Big Brother US 24 - Late Night Feed Discussion - August 22 2022

  1. So I'm gathering that people here think that if the rumors are true and Terrance used the veto on Turner to put up Kyle, he's targeting Kyle? Due to WY? Come on, that's ridiculous. I guarantee if T used the veto and put up K, it was a plan that K hatched to make himself look guilt free with the LO's. I'm seeing people saying that production should interfere - that's wild. Y'all are WILD.

  2. turner and terrance were such bros before. i’m hoping that after the shock of the leftovers wore off, turner was able to convince him that playing with them next week is the better move than aligning with kyle and alyssa. i feel like terrance is actually playing this game, he just has never had all the information.

  3. Catching up on some clips from last night. Looks like Taylor told Monte about the Paloma “shower” incident Apparently, Paloma cited that as instance to Taylor about her not being self aware of her comments rubbing people the wrong way after Taylor was put OTB to which Taylor had clarified w/ Paloma that she was just reacting to a funny face Paloma made & Paloma made the face again after Taylor asked her what face she was making. Taylor said she thought it was weird that Paloma pulled her to explain to her why she was OTB when it was Daniel that put her there. I think Monte is really feeling bad for how all of that went down 😬

  4. One fan fiction I could really get behind is if Alyssa pretended to be cool with Kyle’s LO reveal then she bonded w/ Terrance over the fact that they were both in the dark & she convinced him to put Kyle on the block & they voted Kyle out. Yeah… that would be one hell of an arc for Alyssa

  5. Yellers f’d with production. Feeds got cut to discourage that type of outside behavior bc it leaves viewers in the dark now outside. Bottom line.

  6. What I hope happened: it all comes out into the open. Alyssa finds out Kyle was feeding info she gave him back to the LOs. She is fed up with being lied to and feels used. She talks to Terrance, Joseph and Turner about cutting Kyle and them forming a foursome. Terrance needs time to consider that, knows Turner isn't going regardless, so swaps his noms go have more time to consider the options. Tells Kyle it's just to save face with Turner.

  7. Ok but seriously noms are locked 🔒 now. What possible reason could there be for no feeds on the outside? The conspiracy theorist in me says the noms did change because of a wall yeller and they don’t want there to be any more wall yelling to also potentially effect the vote.

  8. I heard somewhere that the insiders commented about all the music they were hearing from the outside. Speculation was that production was playing music to drown out the wall yellers and they can't broadcast the music on the feeds without paying royalties for use.

  9. I can see them leaving them off until Thursday just to stop further interference this week regardless of what happened.

  10. What sucks about this is that it’s pretty obvious feeds from the outside aren’t coming back until after Wednesday episode or even after Thursday’s episode…. So we have almost 2 more full days of speculation on if Terrance used the veto on the Wednesday episode. And with the way this season is going watch it be another cliffhanger….😭😭

  11. Imo it has been the most entertaining season of american BB in forever. Bb20 was great but became reaaally boring post jury. BB17 was great though, i think this season needs to land a satisfying winner if its going to be in goat contention

  12. Of all time? Absolutely not. But depending on then end game could possible be a top tier season. Definitely top 10 and easily the best of modern BB

  13. Best since season 17 so far. Yes better than a Reddit favorite in season 20. This week alone because of all the drama on the outside makes the jury portion already better than season 20. As of right now I would put it somewhere in the 7-10 range for best seasons all time. Which is a huge improvement from almost every single modern season.

  14. For me personally not even close. It’s highly entertaining but I need way more personal investment for it to be a top tier season. It really just depends on the winner. If Michael takes it all, maybe top 6?

  15. I love how everyone thinks this rumor is true, but if a wall yeller did cause votes to change, he wouldn’t have pulled off Turner and not Joseph.

  16. Of course he would, it would give him time to figure out who to trust between Joseph and Kyle. He gives himself the most options this way.

  17. It might be untrue. Who knows. As a Joseph fan, I’m on the I believe it but it’s for Kyle to cover his ass. That’s the only reasonable one I can go on with.

