Big Brother US 24 - Morning Feed Discussion - August 29 2022

  1. The network wants viewership and ratings. They purposely cast people who may cause some controversy and/or who are likely to make more interesting television. I mean look at all the free SM discussion and free press they are getting out of this.

  2. I could absolutely see this. As TV producers they’re main goal is to get people watching. It’s just a shame this is what it takes to get media headlines.

  3. I know it's a little boring and tense in the house but I am so happy I don't have to watch Kyle walking around smug and him and Alyssa telling each other how perfect they are, also having a day where Taylor isn'tgetting bashed is nice. Hopefully we get some action when Kyle is gone maybe Monte or Alyssa wins HOH but I gotta say I am watching the feeds again more now that this has happened.

  4. Y'all if your comment is longer than a sentence or so, it's very hard for anyone to read before a million other comments bury it.

  5. I'm super grateful for this sub at times like this - by no means is it completely free of toxicity, but there's a lot less around here than other places on the internet, and at least we have conversations that don't feel like a hive mind

  6. Terrance deserves to win because he shouted out Paramount + in the Diary Room, which was a pivotal moment in the evolution of Big Brother strategy

  7. How would things go in a Brittany Terrance final two I actually think Terrance could win there because I think he gets kyle Indy for sure he could maybe get jasmine and then he would just need Kyle to convince Alyssa and turner to vite terrance

  8. When Terrance gets evicted at some point, do we think Julie Chen Moonves is going to ask him the tough questions about his own problematic comments?

  9. Reminder that Michael has said time and time again that this just didn't sit right with him, meanwhile he sat with this information for an entire month

  10. They clocked them for that I think , word is that Terrance went off on M/B during that house meeting when feeds where down about the timing, and Micheal is still Monte's target after this week and Kyle leaving.

  11. Kyle could of said Michael was lying. I wonder what would of went down. If it was a he said versus she said. Would they of believed Michael more?

  12. If Michael and Britt were lying, that’s a literal lawsuit. I also imagine production might have to step in, because that kind of lying would be too far imo

  13. They already said that it would be insane for M/B to make that up given what the real world consequences would be so they know they're telling the truth.

  14. No one would have believed him, they talked about it being bigger than the game and that the feederster would destroy their lives if they were just making it up, which is true. They also mentioned M/B having family, mates and friends who would be attacked too if they were lying.

  15. The HGs (specifically Turner/monte) already said why they believed this. It boiled down to a) this being an outrageous thing to lie about on national television and b) Michael telling Monte things he heard from Kyle (like Monte wanting to work with Ameerah as a strong black woman) that Michael couldn’t have known otherwise

  16. In his own words, he knew it was bigger than the game. And he knew he was guilty & that viewers did too. Priorities.

  17. I’d be pissed they used it as a game tactic and i would probably be vindictive ngl. So I would try to convince him he has to use veto on Taylor because of this and then vote off Britt. And basically Kyle is just dragged along because he no longer feels like playing.

  18. Ughhh I'm so conflicted about Michael and Brittany right now I mean Kyle definitely had to be exposed but I'm afraid future houseguests will look to cancelling each other as a legitimate form of gameplay

  19. He literally said what he said on camera. This was coming for him at some point regardless. Maybe it’s better he has some time before facing the public.

  20. my question to the Sub is why in every conversation about the topic that the feeds got to see so the one with Alyssa and Turner do Mike/Brit paint this situation as something that happened last week before the house split and not something that was happening over the span of 3 weeks.

  21. It's at times like these that I wish we had a more tribal council style chaired discussion format within the house available. Modern Jeff Probst is a bit of a meme, but at least he'd be asking questions that would let the houseguests speak their minds about everything happening, rather than the constant cutting feeds

  22. I think some of you are exaggerating how much trouble this is for Michael in the game. This is the exact same spot he was in if Monte went home, and is absolutely better than if Taylor had gone. It definitely could burn some jury votes, but I can’t imagine many scenarios where he ends up without a goat next to him.

  23. I can't believe there is still a chance at this happening but, do you guys think after all this time we've been waiting, we might actually get to see Talyssa come to fruition?

  24. i hope so but brittany been breathing down alyssa’s neck for the past few days so she might intercept 😂

  25. Do you guys think BB is ever going to bring back returning players again? Every other day I see people speculating who from this season might return, but (aside from AS2) we’ve had all newbie seasons since BB19

  26. I think production hates those seasons, but 23 and 24 are a great start for potential all star candidates. Especially with the # of players going into the Challenge, it shouldn’t be as hard to get them to come back if they wait a few more years.

  27. I think there may be a season where we get like 4 returnees again soon but doubtful we’ll see a full All-Stars after the disaster that was AS2.

