Big Brother US 24 - Late Night Feed Discussion - September 14 2022

  1. Was rooting for Turner but after the past couple of weeks I hope he goes next.He really sucks at this game.Like how can he not see that keeping Alyssa is best for his game?You vote out Taylor,Monte can’t play in next HOH,Turner could theoretically win bot HOH/veto,if he does,put up Brit/Monte,vote Monte out,next week win HOH again,vote out Alyssa boom he won

  2. Is it possible that Turner is lying to everyone but Alyssa? Is he trying to set Brittany up knowing that Monte said if there is one vote for Alyssa they'll know it was Brittany. He knows Monte won't believe Brittany. It's just weird that when he tells Alyssa that he is voting for her that he is so convincing. That said, he's convincing when he tells Brittany also. I don't know. I'll be curious to see what he does. I hope Brittany votes to evict Taylor for a lot of reasons and one is just in case Turner is telling Alyssa the truth.

  3. Alyssa should stay and everyone knows it. Taylor is going to win the game having done nothing but having won the wall comp. So funny and kind of seems rigged.

  4. Not rigged but I will say Taylor is def historically lucky when it comes to big brother. Should of gone week 1. Would of gone week 2 if pooch didn’t make a all time dumb move. Got brought in to the leftovers through no doing of her own. The biggest example of luck was the Kyle eviction week. We have never ever seen something Like that used as strategy before on bb us. She was toast if Michael and Brittany didn’t play that card.

  5. Gotta love how it’s rigged when you don’t get the outcome you want. Taylor played a fantastic social game whether you wanna believe that or not. She went from one of the most hated to most liked. People went from putting off getting her out to actually establishing relationships with her because of her loyalty. She aligned herself with the right people who kept her safe. There’s more than one way to play this game and win. If Taylor wins that check she deserves it and she won’t care how anyone else feels about it

  6. I wouldn't say rigged, Taylor just got set up in a good position with the Leftovers and had a decent social game, that being said I would not be mad at all if she ended up leaving tonight. I'd be ok with her winning AFP, but being bullied in the early game shouldn't be the only reason you are sitting in the F2.

  7. I hope Turner tells Britt he’s doing the Sympathy vote today just so she can further hang her game and expose herself 🤭

  8. Brittany is hilariously bad at this game. Just making moves just to fucking make them. Had zero reason to turn on Taylor and made no sense from a game perspective. Funny thing is this is one of those rare instances where trying to backstab your #1 ally doesn’t leave you on an island. Taylor knows and Britt should have been figured this out is that Taylor’s game relies on Britt being around. Not only is going to F3 as the only female iffy but in the off chance of either of them taking her to F2 she recognizes it may be an uphill battle to win.

  9. That is not true tho. It is hurting an alliance that she has, but Alyssa is the only person she had any chance of beating. If she wants to win, she has to keep Alyssa.

  10. I want a vote blindside idc who it is, I hope Turner lies about the vote and sets Brittany up for the drama

  11. why was Turner bitching on last nights ep about brit saying “this is for you Michael”? didn’t they all talk about how that would be funny to say after winning comps? he’s so fucking annoying lol

  12. He's such a hater. He can't let anyone live and he thinks his opinion is the only right one. He gets along with Monte so swell because Monte legit is just a yes man

  13. I think if Brittany and Alyssa both campaigned to Turner together and offered a f3 and why he should want to flip on Monte & how him and Taylor are getting tight. This plan could have worked. If not oh well Brittany is still on her own and Taylor might still take her to f2 because it guarantees her win.

  14. I was assuming they would do this as soon as Taylor was nommed. I don’t understand why at least Brit didn’t try to make that conversation happen.

  15. I was thinking last night the best pitch would be a final three with Turner and promising to throw the next HOH to him to guarantee him final 3.

  16. Yes please! It's like the whole YouTube hiding dislikes. It's hard to sift through misinformation if you can't tell what's upvoted or downvoted

  17. This F5 is iconic, bc all of them were suppose to go home earlier and they managed to survive these poised players to win the game (Michael/Kyle).