  18. Is lying bad? Outside of the house, yeah. But in the game, everyone lies! Like that’s one of the biggest parts of this game! It’s like fans here want to be high and mighty about lying saying the bad man Kyle lied. Like Kyle can still be a douche nozzle for many other reasons. But the bottom line is everyone lies. Every season the best players lie. I’m cracking up at ppl so mad that kYlE LiEd 😝

  19. If there were more than 1 wall yeller, is it possible that it was an “inside job” from BB to change the noms? Lol Taylor is their fav this year, along with Kyle yes, but Joseph leaving the game means the LO are no more. And we all know that BB loves a steamroll season with 1 major alliance.

  20. Nah cause even they have to see that kyle is the currently most entertaining player, whether we see him fall to the beloved michael/brittany/taylor trio or we see him rise to the top as a backstabbing mormon villain, i think it will provide a fun endgame. And imo BB needs more great post-jury seasons, not more fan favorites coasting.

  21. BB Production doesn't care about the inside of the game enough to try to change it like this. They have the diary room where they play mind games and fuck with the contestants themselves but a wall yeller and cutting their feeds for 3 days and possibly having to answer to why they have had to do so is not worth it enough for an inside job. Production does pick and choose and like certain players but at this Jury stage they can take as much footage as they want of someone at Jury house so I dont believe there is anything to an inside job.

  22. I think that's a pretty big stretch. Any way you look at it, this all makes production's job exponentially more difficult and the episodes this week much harder to make. It also makes them look bad. We already know they can nudge certain ways by asking questions in the DR, I don't think they would even need to go further than that in this case if they were trying to affect the outside noise.

  23. So, just catching up, and I’m so confused. What could the wall yeller possibly say to make Terrance change the noms? Kyle already spilled the whole butter beans.

  24. On Twitter they supposedly said he was a liar, but we have no way of knowing if that was said or if more was said of if houseguests even heard it.

  25. I had a nightmare last night, I woke up straight out of my sleep. I remember it was so vivid, I was running through a dark forest, couldn’t slow down or Jasmine with a hatchet-cane would catch me and she was just screaming “I WORKED TOO HARD TO GET HERE!! I WORKED TOO HARD!!!” 😳😳🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤔🤔

  26. I still think Terrance would only put Kyle up so Kyle's spot isn't completely blown up with the leftovers. It makes no sense from what has been seen that he'd choose to keep Joseph over Kyle.

  27. Kyle wouldn’t want on the block, but I do think there’s a non-zero chance Terrance threw him up to strongarm a Joseph eviction in case they pulled a fast one and targeted Turner

  28. I agree it might be to cover his ass. But it doesn’t also make sense for Kyle to freely want to go on the block when we’ve seen him all season do the impossible to not go on the block.

  29. Very small chance but let’s say the veto was used. Joseph is not evicted.. and he wins the whole game. We’ll likely never know what REALLY influenced the change because we have no feeds and only the edit. How big of an asterisk would you give his win?

  30. Honestly, we’d seen wall yellers on tons of past seasons that failed to have any impact even when giving game info or when they were weaponized by the players. I wouldn’t give him a significant asterisk. This isn’t near Evel Dick levels or even Jeff/Jordan ones to me

  31. Conspiracy theory - they don’t want to show outside because the yeller changed the noms and production wants to paint a different edit.

  32. “Outplayed” but didn’t really do anything at all but tell his alliance info when that’s what anyone else would have done lol

  33. If wall yelling affects the game it might be time to change the venue. If the yellers get their mission accomplished, it will only encourage more yelling.

  34. it's becoming increasingly clear that one of the best things you can do when you're unsure of where you stand with other people is... literally just go talk with them.

  35. She has been right most since the season started. She spoiled Terrance winning the veto before feeds came back. She spoiled the split house weeks ago. Kyle/Alyssa being in the same group and Turner/Jasmine separated. And so on. I choose to believe her til I see otherwise.

  36. Veto ceremony already took place. Inside nominations stayed the same. We don’t know about outside but there’s spoilers going around saying Terrance used the veto on Turner and put Kyle in his place. We’ll know for sure during wednesday’s episode.

  37. we aren't sure because feeds have been down on the outside p much all week, at least since some assclown decided to wall yell

  38. Huh? So sg said that it’s Kyle and Joseph on the block now and that’s why feeds are down so long? Sorry, but I don’t believe her. Why would production want to block out feeds just for a renom switch. That never happened before. They block out feeds because someone yelled over the wall. The same thing happened in AS2. When did the wall yeller even yelled out that Kyle Joseph stuff? Was it before the nomination ceremony?

