Big Brother US 24 - Afternoon Feed Discussion - August 28 2022

  1. Is it unreasonable to think that perhaps kyles thoughts of the all white alliance were potentially racist but ultimately he never acted on it so is it not possible he did reflect on what’s wrong with that and change his mind?

  2. Was he not up Terrance’s ass only for the sole fact he was HOH? I mean Kyle genuinely needs to work on a lot after this season he really was weird with things he said even when he called Turner homeless and made jokes like calling Joseph a scumbag..

  3. I hope so! I’m hoping he comes back, faces the group, apologizes and shares a desire to want to grow from this. Unfortunately, he ran to the DR and hasn’t came out. Not sure if that answers your question. We all make mistakes. He’s an almost 30 year-old man. He has such a great platform to talk about where he was at and where he wants to go.

  4. Taylor has been labeled a racist by thousands on the Facebook crowds for weeks because of her comments getting aired about Jasmine. Is her life ruined?

  5. If Kyle leaves he is taking the easy way out. We all make mistakes and he could have used this week to try and repair what he broke. His game is probably unsalvageable, but he could show that he cares about the message he’s out there and how hurtful and wrong it was. Running away postpones those conversations and will maybe put some of the houseguests in a position to not want to speak to him BECAUSE he ran away.

  6. I will admit: I was one of the naysayers who thought the season would turn into a boring LO steamroll with the Taylor HOH. Every day I am grateful that I was very, very wrong.

  7. Production should also be blamed for this. Improve casting process. Psychological & social media screening etc should be done. They should even out the POC for each season. It’s not difficult to add more asians, latinos and natives etc.

  8. I mean….it’s reality television….which has been based on drama just like this since the beginning of the genre. Production does this on purpose for the drama that it will construe not only on the show but with the public. Bad publicity is still publicity at the end of the day.

  9. While I definitely would like to see more Non-Black POC in our casts, Kyle grouped all the POC together, not just the Black players.

  10. People keep acting like M/B ruined Kyle's life but they only told the current houseguest what was said. The rest of us already knew. It has been a hot topic for weeks now. He was going to come out of this house with an angry mob ready and waiting either way

  11. This is true. Also, the POC in the house — the actual subjects of his comments — should be the ones to determine how problematic or ignorant the comments were.

  12. I think a person's character should be judged less by their mistakes, but more on how they learn from them and right their wrongs. Kyle needs to be having discussions with the other HGs instead of running away.

  13. Michael's explanation that he waited until after DyreFest because he really wished that Kyle would be gone so they wouldn't have to worry about it is one of the bad parts of his explanation in my opinion. He wanted Joseph gone more than Kyle. It feels like he is only saying that now as an excuse to cover his tracks and comes across as really dishonest.

  14. I didn't hear Michael say that, was it in HoH room? I heard Brittany say she hoped he might not come back as it would be easier. Which I thought was just another stupid Brittany keep your mouth shut moment.

  15. This! He and Brittany talked all week about how they need Kyle back and wanted Joseph out with no blood on them.

  16. man is playing like Steve and Vanessa from BB17 combined. Might have made too many big moves too soon tho, might be a late game Ronnie Talbott if the house realizes he's playing circles around them.

  17. The biggest knock against was that his gameplay style could be considered boring. Can't say that anymore!

  18. It's so funny that Kyle threatened to quit after berating Indy so much after she did the same thing 😂 Is it disrespectful now Kyle?

  19. Someone else is clearly running Kyle's social media - still completely up in the air whether he's walked or not

  20. I’m okay with how this was handled. M/B May have sat on it, but Kyle was their alliance member. Why throw somebody you’re aligned with under the bus?

  21. Yeah but Aligning with someone you knew was racist to better yourself isn't exactly being an Ally to others. I think they shouldn't have sat on it this long. But they are in a better spot now so who am I to say?

  22. Pretty high, tbh. Strong comps, smart player, swing for the fucking fences when he needed to. I wouldn't put him top-tier, but second tier

  23. That move to use Kyle to take out Joseph and then turn it back against Kyle... I have Michael (if he wins) in the top third of all US winners.

  24. So kyles supposed to go back, apologize, and then sit there while everyone thinks he’s racist for 5 days awkwardly awaiting eviction?

  25. Talk it out like Kaysar and James did...would love to see some real dialog. Let Monte, Taylor,and Terrance air their feelings on it while every one else shuts up( looking at you Brit). Growth could come out of it, for them and the fan base ( Kaysar and James are good friends)

  26. All the people here wanting him to go back and face the music just want more time to hate in every little thing he does. No apology will suffice the hungry masses when they’re this fired up.

  27. I mean, yeah, he should be talking to these people, apologize, listen, learn from this and do better.

  28. Yes? Except Taylor monte and terrance are pretty nice people and would forgive him and wish him well and growth lol

  29. Taylor spent weeks being ostracized by the entire house, was called a bitch, cockroach, ho, not a girl’s girl, a girl who walks around “with her pussy out,”and didn’t crack. I just can’t muster the tears here.

  30. "why would Michael ruin Kyle's outside life like this" hello??? Kyle already "ruined" his outside life, the comments he made weeks ago made him trend on Twitter, they were featured in the EPISODES, literally the only people who didn't know were the houseguests

  31. Will BB continue to be sustainable if two people walk this season? I know they make it hard for players by making them pay back their flights and some expenses. And yes no one should be forced to stay, but two walks would just be crazy….

  32. Makes for great TV, imo. Their viewership is going to grow because of this. They will never have trouble finding people wanting their moment of fame or infamy.

  33. Maybe they'd just have to do better mental health checks & do more even more bias training to prevent what has happened this season? I don't know.

  34. If there is an eviction then I would imagine that Turner puts up Alyssa. I think Taylor may end up getting evicted, though.

  35. It's possible to see both as problems. It shouldn't take much for Kyle's fans and Michael/Brit's fans to see that this is not an either/or situation.

  36. If Kyle really did quit, the last time we saw him was when he entered the DR and Taylor exited at the same time directly to the left of him,,, poetic if you ask me

  37. If Kyle really did walk...well, he has a lot of growing up to do. He could have easily explained his actions and recovered his reputation, if not his game. There was easily room to own up to what he did and move on from it, but he (seemingly) chose to just run away instead.

  38. How? The entire fanbase has called him a racist for weeks, and they’re pissed he outed the LOs last week.

  39. If Kyle did self evict.. how would Jury votes work with an even number of jury members? Would America get a vote?

  40. Im assuming they’ll do it like they did in S11 (when Chima left). They had an “America’s vote” for the winner.

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