Big Brother US 24 - Afternoon Feed Discussion - August 23 2022

  1. Wednesday and Thursdays shows are going to be so interesting since a good chunk of the backyard we didn’t even get to see. Veto itself + most of the after conversations will be a mystery.

  2. The WY has replaced Terrance as HOH. They seem casual with it, like everything is normal. Only referring to him as DJ Bullhorn. Should be an interesting edit

  3. Dying at some of the comments that thought we’d come back to the backyard crew looking like skin and bones rocking back and forth in a corner. They’re chillin.

  4. I feel like them doing dishes and being out of certain foods is likely indicative that they aren’t spending a lot of time in another like secured place.

  5. Inside feeds could be M/B deciding to 100% flip the vote and blindside Taylor/Monte and I would still be glued to outside feeds

  6. Joseph tells Turner to tell Upstairs DR that they're out of the Veggie Bologna. He tells the flies/ants to f*** off.

  7. Turner is not attractive at all like how is he higher in polls than Taylor who is an 11/10 drop natural dead gorgeous.

  8. Not sure why people are panicking about not seeing Joseph as if they suddenly forgot that the DR exists.

  9. Expectation: outside are in a constant warfare, who was telling the truth, they’re in a psychological mess

  10. Turner I’m very curious about what Simpson creation your talking about right now 😂, but we need to learn what happens the past four days

  11. The fact that we got outside feeds back makes me think Joseph must be going home because I don't think they'd want it out that Kyle is leaving due to the wall yeller.

  12. i love that weve been dying for backyard feeds but it’s turner and kyle talking about getting high watching the live action cat in the hat movie


  14. So BBGossip also tweeted out he's confirming the veto was used. He's a pretty well known guy and not a troll at all and is pretty public in the ORG's and online community so I think it probably was used.

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