doubt the trip is worth 5K). Kyle wouldn't take the veto from Alyssa and would probably trade his punishment with Jasmine or just take the L for his showmance.

  5. Couldn't you also say Taylor screwed up by not taking the veto? Alyssa had no reason to believe she would be nominated since she was told Monte was the backdoor plan.

  6. Did Michael and Brittany not push for Alyssa to be nominated? I’m so confused by this. Sure, Taylor is petty for making that a reason for her to go up, but I thought it was also because her alliance was saying she should do it??

  7. Brittany is a total waste in the season. She’s done jack, yet acts like she’s a big player. Oh also thought it was funny when Michael made a comment to her about others in the leftovers not pulling their weight and expecting “them” to win everything.

  8. I never liked her to begin. It doesn’t mean that she deserved to get bullied by everyone for several weeks but she just isn’t everyone’s taste.

  9. Alyssa needs to go for the sake of kyles game and the alliance. Once Kyle isn’t ahem Alyssa in the have not room he’ll be more game focused.

  10. What’s sad is she was convinced to target Alyssa the same way she was convinced to do literally everything else, so it wasn’t 100% pettiness but unfortunately that’s what she stuck with

  11. How do we feel about that Taylor edit? I feel like she was definitely portrayed as a villain in this episode. Personally, I don’t think the edit was far off lol

  12. Why did they make the ceremony for tomorrow likkkeeeee pls my ‪BB ‬heart is used to the veto festivies on WEDNESDAY

  13. I think Taylor is forgetting what jury house means. Those people vote for the winner. You know, the two people you told to their face wouldn’t touch the block? She’s basically sending a guaranteed vote against her to jury

  14. I don’t know that I’m willing to say that she was guaranteed not getting any votes at jury… I think a lot of the girls (who are girls girls, let’s not forget) would be inclined to vote for her over any male. And the remaining males are in The Leftovers (aside Terrance) and she could get votes there. Had she used this veto to get out a big threat, I think it could have gained her some respect to get votes. Indy or Alyssa honestly just seems like a wasted HoH

  15. Brittany did get the ball rolling, but Michael just appeared to be fanning the flames to get Kyle vs Joseph to be the civil war, instead of everyone coming for him at 7

  16. LOL I CANT TAKE ANYMORE OF TAYLOR DRs tonight. The Dominique Devereaux edit…after her underdog arc. Good lord. Skippy working overtime tonight.

  17. Giving the HOH a punishment is a dumb move. Y’all are too hard on Taylor (although her expecting Kyle of all people to help her is futile)

  18. I still stand by the fact that Kyle had the right to push back because the only time they want to target alyssa is literally only after Kyle wins veto. It’s bad coincidences and it does keep putting him as the direct known reason for her going home.

  19. Everyone in her alliance was on different pages and unfortunately she does get swayed too easily. Everyone played a hand in her HOH

  20. So logical that he won 5 competitions before jury and wants to work with Turner and Terrance, 2 people who want him out asap, versus Taylor

  21. I used to wonder why some of them looked absolutely tired or bored in the DR and then I saw on the feeds they sometimes have sessions at 3/4am

  22. They left SO MUCH out that happens before the veto ceremony! No wonder it’s a 2 hour episode tomorrow….. but I was hoping that time would be more live footage from after the split

  23. Because Michael knows Kyle won't go along with it. They already have 2 people not in their alliance on the block. No reason to piss off a member of the alliance.

  24. Alyssa is a major target because on of their alliance members thinks more with his penis than his brain as long as she's there.

  25. Alyssa was totally entitled to taking the London trip. (It’s part of the game, probably wouldn’t have kept the veto, odds were Kyle winning the veto anyway, etc etc)

  26. Last season people were mad at Sarah Beth after this comp for no reason, this season people are mad at Alyssa for no reason

  27. Istg this is the second year in a row who don’t know how the fuck this comp works. If you’re not first or second there’s no point in taking the veto!!!!!!!!!

  28. Lol using a reward being taken away from Taylor’s entitled ass as a hostage moment for someone in the house is so low, it’s beneath being petty!

  29. Do you watch the live feeds? Her entire alliance was telling her to put up Alyssa. Kyle has even said that Alyssa should be the target before this week! Plus, Michael and Brittany are trying to fan the flames and play both sides of the alliance. Kyle is trying to take a shot before they get to 7. How is that Taylor blowing it up?

  30. So if they had just shut the fuck up to Kyle. Let him think the plan was good to go, use the veto and send alyssa home.

  31. I mean Alyssa shouldn’t have taken the trip, but if she took the veto from Indy, Indy would have been pissed! I guess it’s pick your poison.

  32. Damn, this shit is coming off more petty on Taylor's part than I thought. Not loving (game) Taylor rn.

  33. Remember this is an edit and they are purposely making it look worse than it is. This was all Brittany's idea initially, and she was nowhere to be seen in the edit.

  34. It's wild to me that out of all the crap people have put Taylor through in this house, this is what she chose to take super personally.

  35. I know this happens every season but unless you’re in 1st, you can’t guarantee you’ll hang onto the Veto. I wouldn’t take it personally if someone took my prize, but I know a lot of people don’t see it that way

  36. Jasmine would not have taken the veto instead of having cash. If Alyssa had the veto I don’t think Kyle would take it and give her the punishment I think he would give the punishment to someone else or just suck it up. So I’m not convinced that Alyssa wouldn’t have been left with the veto if she took it.

  37. Taylor, you cannot call Alyssa taking the London trip the dumbest move of the entire season. Do you remember Pooch? Or Daniel using the veto? Or Terrance trying to stay on the block last week. That's a high bar to clear.

  38. I'm sorry but I hate Taylor's DRs. She's like overly confident about everything she says but she flip flops so much it makes it seem like she's just an idiot

  39. personally, if I went out when Alyssa did, I would also take the trip over the veto. and I’m tired of pretending that I wouldn’t.

  40. Taylor wasting her HoH evicting Indy or Alyssa (whom which she told would not touch the block this week) might actually be one of the worst moves. Neither are threats whatsoever and they’re both women (I only bring this up because she said “I won’t put up a woman” numerous, numerous times). This is just bad game

  41. I’m not feeling them either. She comes off as a bit to smug, which was fine when the bullies were evicted. But it’s not a great look right now.

  42. Taylor being mad about Alyssa taking the trip and mad that she didn’t get her way after not taking the veto. She needs to be mad at one or the other. She had the option to take the veto with both of her nominees out already. The rest probably would have battled for prizes. And now she’s complaining on feeds that someone is going home that shouldn’t. She shouldn’t have put indy on the block if she didn’t want her to go home.

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