Big Brother US 24 - Evening Feed Discussion - August 17 2022

  1. Why is BB US so much talking and drama compared to BBCAN and BBAUS which seems to have more comps throughout the entire days?

  2. Brittany just leave Indy alone lol. You are making her more paranoid every time you keep asking her if she is "ok".

  3. I just watched Taylor’s “HoH cam” thing on Instagram and Taylor talks about how Britt and Michael are her final thee and how committed she is to them and …maybe Instagram content isn’t real but yikes.

  4. And Brittany is making sure Alyssa doesn’t trust Taylor enough to bring her into the Kylyssa/MB alliance

  5. That’s diabolical. What are the chances you think Alyssa doesn’t out Taylor up in that scenario though?

  6. possible hot take but I'm actually glad upvote/downvote numbers are gone? the lack of consistent psychic damage from various Takes is actually kinda refreshing

  7. Y’all do this every season when a woman is self interested… I know you gotta be tired. Danielle Reyes is somewhere discussing the double standards of a backstabbing woman vs backstabbing man because Brittany isn’t doing anything different than Joseph, Michael, or Kyle are trying to do.

  8. If he can get one good big blindside target out then fall back again and coast to final he might be an all timer honestly

  9. He just straight up chilled his way to the best spot after he blew up the house with a huge move. Now he just lives in there like a sim floating to finale night and I'm here for it.

  10. Calling Taylor and awful person while Taylor was in the next room praying for her dead mom was probably a reason.

  11. not brittany using taylor's "i feel like a bad woman" confession in this convo with if she didn't spin it to michael as "taylor only cares about how she's being portrayed"

  12. Jasmine's gonna take issue with whether or not Brittany "has something" with Taylor, because "I don't care but don't lie to me," when she's back to playing nice to Brittany's face and shit-talking her behind her back?

  13. I don't even think Alyssa's motivation is Taylor. I think Brittany just generally makes her feel safe and secure in a way that none of the other women really do, as evidenced by the hypnotherapy chat, so she wants to be around that energy.

  14. it really does lol. i’ve heard this referred to as the jetsons room and weirdly it makes sense to me they’d have it

  15. I'm confused here, is Britt trying to flip the vote? She keeps telling everyone to give sympathy votes towards Indy

  16. I love the idea of an accidental flip vote due to everyone handing out sympathy votes. I'll change my flair if it happens.

  17. Wow I thought I was going to have trouble sleeping again tonight but I’ve had the feeds on and this shit is putting me to sleep lmao.

  18. I mean this crew managed to make arguably the absolute worst twist in the history of the game, that should have totally neutered game play and led to a boring steamroll, into three weeks of chaos.

  19. Indy’s gonna be fucking pissed if she walks out the house in front of the first live audience in years looking like a peacock from the Chromatica ball

  20. Why not just tell Indy that the votes aren't looking good. You don't have to even say she is leaving. I don't get giving her the runaround until 5 minutes before the live eviction.

  21. I’ll be so happy if most of them are actually sleeping , they all take roughly 8 hours. They’ll still be awake early in the morning but at least we’ll slept and I wouldn’t have missed anything good

  22. You can always flashback. I love to watch the late night Turner/Joseph/Taylor feeds. They actually talk about shit that isn't just a rehash of the same game stuff.

  23. Jasmine, Turner stuck his foot in his mouth. He wasn't being thoughtful in that moment. He realized as he said it. He reacted out of anxiousness about it. He wasn't being disrespectful.

  24. I still don't know if Brittany was joking or not when she said today something about how Joseph or someone don't understand how much heat she's getting.

  25. For real, I’ll take a paragraph any day over 7 back to back texts. Once I see that shit, I get overwhelmed and usually just ignore them all 😅

  26. Dang it was gonna be a milestone bday for Jas’ dad too. 70 with her 30 makes it that much more meaningful to her I bet

  27. I’ve always wondered about the shower situation in the house. Do they all have their own bars or soap? Do they have individual body washes and loofahs/sponges? Do they all use the same body wash?

  28. Between my fantasy football whatsapp group and another group chat with my close friends (that can have days with like 300 or more messages, and sometimes zero messages) I think I'd come back to basically an encyclopedia worth of messages. Now just direct 1 and 1 texts, not that many.

  29. taylor been holding that cake untouched for what seems like an eternity now, no wonder she looks like that.

  30. I'll never forget when Will and Janelle slept in the same bed and it looked like they were both cramped in the bed because of Will's weird ass sleep habits

  31. I said this the other day and got screamed at because ‘don’t you know that’s a symptom of anxiety’ lol. Like yes I know it’s making ME anxious too 😅😂

  32. Why would she even be eligible to play? She’s the outgoing HOH. They’re not gonna make an exception for her because the fans like her.

  33. Even now though, there are times when she says something and you can tell by their reaction that they don't like it and will drag her later for it. Most of the time it's just because they're catty as fuck. Sometimes it's a lack of awareness on Tay's part. But for whatever reason, those girls have just decided they don't like her, so things Taylor says that would be completely fine coming from someone else are harshly criticized.

  34. Alyssa listens to taylor gush about joseph all the time and STILL gets jealous when taylors around KYLE? Deleting a halfway party pic? I’m begging her to love herself

  35. someone went to school and got a degree just to be the person stuck with having to pan over a sleeping Big T so production gets the footage they need for his tattoo punishment

  36. I think running the cams would be a fun job, getting to zoom on turner laughing during jasmine’s birthday

  37. I don’t think i could turn on her. She’s bad at BB But LOTS of people just love her personality. If they’re turning on her now they didn’t really LIKE her as a person at the beginning, they felt bad for her. Because she’s always been like this, she’s just never been able to do something in the game.

  38. Maybe I’m giving him too much credit, but I don’t think Michael actually cared about getting to cast a sympathy vote; I think it was a sting operation to expose Joseph.

  39. I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure he was talking to someone (Brittany?) earlier today and he seemed genuinely peeved.

  40. If Taylor was actually petty about London she would have picked Kyle for the punishment instead of Joseph. LMAO Alyssa would have been pissed

  41. It'd probably also piss off Kyle though. Joseph was the best option since he's likely to take it in stride and everyone knows they are sort of close. Monte or Turner could potentially reveal how close allies they are. Britt or Mike were probably the only other solid option. But, here choosing Kyle would have been hilarious, and absolutely good tv.

  42. If she hasn’t yet, it sounds like she wants to. She just told Britt she wants to take some more pictures together and also delete some ones she didn’t like lol. This was after her just asking Kyle and Michael about the SO taking pictures with someone they find attractive comment

  43. brittany and michael are the only final 2 in bb history who could also exist in the frasier cinematic universe. they would scheme against frasier and niles for better positions on a waitlist for a private wine tasting club

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