  18. I want Taylor to stay too but like the Britney hate is Lowkey going too far. She’s voting her out cause she’s pressed over something dumb but likeeee Turner is only keeping her because he’s pressed over something dumb 😭😭 At least she’s causing a usually boring week to be fun

  19. I appreciate the chaos but Brittany isn’t fun chaos. Her anxiety is too real to make her actions fun for me.

  20. I do want Turner in the Final 2 just so he can get an absolute thrashing from the jury like he deserves for his truly horrific jury management.

  21. How has Turner had bad jury management? He wasn't close with Indy, hated Jasmine but had nothing to do with her eviction, yes he voted out Joseph because he felt like he needed to go with his group so I will give you that, nominated Kyle cus of controversy, voted Terrance out cus duh, made an amazing game move by getting rid of Michael, and is going to most likely vote out Alyssa cus he wants to go to F3 with Monte and Taylor.

  22. To the people sending abuse to Britt and Alyssa for trying to flip the vote: I hope you enjoy five more boring seasons when everyone is too scared to make a move for fear of public perception 👍

  23. Sometimes it feels like I'm the only one that wouldn't feel bad if Taylor leaves. Yes, how she was treated early in the season was horrible and I'm glad none of Paloma, Nicole, and Daniel are sitting anywhere near her current spot, but aside from her one HOH win she has been protected since week 3. Her social game has been pretty good, but if she doesn't win something in the last few comps and ends up winning the game due to bitter jury I'll consider her a pretty undeserving winner tbh.

  24. I wish they would have made these moves with a little more finesse. Alyssa made a key mistake by threatening Turner, had she come at that a little softer, things would be different. It’s the whole Honey vs Vinegar thing and I think A/B will see that when they watch it back.

  25. normally I hate the dumb sound effects on the episodes but around 11 min in when monte and Turner are discussing veto outcomes, the squeaky wheel sound effect while alyssa did the one arm out of sweatshirt sleeve heart pumping thing made me laugh so fucking hard

  26. It’s interesting to me as a female (hi Monte) that Taylor is getting all kinds of praise on social media for “securing that bag! Go Queen! Do what u have to do!” All good. But can you imagine if Alyssa had slipped into bed with Monte? It would immediately be “whore! Prostitute! Playing the game on your back?” Now I know she’s already been intimate with Kyle but I know even if she had not, Alyssa would be judged harshly. I guess ppl always back their favorites.

  27. I don’t think Taylor is sleeping with Monte SOLELY to stay in the house. And also if Alyssa did sleep with him, the casuals would be enraged since it would look like she’s “cheating” on Kyle

  28. The double standards in this fanbase has been a problem for a while now. Notice how Tiffany didn’t get nearly as much flak for bullying SB last summer while she was in the house and after SB was evicted as others have gotten for similar behavior.

  29. These are a whole lot of words for a hypothetical with no basis. If she never had her showmance with Kyle and did this, I’d reckon most of the people saying “go Queen” would still be saying “go Queen” for Alyssa even if they don’t like her.

  30. what evidence is there of that? did alyssa receive that treatment for sleeping with kyle? i haven’t seen anything negative towards her whatsoever.

  31. So I just went back and watched Taylor saying goodnight to Monte and I gotta say that was cute. They look really good together.

  32. I’m like 90% sure she’s playing him. If it works out for her, she’d probably like to drop him at f3 and take Brittany. I even think if it’s between Turner and Monte, and she gets to choose at f3, she’s picking Turner. Taylor has been consistently making the right decisions for her game after her HOH.

  33. Ughhh I want to like them together but Monte really said some horrible, misogynistic shit behind Taylor’s back that was personal and nothing to do with game play.

  34. After all this, I strongly believe Britt would still pick Turner for final 2 over Taylor because she thinks she has more jury votes over him.

  35. After this week, she would be right. I think she should do it. She’d have either another POV and HOH win or two more HOHs. That’s quite a winning record compared to Turner.

  36. Brittany trying to talk to Turner about the sympathy vote ruined her and Alyssa’s plans. Her social game has sucked all season, only ppl she talked game or personal life with was Michael and maybe Taylor or Alyssa at times. Turner knows she doesn’t give a shit about him or his friendship with Alyssa so her of all people suddenly approaching him with some plea to give Alyssa a sympathy vote or it’ll ‘break her heart’ was immediate red flags from jump.

