Big Brother US 24 - Afternoon Feed Discussion - August 22 2022

  1. i wish they would take a note from bbuk (i think bbuk6 and 7) and just put a little fake RV camper in the backyard that can be built to be completely soundproof. they can force the hg’s to only have game talks in the RV and that way they’ll have usable audio (without music blasting or people showering or planes passing), and it’s still festival themed lol. unfortunately kylyssa will probably abuse the privacy but whatever, a 10-second feed cut here & there (lulz) is better than what we’re getting now. it just seems like the circumstances are actually having an impact on the game (Joseph and Turner’s in this case) and it’s just unfair at this point.

  2. I really can't wait for the Leftovers to give Daniel the cold shoulder post season as he struggles to cling to his 15 minutes of BB infamy.

  3. If we aren’t getting any backyard feeds, aka the good stuff, are we even gonna get footage from the backyard on these next 2 episodes beyond Saturday?

  4. Yes. They are probably playing copyrighted music so they can’t show it on the feeds. Last night there was a brief slip where they showed outside feeds for like half a second.

  5. It’s been fun watching the chat go from hopeful about kids going back to school today and feeds coming back, to angry at the fanbase for putting us in this position, to now acceptance that we ain’t gonna know shit till Wednesday.

  6. I just realized the hoh for next week could easily be one of the ball rolling ones since it usually doesn’t have much setup time

  7. I really hate that we can't see what's going on outside. Kyle presumingly talking about Joseph/Monte picking Terrance for their group in front of Terrance/Joseph/Turner leads to so many different scenarios and I really want to know which one is accurate 😭

  8. What is the point of having that 2 sec convo earlier with joe/turne/kyle/terrence if the veto was not used which I’m pretty sure it wasn’t. Jury management?

  9. I would assume they have not actually been blasting it 24/7. That is cruel and overkill as I doubt the dude has been standing across the street talking into a megaphone for the last 24+ hours.

  10. They could’ve just been coming back from veto so production left the music off for shooting purposes for the episodes

  11. Theres a reason she gets along so well with Alyssa when they talk. They're way more alike than people want to admit. It's just none of the guys were interested in Taylor back this season.

  12. Thinking about when we thought Taylor/Brittany/Michael would all go out pre-jury. Now they've made it to final 8!!

  13. I haven't seen someone say this yet, but why don't the speakers in the backyard just play white noise when there might be a wall yeller?

  14. Alyssa is giving me the houseguest that gets dragged by everyone to F3 because everyone wants to bring her to F2 because they know they’ll beat her. Idk if that makes sense but something is telling me Alyssa is going to be runner up this season lol

  15. That's pretty risky because she'd have Indy, Jasmine, Terrance?, Kyle as votes all it would take is someone like Turner voting for her as well.

  16. She would be but Joseph's obsession with her really stuck to Taylor, she's now super obessed with Kyle and Alyssa. Did you hear her talk about her yesterday ? Like she now has a weird hatred for her for no reason...and Monte kinda does now too.

  17. ok based on feed leak I am imagining the whole thing blew up and terrance used the veto to put kyle on the block, but still isn't sure who the actual target is. everyone found out kyle ratted and now they are doing public forum style arguments in front of terrance for why each of them should stay.

  18. I think the guys grouped up and are going to evict Alyssa because Alyssa broke up with Kyle. She couldn't take the chapped lips anymore.

  19. whitney and kyle are an interesting thought not because they’d work but they’re both ex-mormon so i’m sure they have a lot of similar past experiences they could bond about. she deserves better though

  20. I was going to say he was too young for her because I always think he's like 24 instead of 29. He's definitely too immature for her though.

  21. We got 3 seconds of Terrance nodding and everyone’s theorizing like Charlie in the IASIP meme.

  22. The answer to Taylor's hypothetical about who from this season should date who from last season is obviously Jasmine and Frenchie.

  23. Actually nervous about what could've already happened on feeds in the BY and what they'll decide to show us on Wednesday/Thursday

  24. i’m gay but like.. if you can take his personality traits and put them in a woman… 🫣 you wouldn’t catch me complaining

  25. So since the hg were in the backyard in the leak that means they really weren’t moved like some thought and they’re really blasting music for hours on end lol

  26. If it wasn't for the 1 second leak I would not care as much about the outdoor feeds but my mind has been going nuts for almost 2 hours about what has happened back there.

  27. Instead of gifts of frankincense,myrrh and gold it was press on nails,chicken wings and a scooter 😂😂😂😂

  28. We need an outside feeds bot. The amount of times I’ve been excited to turn into the feeds after getting a notification only to see the kitchen has made me resent the whole inside group 😭

  29. Yeah it's been great to see these three connect a lot more and there is absolutely no way this would ever have happened with another week merged with Kyle.

  30. Put Jackson, Kyle, Daniel, Nicole F, Cody Nickson, Christmas, Derek F, and BB24 Nicole into a house together. I wouldn’t enjoy it, but it would be entertaining

  31. He can come for whomever he wants, but his villainy will always be tied to Taylor. I don't think he gets that.

  32. What has Daniel actually brought to the show that's entertaining like Turner has about the muffin besides evicting his own best friend

  33. Imagine if the Leftovers didn't come together and we were stuck with a final 5 of Jasmine, Nicole, Ameerah, Terrance, and Alyssa.

  34. Ew I'd have checked out of this season long ago if it headed down that trajectory. Do yall think Alyssa would be trying to save Kyle the way he's trying to save her? 😂

  35. This would’ve been a lot easier if they sent brochella to the jury house, locked Indy in the HOH room, and gave sure fest the rest of the upstairs. They said Taylor it’s your problem now

  36. anyone know what dating apps the button baes use for sneaky links? atp i’ll do anything for uncut feeds

  37. I was dealing with not getting BY feeds up until that 3 second leak. Now I can't stop thinking about what we're missing and how we'll really never know for sure what went down.

  38. Jasmine brought up to taylor something about two black women being hohs or something like that, and they were both happy about it. Then runs down to the others to tell them that taylor said that and doesn't like that taylor is making it a race thing.

  39. It’s a special skill to talk THIS damn much. Doesn’t need to stop to take a breather, drink water, anything. She just keeps going and going and going.

  40. They aren't cutting the backyard because of a yeller, it's because they know Jasmine is going this week and they want us to soak up all her iconic-ness before she leaves.

  41. I hate what this week has done to me. She’s my favorite non-leftover (including evictees) and even typing that feels sinful. I should never be allowed to have an opinion again. I just can’t help it, she is so unintentionally hilarious to me

  42. You know what I like about Monte? The man always has shoes on. People walking around in that house in bare feet/socks grosses me out but Monte is always sensibly in his slippers or slides.

  43. Idk in my household wearing shoes in the house is a huge nono cause it just makes the ground dirtier. Although in that house I would never go barefoot the floor is disgusting

  44. not even that, how are they comfortably raw feeting it when they know there's creeps on the internet definitely categorizing them into wiki feets?

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