Big Brother US 24 - Afternoon Feed Discussion - September 19 2022

  1. Britt to cams: "I definitely will be friends with Taylor after this. I think she'll understand about the flipped vote. I hope she wins this thing. I'll do everything I possibly can to help her. She deserves it."

  2. Jasmine had a bad first few weeks with the Taylor stuff but the girl was actually so funny and iconic. I'm about as sad as a half baked chocolate cake comin' out the oven that she was never truly appreciated because she gave us nothing but pure camp. Outside of Michael and Taylor she is my wildcard returnee pick from the season.

  3. the power that she has. the intelligence that she has. the clearance that she has. the access that she has. the international implications that she has.

  4. If it wasn't for the Taylor stuff, I don't know if any fans would've disliked her at all. I can't think of anything else she did that really bothered me.

  5. She definitely deposited a few trinkets into the BB canon. Not many houseguests get to do this.

  6. Eh, she was not great. She was demanding to be waited on hand and foot. She also would complain when people didn’t give her enough sugar or whatever. I wouldn’t want to live with her.

  7. It’s so weird thinking about Kyle on this season, he had such a massive impact but when Michael dropped the nuke it was like he got eviscerated from my memory

  8. no bc this is actually what happened like i really do not think about him now at all even though when he was in the house he was such an important aspect of the game … i honestly think of terrance more than i think of him

  9. It’s incredible how Brittany has managed to continue flipping me between loving and hating her daily from the moment she entered to her final days in the house

  10. Brittany saying nice things about all the past houseguests and if she’ll keep in touch with them after the show: “who’s next, Kyle, that’s a tricky one-“ feeds cut

  11. Brittany won't t have a ton of sway with the jury but I definitely think playing to the women of the jury for a Taylor win (Alyssa, Indy, Jasmine) is definitely the way to go and help secure the win for Taylor if she is in the Final 2. Alyssa especially wants to see a woman win this year and I do think more than likely if Alyssa is all in on Taylor winning I could see Kyle following her lead.

  12. Taylor could seriously win she just needs all the girls (Britt, Jasmine, Indy, Alyssa) and one of Michael or Joseph. In the jury segment It showed that Jasmine and Indy are rooting for Taylor and Alyssa said in her interview she wants to see two girls in the f2. Britt just said she’s voting for Taylor no matter what. Also Joseph was clearly rooting for her in jury and I think Michael/Britt will vote together. She has a clear shot at winning she just needs to win this last hoh

  13. Hopefully she will get the four girls and Michael and Joseph. We know she won’t get Terrance and Kyle and Turner, I don’t know about Monte if he’s there instead of Turner

  14. Why would monte evict Brittany? She is probably the best person to take to final 2. If I were him I’d evict Taylor or Turner.

  15. Both Turner and Taylor would bring Monte to the end (from Monte's perspective) while Brittany would cut him. I believe Monte thinks he can win against anyone left regardless of who he votes out this week.

  16. i'm watching season 6 again and realizing that maybe one of the reasons why i love it so much is because there are 8 women and only 6 men

  17. Where did monte and taylor go?? Did production haul them off to hash out the headphone sitch so they could get back on that happy good looking showmance edit grind?!

  18. Brittany cam talk: "I wonder if I could get the girls to vote for Taylor. And maybe Michael would do it. But would he? probably not. But maybe. He likes her as a friend."

  19. Brittany, please filter all pitches through Alyssa. The lines you gave her weren't good, but she did a great job with the script she had.

  20. Maybe it's just me but I am not bugged by Turner's hatred of Brittany since the feeling is very mutual on both ends and their personalities just don't mesh together at all.

  21. Monte is a just a younger version of Terrance. Misogynist, insecure, and bitter. That’s why he allowed everyone especially Terrance to continuously bad mouth Taylor.

  22. I hate to sound stereotypical but isn't Monte and Terrance's rhetoric similar to Big D and Kyland's attitude towards women last season?