  37. How is she trying to get a sympathy vote at F5? There's too much weight in a "sympathy vote" for her to suggest it and she knows it. She's trying to force a tie breaker

  38. How are y’all reading Britt trying to flip the vote against Taylor? Complete paranoia post Michael betrayal? Wanting to get back at Monte for that convo they had? Thinking she can win in a F2 with Alyssa?

  39. Positioning. I don't think it's much personal against Taylor outside of Taylor's recent social play / room sharing habits likely tipping Brittany off that the Taylor/Monte/Turner trio is a real solid thing she is not included on. I am sure if she had her choice she'd much rather Monte or Turner be in the other chair but if she could successfully flip the vote on Taylor, it gives her some kind of viable pathway beyond comping out.

  40. I think Brittany has spent the last few weeks playing the game with Michael where every moment was about fighting for their lives in game. They had this up against the wall mentality. Now, Michael is gone and Brittany still has to play like that. But she is not used to her closest ally not having to play that way. So she feels like they aren’t working together because they aren’t playing the same way. When, in reality, a partnership like Michael and Brittany is so rare.

  41. She’s upset about Monte and thinks getting rid of Taylor messes up his game. She has to realize that she can also possible win against Alyssa.

  42. She’s been wanting to flip on Taylor, I don’t think she genuinely liked Taylor, and Alyssa finally gave her the attention she’s been wanting. Too little too late.

  43. Wait, did Brittany in her pitch to Turner about casting a sympathy vote slip and say “I’m of course voting Taylor out”

  44. OMG, I figured her hall monitoring sudden kitchen walk-through was too perfectly timed, but I had completely missed that she was listening in on their conversation first.

  45. Okay I was asleep during this talk but have Turner, Monte, and Taylor clocked Brittany was trying to flip the vote to Turner? Or do they think Brittany is still voting to keep Taylor?

  46. The shot of Brittany standing by the corner of the open room, in the dark, to overhear Monte, Taylor, and Turner in the kitchen is hilarious 🤣

  47. Its weird people think Taylor would be a good winner but were adamant Alyssa would be a terrible winner. They are basically the same player

  48. Taylor's social game has been on point. Alyssa hasn't had to make those kind of social moves. The one time she has had to (this eviction) she botches it horribly by asking for a sympathy vote and threatening Turner. Taylor instead, got his vote by assuring him she was staying true to a F3 and also by relying on Monte to work on him, too. She went into this vote w/ Turner wanting to vote her out and keep Alyssa- to not even needing Brittany's vote. Alyssa has never had to work any social game like that. She's just there and has relied on Kyle's protection and showing everyone she's not a threat to their game. That's not the game Taylor has played at all. She stayed w/ Brittany and Michael when she needed them, cut Michael even when it was risky bc knew she couldn't win w/ him there, and positioned herself to into a F3 w/ Turner when that should be Alyssa's spot.

  49. People are countering all of the Taylor bashing by over loading her with love and admiration. Alyssa played a role of a mean girl in the beginning. I see what you mean, but I do think Taylor is doing a better job playing the social part of the game than Alyssa (until recently). Taylor was managing her jury votes very well with the little gifts for the departing houseguests. Alyssa doesn't have to put in nearly as much work because the jury is already a house of her friends.

  50. How were they the same? Alyssa, time and time again, has allowed herself to be betrayed by Kyle, even admitting to him that she was angry for his admitted deceit and isn't willing to let him go until the Michael fiasco. On the other hand, Taylor, who felt an allegiance to Terrence, didn't let Terrence influence her after he tried to eliminate her multiple times and wasn't budging to keeping him safe at his final week.

  51. Ok, I was asleep for late night shenanigans… woke up to everyone in their separate sleeping quarters 🤣 Someone fill me in.. did the snake charmer go back for leftovers and soak in the heat of the bear for a third night and sneak out of HOH or no? 😆😂

  52. The veto winner will be the sole vote to evict unless HOH wins veto, then HOH picks sole vote to evict. They stand in front of the two on the block and make the decision

  53. I mean I would say it wasn't even too bad of a thing to *try* and flip Turner's vote. Girl's gotta take all the chances she can get to squeeze whatever she has left out of her game.