  39. She said the glimpse of live feeds we saw was Kyle arguing his case against Joseph’s.😂😂😂 omg this is so funny, we’re missing a lot of game. The wall yeller screwed us all.

  40. I think the idea is that they’re keeping feeds off because the wall yeller is being heavily discussed/affecting strategy. But who knows!

  41. Everyone wants outdoor feeds but it’s a nonzero chance that nothing changed and their feeds are just as bland lol

  42. Rachel: Tell me 3 things I lied about. Regan: Rachel everything about you is a lie. Your boobs are a lie, your face is a lie. The only thing honest about you is the pimples on your chin. OMG this fight was😂😂😂

  43. It will suck if Joseph is saved by the wall yeller, but what will suck even more is if they don't hear anything, Joseph saves himself, and the fanbase believes it was the wall yeller. We will never hear the end of it.

  44. Any chance Joseph had of saving himself, he also ruined by running it by Kyle first. Kyle then took whatever plan Joseph had and ran to Terrance before Joseph had the chance. It actually happened more than once this week. Joseph is too loyal, despite it being obvious Kyle isn’t with him

  45. If Joseph stays Michael and Brittany are kinda fucked actually if they still send home Jasmine lol this whole week kinda hinged on Joseph leaving for them, there won't really be a "middle" to play if he stays. The Pound will still have three members and Joseph will still have his three strongest connections

  46. they originally made plans as if joseph was staying, and he'd be on their side of the new house break. then they realized he's probably going and planned accordingly, but if he stays that's fine for them.

  47. I like how Monte builds himself a little nest of pillows to sleep in. Relatable. I’m kinda like that too😂 but then some days it feels super cramped and I need all the pillows off. Anyone else like that?

  48. I don't think they'll have time to set up the backyard for an endurance comp. I'm guessing it'll be like true/false or a/b/c question comp.

  49. No but they might have staged a fake conversation to use on the TV show to explain why T changed noms instead of showing that a wall yeller influenced him

  50. Why would they want that? That’s pretty much signaling to all the deranged fans to keep wall yelling because it works 🙃

  51. Let’s get ready for the TAKEOVERRR is the worst twist they’ve ever done, this one is close though for how much it merked the feeds.

  52. It's just a rumor, there's another person who has posted some accurate things ahead of time that's saying the exact opposite. These people are all just trying to hedge their bets. SG even said if it's not right they've been lied to and it's not their fault. lmao I don't buy any of it and will wait and see.

  53. The upside of them wanting to tell Jasmine she's going early is we might get to see Jasmine at her worst. So far we've seen neutral, cocky, and on her best behavior on the block. I want to see her PISSED with nothing to lose. That hobble will disappear so fast! If only she had someone left to complain to. lol

  54. pretty satisfying to hear taylor call out how weird it is that some houseguests need you to be vulnerable and basically “trauma bond” with you before they’re willing to work with you, right in front of monte

  55. Them dismantling what Kyle's plan was (when I at least last saw the outside, doubt they've shown the outside since of course) - can't throw Joseph utb (after Joseph is evicted) when most people on the inside wouldn't believe he spilled anyway.

  56. Go buy some wooden spoons at the dollar store. Put them over any pot to keep it from boiling over. Do not your “good” wooden spoons for this!

  57. Putting a stocking/pantyhose over the hose of a vacuum to help find a tiny item. Like I lost the tiny screw in my reading glasses and it worked perfectly

  58. I wish we could go to the outside/wish we could go there before the eviction (I HIGHLY doubt that though). If I knew those details I'd be helpful. Pardon me, I've been drinking and returned from a fun night of karaoke.

  59. Yeah you’re not supposed to actually reveal your vote. You can say “I’m leaning towards keeping you” or something like that but you’re not supposed to straight up say “I’m keeping you” or “I’m voting you out.” They haven’t been enforcing that this season so far though, so I’m surprised they randomly just got told not to do that lol

  60. Monte mocking people who talk shit about the HOH when they're on the block.... when he's talked about cutting Michael both times he's been HOH and on the block. LMFAO

  61. i don’t really understand how much more information michael thinks jasmine has or what value that would have given the current house ratio

  62. I honestly think he's just trying to get Britt and Taylor to tank their jury votes. There's no reason they shouldn't just tell her about LO and let her down nicely. And he knows about the Brigade/Britney. Them going to Jasmine and accusing her of all this shit as a reason is stupid af and it's going to backfire just like it did between Indy and Britt.

