Big Brother US 24 - Late Night Feed Discussion - August 29 2022

  1. Monte and Michael definitely cut each other but turners an interesting one. Michael the comp beast versus monte who everyone really likes and respects

  2. Does Alyssa know that it was her leaks about Old School and the girls that Kyle used to form the leftovers or does she still think Ameerah told Joseph?

  3. Yeah. That was revealed at DyreFest when Kyle spilled. Michael told Monte Alyssa knew and Monte was surprised.

  4. Hmm, interesting stat, I hadn't thought about it. And Joseph was the 5th piercing tent contestant eh? They would have been an interesting alliance.

  5. Also, wasn't Kyle the first to enter the house on night 1? If remember Michael was closest to the door, but he held it open and entered after everybody else in the group. I want to say I remember Kyle being first in but I'm not definite.

  6. Kyle’s gameplay is such a Schrödinger’s cat situation. He’s simultaneously played the best game in the house and the worst game.

  7. He also actively sabotage his perfect position in the center of the house/LO and he screwed Alyssa's threat level by telling all LO to target her before changing his mind and have sex with her and then complaining others for targeting het. He forcefully wanting to be in the minority of a powerful alliance to be the charming prince who will protect Alyssa despite increasing his threat level by openly go against his alliance multiple times proving them Alyssa is more important than them.

  8. Not to diminish your post in any way, but the only thing I will remember from it is the absolutely perfect summary of Kyle's gameplay: "fuckweaselry". You, sir or madame, are a true wordsmith.

  9. Strong disagree. When the leftovers formed and the next week or two, he was in the best position in the house. If he had pulled Alyssa in and used her to strengthen bonds with Jasmine and Indy, he would have been extremely well situated.

  10. Agreed. People cry that taking out Alyssa would be bad for his game anytime someone says this, but it would have solidified the Pound so well for him. Look at Hayden from BB12 with Kristen/the Brigade. Kyle could’ve had the same trajectory

  11. Hard disagree. Completely ignoring the last few days, he played a bad game. He was in a decent position, but then threw it all away because he is a horny man-child. The Leftovers not immediately moving to take him out after the initial Alyssa/POV situation completely comes down to luck that head bully Daniel was still in the game, and then twist after twist has kept him mostly not a target.

  12. Kyle should have been called out a month ago for his actions. M/B should have never sat on this. They don’t care about racial biases. Winning the game is the most important thing to Michael and he doesn’t care that he weaponized this information.

  13. Terrance’s hate of Taylor is honestly wild to me. I hope she never speaks to him again after this because he’s very weird with it.

  14. Yeah he’s going to face some repercussions outside of the house for suggesting Kyle needs to be rehabilitated which just so happens to kick out Taylor - I think for an older guy he’s played a terrible game

  15. Kyle is one of Turners few numbers. Same with Terrance. It's tough because Turner has had to blow up his entire game this week and has left himself with no win equity that doesn't involve at least 3 weeks of comp wins.

  16. Look, topsy turvy things have been happening all season so…. IF Kyle were to stay, what does his game look like going forward? Does he act like nothing happened? Does he continue to feel awkward? Does he just lay low & let others take the lead? Who would he target? 🤔

  17. I think he'll find a new ally in terrance and probably be more loyal to him than turner. If he stays, that means monte voted to keep him so he wouldn't target him. He'll definitely target michael like everyone in the house.

  18. Terrance wants to keep him as a chance to educate him. I would hope they’d have meaningful conversations about racism and racist biases.

  19. It’s certainly a stain on his game but he has pre-existing relationships with everyone in the house that don’t just immediately go out the window because of an incident. I’d be more worried about after the seasons over

  20. Instantly his game was done. Crazy. Monte ate it up. Monte even believed Kyle wanted him on the block to guarantee 1 black person goes home that week. Things got so blown out of proportion. Maybe if Turner had another day to think about it he would have changed his mind. Feels icky to me

  21. It's Michael's "big move" and I don't think he could even bring it up if he made final 2 unless he took full ownership of it being a strategic move. Luckily, he probably wouldn't even need to to make this part of his case as he has insane comp wins and overall good favor with the current and future jury members.

  22. As much as Michael is the golden boy, I think they're going to be accurate with their edit and show people questioning the timing of their Kyle is biased revelation. I don't think they'll go too hard on him and Britt but it will be on the show. Otherwise there would be backlash from certain parts of the fandom that Kyle is being treated unfairly. And I think there is media pressure to tell the story accurately.

  23. I really don’t understand how Terrance thinks he would be able to trust Kyle in this game going forward based on what he was told. He (Terrance) just seems hellbent on getting Taylor out

  24. Terrance has no one else to trust though. He has completely been on the outs for weeks and Kyle (with Alyssa) are the only people to clue him in on anything.

  25. He was also one of the people making fun of Taylor behind her back. Laughing about her looks etc.. he’s pretty gross.

