Big Brother US 24 - Afternoon Feed Discussion - September 09 2022

  1. Alyssa not only is the second favorite to win it all behind Taylor but she’s also the likeliest to make it to a f2.

  2. I think turner appears to be in a better position than he actually is. I think he's got a good chance of getting to the f2, but I think he loses to everyone other than Brittany. If he's sitting next to Alyssa, she'll likely have Michael, Kyle, Terrence and Jasmine at the very least. Maybe Indy too

  3. I totally agree with you. But does it change if turner wins f4 hoh and f3 hoh, idk if it would cuz I think he wants a f2 with monte. That would be 5 hoh on his resume which is huge.

  4. Their relationship changed as Taylor grew closer to Joseph, which of course also resulted in Taylor not having to depend solely on Brittany. There was a small reprieve during Brochella but I feel like Taylor got closer with Monte and Michael and Brittany and her stopped spending much time together other than game talk.

  5. Taylor was the only girl that would give her the time of day, after she got caught betraying them. Back then, Taylor had no one and the house hated her, so Brit found it in herself to be magnanimous to poor lowly Taylor. Now that people have warmed up to Taylor, she doesn't get to feel superior to her, and can't fake nice as well anymore...

  6. She always spoke with such disdain about Taylor wanting to make good tv. Like, I'm sorry you missed the assignment Brittany...did you forget where you are?? I think she's really hates that Taylor was a recruit and understands they're on a TV show. Like, it's personal to her bc Big Brother is her life. Kind of sad tbh.

  7. It is between Brit and ALyssa but today he caught Brit lying so I think she slightly moved up as the target. He is not saying the target he wants till after veto (which is smart) since the noms could change so much with anyone but him winning.

  8. Him and Joseph were the eating disorder brigade with all their comments on food and calories. I would have voted them out for that alone. Let me eat my food in peace.

  9. Alyssa is not a better ally. Britt did chuck Taylor under the bus but I know she would vote in Taylor's interest without reservations (evicting Turner, evicting Monte).

  10. At this point, Taylor could save her, and Brit would still conjure up a reason to try and get Taylor out...

  11. Alyssa has honestly always been better to Taylor in a game sense. Alyssa has always seen Taylor as someone valuable that she would like to go foward with and not some savior complex or heroic achievement to accomplish.

  12. Brittany is also desperate for allies whereas Alyssa has options. If you’re Taylor, pull in Brittany and force Monte to put up Turner to guarantee that one of his allies leaves

  13. If by some miracle Taylor wins Veto she’d be an idiot not to take down Brittany because Brittany will vote out Turner and Alyssa won’t. Alyssa would force a tie, Brittany would not

  14. I wouldn't be surprised if Britt targeted Taylor over Monte at F4 anyway. I know Turner needs to go though. Not an easy decision. Sure Taylor should drag Britt to F2, but she has to know the betrayal is coming if Britt gets the opportunity. At least Turner is a knife in the front. I dunno.

  15. I have read that the lights are really bright in the house and sometimes that’s the reason they wear sunglasses. The bucket hats are pretty good and that they’ve got a little lip that would keep the light out of their eyes (assuming the lights are talking about our high up) and you can still see their face. That’s my theory.

  16. I'm sorry, I would HATE living with Turner. He does nothing around the house (cooking/cleaning). He speaks in generic phrases/cliches/one liners and thinks he's somehow deep/worldly?? He's that kid that did a study abroad in college and then starts speaking in an accent.

  17. Just a general note, but I constantly see people on this sub bring up Brittany's upbringing with regards to family wealth, and though that can be relevant for some discussions, a lot of people use that to make assumptions about her personal circumstances now, which are assumptions people really shouldn't be making

  18. Yeah, I do wonder what her exact situation is. Most parents who are very wealthy would gladly pay for IVF to have a grandchild. It isn't some egregious ask for financial support for something frivolous, and I would think 40k USD unless money was terribly managed isn't a significant expense for a former CFO of a Fortune 500 company. It's likely significantly less than whatever he paid for one year of living expenses and tuition at NYU.

  19. Brittany has also expressed some alienation from her family because of her life path. Idk the extent, but while she undoubtedly had a privileged upbringing there's no reason to assume she is on daddy's payroll now.

  20. Felt that way when kyle was there. But always figured with Kyle gone she would be fine and do okay. So far she is fine and doing better. Turner/monte need to go because they would win over the girls.