  28. I don't get why they would vote out Alyssa over Terrance. M/B have worked overtime these past couple days establishing game relationship with Alyssa

  29. Both Michael and Monte have used morality in strategic and self serving ways. Both have used the morality claim in completely fake and strategic contexts, and only apologized for it when it was beneficial to them.

  30. People surprised Michael has no one in the house other than Britt confuse me. He’s won almost everything he’s played in this season… how could he not be everyone’s target at this point regardless of the info coming out (which I think he didn’t do in the correct way, but a separate convo) Anyone in the house who didn’t target him is not trying to win at this point

  31. clocking in as a Michael warrior 🫡 Brittany might receive protection as well depending on how I’m feeling

  32. Michael said in his cam talk way back on Aug 5th that he didn't like what Kyle was saying. But he also gave it time and asked for evidence. Wanted to know what Kyle was seeing that he wasn't. Pushed back on some of these ideas - again - trying to look at the evidence. Eventually he and Britt talked and Brittany approached Kyle.

  33. If it really bothered Michael (with his job and big fan boy game play) he could have easily stopped Kyle’s conversation and said “let’s step out of the game” and explained to Kyle racial biases he was saying and/or tell kyle they should continue this conversation outside the house and continue the conversation with some of those individuals he’s trying to speculate this against. Michael said he wanted to tear this house apart and that’s exactly what he has done. If Michael truly cared, he would have said something in that moment to Kyle - it may be a game but you can’t preach racial justices/injustices without stopping them in the moment. Holding onto that information for over a month, until he realized Kyle and Turner turned, is ick.

  34. on the Michael front I agree, he seems to not make rash decisions and weighs all options before doing something. If he wouldn’t have said anything and gone all the way to the end he would look just as bad.

  35. Yes, pure speculation about Brittany. She also stated that she didn’t like what Kyle said. Why are you trying to cast Brit as the villain?

  36. I know HGs often lie about their professions (Michael, Britt, Xavier, etc) but what are some of the weirdest non-game related lies people have told? My vote is for Natalie pretending to be nineteen :/

  37. I think I can see either Alyssa and Taylor, or monte and turner bringing Terrance in at f5 for a f3 alliance, and go after the other pair. If Terrance goes to the end against Alyssa he may have a chance, but pretty doubtful. Taylor beats Alyssa, monte beats turner, and I think monte Taylor and turner beat Terrance. Britany is a wild card. If Michael somehow gets to the end, he just wins.

  38. Kind of funny that after all this...I think Michael's only hope is to try and 'all-white' alliance his way out. Flip on Taylor, keep Kyle. Target Monte and Terrence next week and maybe he can get to the end with Kyle or Brittany who he beats.

  39. Michael and Britt trying to save Kyle when they're the ones that did this to him in the first place?

  40. While I’m down for a Taylor win still, I don’t see anyone taking her to the final two AND I don’t see her winning the final HOH. I don’t think she even knows she should be studying facts/days/comps even if she wins Part 1.

  41. She needs to take out Michael before final 3. But I don't think she realizes it. She's so loyal to that final 3 to her detriment

  42. I think Michael being a lawyer and superfan has really helped him with his gameplay. He knows the BB Fandom has super short attention spans, and as long as he doesn't say anything genuinely problematic such as a slur or make any blatantly offensive jokes (which he hasn't) then the fandom will move on from him and any controversy nearly immediately.

  43. Afaik Michael is a public defender instead of a work for profit lawyer. That is a job with high moral and he’s exemplary of that.

  44. So M/B/K have 0 win equity unless it’s 2 of them in the final 2? If that’s the case I’m genuinely concerned M/B might pull in Alyssa to save Kyle.

  45. That’s ridiculous. Michael has 3 jurors who love him already on the jury, so all he needs is 2 more. And man’s got so many wins on his side. He also has 4 more weeks to save face with the people still in the house, which he’s shown he’s willing to continue to socialize to be in good graces. He’s not getting Kyle’s vote, but I don’t think the other houseguests will deny his accomplishments IF he reaches final 2.

  46. At this very moment, I wouldn't say zero but declining equity. But there's a lot of game left and Michael has a lot to hang his hat on. If he keeps winning comps, he'll probably be decently matched against most F2s. Brittany? I think her only chance is if Michael leaves and she can prove she can compete without him.

  47. Pretty much. At this point, it seems they succeeded in their short term goal of getting Kyle to be house enemy number 1, but in the process they've absolutely tanked their jury management and no one is going to want to vote for them.

  48. Monte also literally went around week 1 justifying Taylor's isolation making everyone feel fine with it, but people seem to choose to forget that.

  49. what does any of this mean about Monte a Black Male possibly being uncomfortable at Mike/Brit using a situation where he was racially profiled as a strategy

  50. Monte rubs me the wrong way. Monte’s game was saved this week. Kyle was talking about putting him up and evicting him right before he found out he was exposed.

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