  23. Yes. I don’t think it was just Joseph the whole split house thing played a big factor but the whole vibe shifted entirely once Joseph was gone, he really was the heart of the house

  24. What has she done to make you not like her like I'm genuinely curious? I keep seeing posts like this and I really don't understand at all

  25. I was rooting for a Monte win, but after last night I’m all for Taylor. I’d most root for Turner, but he has no chance anymore so all aboard the Taylor train!

  26. You can be tired of some of the people rooting for her but you can’t be tired of Taylor. Come on now. She hasn’t done anything that warranted of tiredness

  27. This is the only time so far that I sticked on watching BBUS for the entire season since BB17. I’m ready to get Vanessa’d again 😂😭😭 This is why I prefer Survivor with their edited show. It’s so hard to root for people here especially when someone likes Taylor get bashed for 0 reasons

  28. Same!! I’ve only followed like half last handful of seasons. Switch to casual at a point. This year has kept me whole way through

  29. Same! From what I remember, Vanessa kept the feeds going that season, every summer since I've jumped ship halfway through (or earlier). I am definitely looking forward to Survivor starting up again too!

  30. I miss the Chaos Queen Vanessa so much. I’ll never get over her robbery. Taylor getting evicted at final 3 will be almost as tough because I think she’d win against both Turner and Monte if she could just get to the final 2…but it’s an uphill battle now. 😔

  31. What would really save this season is if they give us a ball comp and Taylor beats Monte and embarrasses the hell out of him

  32. Monte is disgusting in hindsight a Michael dragging Taylor and Alyssa to f3 and him having to choose to cut one of them would’ve been more entertaining.

  33. Silver lining for Taylor, regardless if she makes F2 is that she is about to be bombarded with love and admiration from the fans and all the best alumni. She also has the best shot at getting on another show or having some other opportunities come her way.

  34. Also omg the whiplash she's gonna feel. From feeling like the bitch of the season to being voted America's favorite in one week.

  35. That HOH room has had a weird hold on people this season. More than I can remember in years past, the HOH's have tended to stay up in that room and isolate from the house. Daniel, Jasmine, Turner, Monte, Michael and Taylor. They all did it.

  36. The best time in the house is probably final 8. You’ve made it so far, the house isn’t as crowded, but there’s a lot of game left so you have hope you can make it to the end.

  37. I keep thinking there's some type of inherent problem with the game where women can't win here. And the last woman to have won was highly, highly physical in comparison to most women that have been on the show.

  38. Monte got in that bed so not to touch Taylor? It is like when my husband has been outside shoveling snow and is cold and waits to warm up before he gets next to me.

  39. There is so much that needs to be shown on Thursday's episode now and I don't know how they're going to do it with the added Cookout segment. We need an extended jury segment with Michael and Terrance and all the discussion surrounding the Kyle stuff, plus Alyssa arriving. Now, we have all this bullshit with Montay going on that really needs to be addressed. Plus, we have Brittany's pitches. I just feel like something will get neglected and it's going to be very annoying.

  40. I don’t have a time stamp, but he and Turner singing her praises and saying how well she would have done on the wall comp, again denigrating Taylor.

  41. Trolling is one thing but what we’re not gonna do is act like Taylor didn’t ask plain directly for consent to physical touch. And after making it clear prior that she’s sorry and willing to listen to his boundaries so the game aspect isn’t a dubious consent deal

  42. Assuming Monte left instead of Kyle, Michael wins puzzle HOH and BB comic veto probably still get out Kyle. Turner will become Michael's minion, wins Lazer HOH and get out Terrance in DE. Michael wins Murder house HOH and probably get out Turner. My answer: Michael, Brittany, Taylor, Alyssa.

  43. Well alyssa would no doubt be gone. Like instantly and joseph would of been there. They would of removed terrence than they would break off into groups and then i think taylor would of been with him instead of monty and then micheal would get rid of turner or monte with his HOH than they would make quick work of the other strong one. Leaing Brittney, taylor, kyle, micheal, and joseph. Than i brittney and micheal will be on the block and michel would be gone..leaving britney, taylor, kyle, and joseph. Than get rid of kyle because he is a huge jury problem final 3 would be britney, taylor and joseph imo

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