  21. Brittany needs to regroup herself and be like "look, I'm on an island and playing for second place" and count the votes that everyone else has in the jury to her. Alyssa is not a safe bet to take to the end for anyone and thats the story she needs to be selling

  22. First season: do HG's ever admit later that they had a hard time eating the food prepared for them after pretending they loved it??

  23. I don't think so. BB19 Raven might be one of the worst cooks in BB. The meat looked so raw and I don't think anyone complained out loud.

  24. They all ate Nicole’s food in the beginning of the season but have now said some of it was borderline criminal (I think that was said during the BB comics comp this week)

  25. The houseguests this season admitted that they preferred Indy's cooking to Nicole's cooking, and Nicole was the actual chef.

  26. Noticing my trend of being upset with how women treat other women in BB, in particular when they're supposed to be friends.

  27. Is Brittany seriously complaining about Taylor not sticking by her after she spent the entirety of last week trying and failing to tank her game and make her the target 💀

  28. Not to mention the first thing Britt did after nom’d was go to the HOH and “spill” some info on Taylor’s game to monte

  29. I am sad for Brittany. She’s had a tough 24 hours and yes, despite her lack of self awareness, is probably feeling like total crap. I hope she stays away from the internet for a while after jury.

  30. You know you've been too much into Big Brother when you call Alexa Alyssa. (I really did this just now. 😆)

  31. I am really starting to wonder about Taylor in F2. If Turner considers her his "chess piece." And Brittany thinks Taylor's only there because of Michael. And the leftovers "saved her," - And her HOH was a mess... She doesn't have any win equity as far as the jury is concerned if this is how they spin it.

  32. I don't know what Monte and Turner think about her jury management. I haven't heard many of them talk out who they think would vote for her. Based on just in-house relationships you would think she'd have Michael and Joseph. Brittany has mentioned that Taylor's story arc is maybe too good to beat if she's there in the end, or maybe that was Michael's sentiment and she just agreed.

  33. I mean Taylor would just have to combat that during her speech I guess and honestly minds are already kinda made up in the jury by finale night on who’s getting their vote

  34. Omg, so much salmon talk, lol! I don’t think any of them really care that much about salmon! 🤣

  35. I’d pay some amount of money for a feeds bot that alerts us when HGs are done eating, because I cannot cope with the mouth noises. I can’t handle group meal time, or certain snackers. I think the worst of the individual smackers are gone, at least.

  36. All these broke people sacrificing their morals for big brother, which is why I respect Brit more for taking the higher road. She’s in it to play the game the money doesn’t mean anything to her she has her dream house already being built.

  37. Brittany’s obsession with Alyssa is so weird because the energy isn’t reciprocated at all. Alyssa likes Taylor more than that girl 😭💀Very strange and unserious behavior

  38. Britt trashing Kyle has always turned Alyssa off of Britt. While Taylor always hyped Kyle up. Unfortunately it was like 2 months of Alyssa being jealous of Taylor for some reason but now it looks like she’s over it. Well until the afterparty at least 😂

  39. And she's somehow mad that Taylor isn't comforting her as much etc. Like Brit, did you not get the memo that Monte is telling everything to Taylor!? SHE KNOWS YOU THREW HER UNDER THE BUS.

  40. While I am happy Micheal is gone as he was in such a clear wining position one negative about it is that I think Taylor would be the only satisfying winner story wise. I think her winning or losing the season would make a difference if a it is a 9/10 or an 8/10 season for me

  41. Some fans like Kyle before Alyssa, and now, they like Alyssa after Kyle. The common denominator is that both of these versions are 'working' with Taylor lol

  42. Lol so true 😂. I love the season but my goodness can we just let people play and not judge them by if they are working with Taylor or not.

  43. It is very weird that the story Brittany tells is that Michael just didn't understand his position in the game and that people were coming for him. Like no, he understood but he also knew he just needed to win comps and try to work with the people that were trying to align with him. He knew the second he was vulnerable a shot would be taken but he had to take that chance cause nothing else was going to work.

  44. If he knew that he would have acted upon it by using his recent HOH to take out a comp threat. Michael thought he could play the middle when he was enemy #1 and he was dead wrong.

  45. Brittany would be the most bitter juror. Remember when her and Michael were saying they would never vote for Kyle after Dyrefest? Thankfully Michael will come to his senses and Brittany might fall back in line again.

  46. i don’t even hate brittany like she can feel whatever she’s feeling i just don’t have time for it. i don’t want to see it.

  47. I mean Brittany's not wrong, Turner's jury management has been pretty mediocre, for every Terrance and Kyle (two people who like Turner) he has Michael and Jasmine (two people probably not voting Turner)

  48. I don't think Brittany ever planned on winning. I don't think she needs the money and was happy to be #2 next to Michael.

