Big Brother US 24 - Morning Feed Discussion - September 08 2022

  1. It’s likely all going to come down to when Biden speaks. It’ll be the middle of the night in the UK so nothing happening there.

  2. this is the most random thing ever but i think about kaitlyn telling rockstar that she "brought her oils and her sage" one second after meeting her/seeing her for the first time daily...

  3. Tbh given that, as someone else pointed out - some of them didn't even know where London is, I'm not convinced half of them will even know who Queen Elizabeth is lmao

  4. Tech rehearsal #1. There's two rehearsals every eviction day. The houseguests go into the HOH room into an "HOH Lockdown." Music is played and no game talk is allowed. After this they will come back for a few hours and we will see them until around 2/3PM and then they will go down until the episode.

  5. They have a strict rule against celebrating death. Guessing a lot of people broke that rule and they couldn’t keep up.

  6. Not to change the subject because queeny we do love you but I just watched Turner getting left in hide and seek and I can’t stop laughing ls first him sticking his head out to breathe and then him talking through the cabinets and popping out after production telling them to go storage room. Low key week has had some really really funny moments

  7. CBS just returned to regular programming (Bold and the Beautiful) and they said the coverage of her death with continue on the CBS evening news tonight. Its looking more to me like programming will not be affected

  8. CBS just went back to regular programming and said they will talk more about the queen in their 6 o'clock broadcast. I'm sure we'll see the live episode tonight.

  9. Michael was saying last night he really doesn’t think it’s a double. I don’t know if he just kept saying that to throw Taylor and Alyssa off or what

  10. I’m kinda confused why anybody thinks the Queen’s death is going to affect the scheduled show in any way whatsoever. She died like 8 hours before the episode starts.

  11. Pretty sure it’ll still air. CBS news just ended their morning coverage and their playing a soap opera now 🤷🏼‍♀️

  12. It really depends on the network since it has already happened. The biggest question is when Biden comes out to speak on it. He doesn't like late night speeches so I assume he'll do it sooner and the show will go off as normal. I think Julie will say something at the beginning but not to the house guests.

  13. I can see Julie mentioning it tonight, maybe production tells HG off camera before DE as it is world changing news.

  14. I was just thinking that, they’re not preempting the NFL game on NBC. I could see CBS doing royal coverage from 8-9 and then going to Big Brother.

  15. One of those “which of these events happened houseguests?” “Are choco tacos gone or are Kim and Kanye back together?” “Did Britney’s new song flop or did the queen die?”

  16. I hope they do because I’d like to see Brittany’s fake caring and see how she turns it into something else later that evening on the feeds 😂😂😂

  17. I don't even care if they pre-empt, but I'd rather see the show tomorrow than wait until 3am like they sometimes do.

  18. They've announced they're not showing the episode tonight or is that an assumption given the Queen's passing?

  19. Didn’t Taylor say that she wonders which celebrities have passed away during their time in the big brother house a couple weeks ago?

  20. Queen Elizabeth lived an amazing life and was a constant presence for her country for many decades. My condolences to our friends across the pond. May her memory be a blessing.

  21. Silly question as I just turned on the feeds for the first time in days, are the feeds down due to the queen or another reason? I wanted to watch them start their day before things got crazy

  22. What is your favorite kind of delusion in big brother? Is it Daniel's "I got to teach these guys how to play the game" when everyone else is running circles around him or maybe its Derek F/Pooch and the "you didnt see everything on the feeds!" type delusion?

  23. The Raven thinking she's a puppetmaster type. I feel like the in house thinking you're running things can at least leads to entertaining feeds and a fun downfall.

  24. It’s definitely the Terrance thinking he’s the greatest social player in the house and has talked his way into surviving eviction numerous times.

  25. The first type can at times makes very entertaining televisions/feeds while the second is just people trying to dodge responsibility for their actions

  26. Sorry if this sounds really dumb, but I don’t understand why they’d still be covering it in 7 hours if we already have the news now?

  27. They'll be covering it for the next 10 days, IMO. Not just covering the Queen's funeral but also the Kings crowning. Think of the celebration they just had for the Queen -- that was covered thoroughly. This will be the same. I'd bet that we are not going to see a live BB tonight.

  28. They shouldn't. It should dominate the day time through the evening news and hten they need to get us back to primetime. I guess that makes me insensitive, but they should put together a nice tribute to air tomorrow or over the weekend.

  29. This is probably a dumb question. But if we won’t be able to see the episode tonight, will it just air later? Or are they skipping it altogether?

  30. I think I need to reevaluate my life because the first thing I thought is oh no I really want to see the DE I hope they don’t move it. 😩

  31. While any death is a sad event, I don't think you need to reevaluate. Assuming you're American, the Queen of England isn't exactly part of your life, y'know? And I don't mean that in a 'merica type of way, just that she wasn't part of our daily reality

  32. Anyone else think about how we have only had one genuinely sad eviction all season so far? We have been blessed this season like no other. Here’s looking forward to another good one during the de tonight.

  33. It's going to be the middle of the night in England when the episode airs. Why would they preempt Big Brother for taped coverage?

  34. My best guess is that everything will be filmed tonight, even if the Queen dies. I show two reruns of blue bloods tomorrow after Boston Rob's new show so Im guessing that if they have to, theyll show the two hours tomorrow night over the blue bloods reruns and we will be without feeds until tomorrow night.

  35. Praying so hard for Michael to win veto or Brittany for HOH. I don't even care if it's for a boring endgame, I want Michael to win BB24.

  36. If the queen goes CBS ain’t missing that coverage. The only thing immune from that might be the nfl tonight .

  37. So I can’t really see how Britt leaves in the double unless the final nominations are Britt and Taylor. I could see Alyssa voting out Britt but if final nominations are britt and Alyssa i think Michael and Taylor will vote to keep britt.

  38. Matt Turner is trending on Twitter but it's apparently an American soccer player for Arsenal making his debut. He's a goalie

  39. I see a lot of people saying that they should wait to take a shot at Michael until later and I’m genuinely confused. This man is clearly going to win out and if the first time they have an opening is tonight then they ALL should be wanting to take that shot. You can’t wait for the right time this late into the game with someone who just might win everything and prevent that “right time” from ever even happening.

  40. So excited for tonight, doubles always get me excited from when the announcer says its double eviction night baby to when the second Houseguest goes ugh its so fun. Rooting for Turner but I like everyone in the top 7 minus Brittany

  41. Taylor’s gameplay is garbage. She 100% sucks at the game, as evident by the one time she was in power. She has only made it this far bc people felt sorry for her. I’m totally good with her leaving this week.

  42. She’s actually the only person whose been playing smart this week. 🙄 she’s definitely had some blunders in the past but Monte/Turner were fully prepared to protect Michael because they feared an all girls alliance. If that’s not the worst move of the week I don’t know what is

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