  54. I’m confused why people are so against Monte + Taylor (other than her sitting in his bed too long), likeeeee Joseph talked about her too and exposed her game on the way out? I don’t even think he ever had feelings for Taylor either?? At least she’s not in something one sided now

  55. Monte just said a lot of messed up stuff about Taylor. I’m not mad at the hook up or even ship Jaylor. I just find it gross the things he said about her. I ship Taylor & the $750k tbh.

  56. Because Taylor still doesn't know the nasty and misogynistic comments Monte had said about her and women in general? She's in the dark still.

  57. The boys are so patronising towards Taylor even now. The stuff about aw, poor Taylor - they're CONVINCED she's with them. Praying we get to see Taylor casting a vote before the season ends.

  58. Why does Brittany think she can trust turner? Literally everything she’s ever told him he’s gone back and told people. What’s not clicking for her???

  59. The one bad thing about Monte not being eligible for final 4 HOH is there is no scenario where Monte wins HOH/veto, gives the vote to Taylor, and Taylor votes out Turner

  60. Sadly it probably makes the path towards a Monte Turner f2 even easier, unless Brittany wins all the right comps.

  61. Does anyone know who holds the record for most times surviving the block on eviction night? Is Taylor about to tie or break that record?

  62. Spencer BB15 was up on eviction night 8 times! (I think that’s probably the record - but could be wrong). Edit: but only survived 7

  63. I just had a thought... If Taylor somehow wins both hoh and veto next week, y'all think she's gonna make it so that Brittany is the sole vote?

  64. Good bye Alyssa. Thank you for being one of the main reasons that the Leftovers formed. 🫡 But also why it ended. 🤷‍♀️

  65. Taylor has no working relationship with Turner. She wants him gone next week. She is still going to work with Brittany, because she trusts her over Turner.

  66. I’m not saying she should trust Turner over Britney, she shouldn’t trust either of them. One runs to Monte with everything, and the other is all over the place and believes her own lies.

  67. They have an F3, even if Turner will choose Monte over Taylor, he at least chooses Taylor over Brittany. Of course if it's up to Taylor, she will choose Brittany over Turner as well. She's working with all of them.

  68. At this point I don’t think it’s trust.. it reminds me of last week when she was like “I wish Terrance and Brittany could be in the final 3 with me.” She wants a goat real bad

  69. If Britt were head of household, is she going to nominate the whole house? Is she going to nominate herself? It's not a head of household for her unless the flips the vote forward, backward, sideways, makes everybody feel unsafe.

  70. the funny thing is it's probably best for Monte if Brittney wins this hoh, because then she wouldn't be able to make the deciding veto herself and both turner and taylor would take him to final 3.

  71. I really want turners goodbye message to be “Alyssa, I really wanted to throw you a sympathy vote but Brittany assured me she had that covered. “

  72. Do you think Turner would’ve voted to keep Alyssa if she hadn’t said the stuff about their friendship and/or her jury vote or would he still do what Monte wanted

  73. He'd still do what Monte wanted. And I think there was more to it than the friendship thing. Turner crushing on Alyssa. Alyssa flirting with him. Alyssa going back and forth about her relationship with Kyle. Guilt over Megan, turned to anger from feeling manipulated by Alyssa. Something like that.

  74. I think no only because it seems like he’s resigned to his f2 with monte and doesn’t want to jeopardize it. But he only told monte he had no chance to win/didn’t care about jury votes after Alyssa threatened the friendship, so I also wonder just a little if that caused him to go so hard in this direction

  75. Brittany tried to get Turner to give his sympathy vote to Alyssa. He clocked it and told Taylor and Monte that she was trying to flip the vote and trick him.

  76. I get up at 530am for work and check the feeds...THEY'RE ASLEEP? AT THIS HOUR?? Serisouly impressed by these nightowls.

  77. I am fully conscious of the fact that both Monte and Turner have worked against Taylor at various points during this game and yet the second Brittany flips and Taylor is working with Turner/Monte, I find myself severely annoyed by everything Brittany does and rooting for Monte and Turner 🫣 I feel like I’m falling for a bad ex and I know it but I can’t help myself

  78. It helps to remember that Taylor 100% beats Brittany. Imagining a scenario where Taylor loses to one of the guys at the end instantly makes me root for Britt to at least stay in the game

  79. She had to win out no matter what anyway.. at least she tried to better her odds next round by keeping Alyssa in. Can't fault her for that.

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