  49. Michael proved in that final speech he’d use literally anything he could to stay. I am a bit sad we missed out on a full week of him trying to politick his way to stay, but the frantic mess of DE was satisfying

  50. It's wild how Brittany had Taylor's unwavering friendship and loyalty 100% and then she was just like... nah I don't need that anymore 💀

  51. She got a bit arrogant riding the Michael train. She’s having to live in the existence where Michael didn’t win everything

  52. The mods have gotten some feedback on having the threads be posted based on episodes and/or comp times... I am not used to the change either.

  53. Brittany you could just socially hang out with people like Taylor is. It's why Alyssa and Monte feel so good about Taylor.

  54. I definitely see that as her weakness. She can’t just chill with people the way the majority of the house could

  55. She didn't forget. It seems if Taylor isn't on her hand and knees groveling and adoring her, it's not good enough. Brit has awful way about her when it comes to Taylor, that makes me wonder if she looks down on people like Taylor in real life...

  56. I really don’t understand Brit’s obsession with being validated by Alyssa. Like, whattt!? At this rate, Alyssa would win

  57. Maybe if she didn’t drag Taylor’s name through mud behind her back with her every breathe, Taylor would have stuck by her. How can she expect sympathy from her? Doesn’t even own her behavior when talking to the cam. 😂

  58. I remember when Brittany wanted nothing to do with Taylor after they were both nominated. Threw her under the bus to link up with Alyssa.

  59. Brit: “I just didn’t expect that it would hurt so bad, to have people distance themselves from you. I think that’s why I found such a good friend in Michael was that he was a friend when no one else was. And I think that’s what hurts about Taylor right now, is that she out of everyone should know how that feels and yet she’s not making much effort to be with me today.”

  60. Brittany: "I just didn't expect that it would hurt so bad when people distance themselves from you" "And out of everyone Taylor should no how that feels and yet she's not making much effort to be with me today"

  61. Brittany would be willing to lose next to anyone except Taylor. She would also be willing to do anything to ensure that if she goes down then Taylor goes with her. There is zero reason for any of this.

  62. I've always felt Brittany has this weird "we saved you off the side of the street" attitude towards Taylor and expects 100% loyalty from her despite always throwing her under the bus and saying some unnecessarily rude non game related things about her.

  63. Brittany: "I know I need to go out and act like I'm having fun because Alyssa's doing that and that's how she will win. And Honestly Alyssa should win"

  64. Brittany do you think that just maybe Taylor knows you’ve been throwing her UTB multiple times is the reason she’s not trying to comfort you? Omg lol

  65. Britt, who has been throwing Taylor utb every chance she’s gotten, is now upset that Taylor isn’t putting effort into her today

  66. I guess you could say Taylor got spooked like Brittany wished. She doesn't have to make an effort sorry Britt. You get what you give.

  67. I have had great empathy for Brittany until this moment. Gee, why might Taylor not have rushed to your side this time? "Trust is a valuable currency."

  68. No see britt I’m sorry you’re sad but you don’t get to make Taylor feel bad for not making effort. When you’ve said so many things about her behind her back

  69. Brittany should really stop throwing herself a pity party about Taylor. She’s had Taylor’s name in her mouth a lot. Some of it got back to Taylor.

  70. I feel for Brittany because the healthcare system is a disgrace…but going on big brother is not the solution to that problem

  71. As someone who is going through IVF and did not come from a wealthy family like Britt, yeah, the last thing I'd do is quit my job for 3 months to go on a game show for a chance at winning money. Many people I know going through it actually take on a second job at Starbucks or Amazon because their insurance covers IVF.

  72. I don't hate Brittany and overall I do like her but my gosh she needs to get some self confidence. It's sad to watch her feel down on herself.

  73. All girl F3 is the dream for me but I'm going to need Taylor to keep Britt over Alyssa if that option presents itself. She needs Britt to help her compete next week. I don't see Alyssa winning F4 veto or using it the way Taylor wants.

  74. I'm not crying -- but my heart hurts for her. I wondered why she was in a game that can be so cruel when she didn't need the money and doesn't seem like a person that wants the attention or wants to be an influencer. Now I get it.

  75. Brittany doesn't get that her Plan B is Taylor. She has destroyed their friendship and trust, but Taylor's no dummy: if she can get there, she'll still drag Brittany, just no longer as her friend. Yup, Britt, trust is a valuable currency, and if there weren't the alternative currency of being a complete goat, you'd be broke.

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