  26. Because he’s in an alliance with Terrence and to an extent Monte. And his targets Mike & Britt - almost like he speculated it a few weeks ago but didn’t change his overall gameplay other than find ways to save Alyssa

  27. He sounded pretty toxic from what she described in earlier convos (like all her past relationships) so I hope they stay away from each other. Alyssa needs to be on her own and work on herself after all this. I think she may be very overwhelmed with all the criticism and finding out just how much Kyle used her when she gets out and I could see her just jumping into another shitty relationship unfortunately ☹️

  28. Alyssa needs some help. She has some serious insecurity issues. It feels like she always needs someone else besides her confirming to her that “she’s good or she’s important” in order to go on. And once she gets moe comfortable, she starts to be mean towards the other side of the alliance, most recently Taylor. I felt bad for Alyssa. I think a lot of her actions stemmed from deep seeded insecurity. If she doesn’t get help to work on that, she’ll continue to make stupid decisions.

  29. Remember early in the season when Alyssa told Joseph that she was missing her special person? And then people here were saying that her special person was actually her friend and Joseph misunderstood? lol

  30. She said she gave up the special person and went all in with Kyle. But she told Turner they haven’t broken up yet but probably will by Thursday.

  31. Yikes. I don't want to be too judgemental, but she seems like the kind of person who might do well to take a break from relationships for awhile and introspect a little on herself. Falling for people so hard so fast, and seemingly always needing that external deep affection and reassurance isn't super healthy.

  32. So much talk about how Kyle was this great player who was ruined by something beyond the game - PURELY on a game level, it was a catastrophic mistake to propose this alliance to Michael. This situation has consequences beyond the game, but it also exists in the game. Kyle tried to make a move a few weeks ago that is now the reason he is leaving.

  33. Kyle was the one who brought up race issues into this game. Hopefully him leaving means we don’t have race issues being involved in the game anymore once he’s gone. I know race is always a part of the game, but this passing week is not the way i want race to be a part of the game. I do think Michael and Brittany exposing Kyle is a bit icky. But based on how Kyle acted in the game, knowing how bad the optics it is, knowing how multiple times he received pushbacks and hints that it’s not the way, and yet he continued with his actions, and how he treated Alyssa whom I don’t even like, i don’t care he’ll probably leave this week. Hopefully he grows from this outside of the house. He’s not gonna win anyway with his jury management. He is an active player, but not a good player.

  34. I agree. If you remove the race situation from it, at face value, it’s Kyle proposing another secret alliance. He’s been part of several

  35. He’s not a great player but he’s chaotic and jumps ship which is fun to watch. He went to the Rob C school of not giving a fuck about the alliance your in and keep jumping to find what works best for you.

  36. He’s not even that good of a player, he’s been on constant paranoia mode since he entered the house and is actually trying to play unlike most of the floaters in this season

  37. Yeah, he has basically betrayed almost everyone in the game, it would’ve caught up to him sooner or later. This week’s event just made it happen earlier.

  38. Indeed it is. Ideally for Michael, him and Brittany/Taylor are the last ones left in this HoH and he can throw it to them that way he’s able to compete at F6 HoH.

  39. This will be an unpopular opinion but Turner could have easily called out Michael and not nominated Kyle for eviction this week.

  40. Turner would be screwed. This Kyle situation offered a distraction to his catastrophic dyrefest alliance. He willingly put a target on himself when he was floating along.

  41. If the veto ceremony was today and not yesterday I fully believe Kyle wouldn’t be on the block. You can tell on a game level turner regrets getting peer pressured in to doing something that is terrible for his game.

  42. Actually I’m wondering if Turner could’ve just said “I don’t believe you.” But I guess if Kyle didn’t deny it then that wouldn’t work.

  43. Michael making his nuke Kyle move, although garnering a lot of hate from people, only made it solidify him as one of my if not my favorite player of all time. He started out this season as a hesitant loner awkwardly wiggling through conversations, then got picked up by the majority alliance coasting through for a bit, and got called too passive or boring, and now he's this savage shotcaller with a hint of desperation and pettiness, willing to do anything to keep his numbers and rally troops because he knows that he has an uphill battle to the end being a compbeast and strategic force. His evolution is kinda legendary if you think about it, and a game that should be studied for future players of this game.

  44. Personally I can’t root for him anymore after he weaponized race as strategy and let the POC get racially profiled and targeted, feels icky

  45. I'll respect him if he admits it was at least partially strategy. I feel like he'll come out with nothing but excuses about why he had to wait until this exact, extremely convenient, moment.

  46. I think the biggest misconception people have on this season is thinking that Joseph was LO strong to the end. When he actually did end up revealing everything he knew before he left the game to the outsiders and the only real lies the outsiders told was how/why Joseph leaked everything, not that he leaked it.

  47. He was, because he thought he could just lay back and use the Pound, and didn't see that Kyle was always gonna try and go with Alyssa to F2.