  63. There is literally nothing Jasmine could say that would be of any help or relevance lol. Jasmine is out of the loop, so anything she says isn’t even real. He already knows about Five Swatters and everything going on with her there. He already knows she’s close with Alyssa and Terrance. Even IF she said something like “Me and Turner are working together, we have been the whole time!” who the fuck is going to believe that lol. Jasmine has no game left at all. Just tell her why she’s leaving and put her out of her misery at this point.

  64. I think they both know it'd be fake. And neither want to make that promise if they're going to break it in a week or two.

  65. Love how Michael called out the fact Jasmine has been on her best behavior, does things for herself and doesn’t complain about it and doesn’t order them around. The HGs definitely noticed and thought what we felt on the feeds regarding that.

  66. Michael is literally considering if he should cut Monte this week. Why tf would he be giving Monte any game info? Always listen more than you talk, ESPECIALLY when you're HOH and the other person is on the block. He doesn't have to say anything.

  67. Wow. They are this worried about a battleback, I suppose. There's no reason not to tell Jasmine the truth about LO otherwise.

  68. I doubt someone outside will win HOH this week. They might be too weakened to compete. My odds are on Taylor winning this HOH.

  69. Seeing the insiders this week makes me really want Joseph to go this eviction. I like this little F4. They’re a strong group and I think by the end of the game they’ll all have compelling arguments on why they should win. (Britt probably has more of an uphill battle, but it’s still possible, especially with another couple of wins under her belt down the road.) I’d also love for Kyle to survive this week and then try to manage next week and see if things come crashing down or if he can wiggle out lol. Just could be interesting gameplay. Also want to see where Turner will fall in the chaos. Next week should be amazing feeds

  70. Brittany considers outing the Leftovers to Jasmine for the reason that they're evicting her.

  71. Indy knows, so the whole jury will know anyway - it's not a bad idea to want to be the one to tell her

  72. That's actually the best idea. Because their plan to be accusatory and tell her all the stuff they know she did is kind of bullshit. It's why Indy will never vote for Britt in the end. It's stupid and Jasmine will find it all out in jury anyway.

  73. The biggest move of the season is Alyssa voting out Kyle. Terrance would be Alyssa’s #1 and they both could go far while LO battle it out.

  74. I just know the gameplay outside is amazing and we will never ever get the full story, with all details. Everyone will remember it differently. They’ll not know the whole story to tell. The tension and stress of seeing each other speaking to Terrence or outting info to save themselves cannot be repeated.

  75. monte/brittany speculating that the currently closed HN room will be used in relation to some secret power/new twist

  76. While the topic of wall-yellers is relevant, can I just ask if anyone here recalls Ian or anyone else from 22 ever mentioning the yellers post-show and explained why they ignored them? Cause I vividly remember several instances of people blatantly screaming “Nicole and Cody are playing all of you” and nobody caring during bb22

  77. Someone said Dayvonne said they were told they could not use any info from wall yellers in decisions or in DRs.

  78. Why aren’t they in bed? I thought for sure they would get on a better sleep schedule this week without Joseph and turner there.

  79. My SO finds terms of endearment a bit cheesy, so he either calls me "baby girl" in a super creepy voice, or he comes up with a silly pun or double entendre... his favorite joke right now is "Hey" 🤦🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️😅

  80. Mine calls me Bee because we originally started off calling eachother “BB” semi-ironically as a shortened form of baby/babe, but down the line we saw the cutest tiktok of 2 cartoon bees snuffling, and he told me I was his other Bee, and that us 2 Bees collectively formed “BB” or “BeeBee”. Since then I’ve gotten him to watch all of bb2-7 with me, and so he now calls us the BB BeeBees

  81. The usually baby/babe/baby girl, nugget. He calls me bbg a lot, which is his shortened way of saying baby girl. I actually love it and it’s probably my favorite for some reason lol

  82. We call each other “bougie” lmao. I don’t even remember how it started exactly. It was as a joke, and then it just kind of stuck and now years later that’s all we call each other 😂 “can you bring me a water, bougie?” “Sure, bougie.” It’s so dumb but I love it lmao

  83. Is Jasmine misusing "rhymes" to mean "sounds good with," or does she really want to name her kid, like, Lees Keyes?

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