Big Brother US 24 - Morning Feed Discussion - August 30 2022

  1. They have been talking about this for 20 minutes. You could just show the whole thing or cut to everyone else being alone and miserable

  2. I do feel very sorry for Kyle it can’t be fun to be essentially all alone and he can’t even talk to his family and he probably just lost Alyssa and she was like the only good thing that was happening in his life

  3. Unless its for legal reasons, BB is a social experiment— they shouldnt be afraid to show us important stuff like this and constantly cut feeds. This is what BB is about and why some people watch and love the show.

  4. They both live to hear themselves talk. Terrance is the epitome of long-winded mansplainer, and Brittany is more prone to nervous, overly-analytical word vomit lol

  5. Right now I’m glad he’s at least owning up to his issues. Vs Michael and Brittany who held onto this information for game play acting like they’re somehow above it.

  6. They really should speed up the end portion of the game. With 6-8 people in the house, we don't need a week of anything. Make it like celebrity at that point.

  7. These feeds are BULLSHIT right now. Let us see what is really happening and turn it into an open discussion or something. But to switch over to two people pouting is, BULLSHIT.

  8. It makes me sick that this is such a learning moment and we don’t get to see much of real conversations between the people most impacted by it.

  9. I don't think so. He recognizes that Kyle is crucial for his game, and he's trying to give him racial cover.

  10. if kyle and alyssa actually broke up i feel like they BOTH dodged a bullet 😂. It would be a nightmare to be in a relationship with either of em

  11. Imagine watching 2 cams of a dude down bad and 2 cams of a girl who broke up with the dude at 1:56pm on a Tuesday afternoon.

  12. I’m just now watching the dyre fest house meeting episode & I don’t feel bad for Kyle WHATSOEVER.

  13. i hope terrance keeps pushing bc it just drives monte further from terrance and closer to taylor lol. he’ll never flip on her over this

  14. The quad cam showing the Monte/Terrance convo, contrasted with Kyle and Alyssa depressed wrapped up in blankets. What a rollercoaster this week has become.

  15. I'm not a Kyle fan anymore but it's kinda sad how terrible people are. What he said and did, wasn't right. We all know that and even he knows that. To wish him complete harm and hope his life is completely destroyed, is a little too far in my opinion.

  16. It’s not fun. I feel like the people relishing his misery and hoping his life gets worse are no better than he is. Shouldn’t they be hoping that he grows as a human being?

  17. Was Kyle just saying he was feeling better today? And then Alyssa dumps him presumably? Yikes, get this man out this house please

  18. He was laughing with Monte and Terrance in the kitchen but then Brittany got him to talk about how America is watching and why she had to do what she did.

  19. I think they'll decide the status of their relationship after the show. I don't think they're going to make any definitive decisions in the house.

  20. Who knows at this point I thought they broke up before but lo and behold they were back at it again smooching like 2 minutes later

  21. Brittany reminds me of the Dr Smith character on the new Lost in Space tv show. Smith pretended to be a therapist but generally just made people feel like crap to try to manipulate them.

  22. She said a lot. Total word salad. But one of the things that probably hit Kyle the most was reminding him that America has known his thoughts for a while, just like her and Michael.

  23. She pretty much said she knows he’s not a bad person but America most likely hates him and they hate her to for holding the information for so long.

  24. Brittany- I feel like I have been struggling the past couple of days cause I dont think I have ever hurt somebody as much as I have probably hurt you. Kyle- Dont even say that. Brittany- It's true though. Kyle- That makes me feel bad. You did nothing wrong

  25. This is all game. I don’t believe for a second that he’s this genuinely concerned about Kyle’s “growth.” He’s saying and doing what he thinks is gonna resonate with Monte to have him consider keeping Kyle. Terrance is sleazy.

  26. Ok how come I can see comedy where Terrence takes Kyle to his first sports game, and first amusement park, teaches him how to drive, etc. I’m cackling at Terrence adopting him 😭😭

  27. When you take a step back and realize 1) Terrance wants to keep Kyle and this is all a facade and 2) CBS is leveraging this entire situation to ultimately make as much money as possible, it’s actually sad

  28. The way Terrence can rationalize any action or behavior, as long as it doesn't involve a confident woman who's not giving him time.

  29. I'm glad that it does seem like Michael recognizes he should probably not even bother with jury management with Kyle given everything that went down the past few days. That bridge is not only burned from a game sense but also a personal level. I doubt Michael and Kyle say much beyond a handful of words/conversations these last couple of days and I can guarantee Michael and Kyle won't interact post season at all.

  30. Yea I think Michael has done it right though we haven’t seen their conversations post the fallout as they’ve not been on feeds. Id be curious if the dr makes him do a goodbye message and they air it

  31. Terrence is kind of right but also who cares. This is your chance to stop the showmance & have one less person who can beat you for a HOH or in Kyles case a veto.

  32. Terrance is truly trying to help kyle. Terrance has a history of going for the underdogs and I really think he’s speaking truth.

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