  48. Am I a bad person for wanting Michael to win? I feel like everyone hates him online now and wants people to get him out but I really enjoy him as a person and game player. Last season when X was the obvious winner I felt how everyone else feels now because I didn't care for his personality, but Michael is so sweet and thoughtful.

  49. Monte, Turner, and Michael in that order for me. I don’t think it’s likely that Michael wins out to the end, and because of his previous wins he has made himself the biggest target in the house.

  50. I’m almost opposite of you. I think he played a flawless game up till the race bating move on Kyle. But I couldn’t stand his personality all season. I wanted him to win until this move. It’s lower than whale shit.

  51. I'm having trouble respecting the move idk. I know it's a game do anything to win but this whole Kyle thing feels so.... Low

  52. Oh I’m 100% rooting for him. I think calling out Kyle right now, when he and Brittany were safe anyway, was epically brilliant. This is Big Brother, not a workplace sensitivity retreat. Get that $750,000.

  53. Nah, my boyfriend and I are also rooting for Michael to win. Tbh I’d be fine with anyone from the Insiders winning.

  54. I don’t hate Michael. He has an almost impossible path to the finals. Britt is the only one that will save him (for now). No way Taylor will with Monte persuading her to remove him as a threat.

  55. Really hard to compare Michael and X. It’s not a Michael personality thing people are upset with it’s his recent actions. I don’t think he’s sweet or thoughtful like i originally did. Used to like the guy but he lost me.

  56. Brittany keeps talking over Taylor and saying things like "It would be best if Michael or I won"...Taylor girl I need you to flip Ciera (Voted out mom) style and take out Michael ASAP

  57. I still think a Taylor/Brittany F2 would be cute. It would be a nice little Fuck You to the way they were isolated the first couple weeks. That’s my ideal F2.

  58. The biggest danger for them is someone nominating B/M and Mike winning veto, like almost happened this week.

  59. I think button boy gets sad when he’s not getting enough recognition on here so he’ll hit the button hoping we mention his name

  60. Joseph is doing great with Jasmine and Indy, whom he always got along well with in the first place. The game is over. The "LO family vs. bullying" narrative has long since ended. Let it go.

  61. Monte and turner talked about it in HOH yesterday. I'm glad they see it being used as a game move and not some moral delema they struggled with. Monte made the point of why wouldn't M take Taylor down and leave Britt, knowing Kyle is going home either way.

  62. why wouldn’t production tell kyle to stop w the white alliance shit in the dr? everyone blaming m/b for weaponizing his ignorance should also be mad at production for allowing it to happen

  63. I think there’s a good chance that they may have hinted at it, but he was too dumb to understand anything less overt than “stop that”

  64. Taylor, Monte, and Terrance have all been very kind to Kyle and they continue to be despite everything. Stark difference from the way Joseph was treated when Kyle had power. But for casuals we know who the bad guys are.

  65. Uh huh. And just a few weeks ago Kyle was absolutely beloved for being part of the LO alliance. Really, whoever does anything in the game that doesn't benefit Taylor is the villain. After Kyle leaves, it'll be someone else. Probably Turner again.

  66. I think its pretty obvious that Michael has played the best game so far. It isn't flawless, given how exposed he is right now, but I'm not sure who else you can say has played better.

  67. I think Kyle is a much better strategical and social player than Michael. Even actively tanking his own game by choosing Alyssa over the leftovers which in turn forced him to rat on the leftovers to keep both of them safe ended up putting him in a decent position before obviously Sunday.

  68. If I remember correctly Brittany was shaking uncontrollably and crying when she was put on the block. The caddy comments should stop. I don’t think half of the house is innocent in the Kyle situation. They went along with it until they saw a chance to use it to kill his game.

  69. Brittany talking about diversifying the comps, but this season there has been a noticeable difference. Jasmine with her dead ankle won HOH. Terrance also won HOH and almost won OTEV too. In fact the only people in Jury who couldn't win comps were Joseph, Alyssa, and Indy

  70. Umm...Button boy, you ok? Flipping from empty bathroom to a closeup of snacks in kitchen then back to bathroom? Oh theres Monte. But still... You ok?

  71. Brittany: "I will say, as a woman who is not stick skinny, I appreciate that they are diversifying their casting, but they are not diversifying their competitions to match."

  72. I feel like the comps have been pretty good this year for giving more people a chance to win? We could’ve gotten more quiz stuff but it’s been a lot of luck based competitions

  73. Can't wait to see Michael's "Give Me The Key, Bitch" moment. The next episode has the potential to be pretty epic. Hopefully production doesn't fuck it up.

  74. i get Alyssa’s frustrations but she’s been promised safety for four straight weeks now its not like she’s 100% alone

  75. After this week, Michael, Britt, & Kyle can all go. Everyone is in wrong in some way here & I don’t like the way it’s all played out. Rooting for - Monte, Taylor, and Turner

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