Big Brother US 24 - Evening Feed Discussion - September 21 2022

  1. I haven't been watching feeds but are you all telling me that Brittany is going to use her final plea speech to plead to Monte about her fertility issues, which is really the only major thing Brittany said to him that pissed him off last week (him saying that she shouldn't bring something like that into the game) and then bring it up on live TV, enshrine it into the season forever, and let us see Monte's reaction in real time? This woman is delivering even with her final breath <3

  2. I kinda want Brittany to call Monte a misogynistic bitch on live TV and let everyone see Monte's reaction live. It would be fun.

  3. Ok so now that Big Brother and Drag Race are both on paramount+, I once again propose a big brother season that consists entirely of Ru girls. Drag is expensive so I wouldn’t expect them to be in drag every day obv, just on eviction night.

  4. I honestly don't see how a lot of the BB house is gonna be friends post season given how silent these feeds have been. Definitely not going to have the bb23 closenss

  5. I feel like they cast this season specifically to create more conflict. The problem is, most of that conflict was directed at one person. People believe that 'problematic' means not fighting/yelling at each other. What you whisper behind doors can also be problematic. I hated Daniel yelling at Taylor, don't get me wrong. That said, I would've liked more face to face confrontations, and less ostracizing/whispers of mean shit.

  6. Post season predictions: Who is going to be the messiest on social media? Who will stay away from social media completely? Who will be the best at it?

  7. Mildly on topic: I just got back from a screening of Bros. It was so cheesy but soo much funnier than I was expecting. Way funnier than the trailer makes it seem.

  8. Haven't been watching feeds, just scanned over the past 24 hours...I could hardly bear to watch any Monte/Taylor convos because he just constantly has this look of disdain on his face 🤢 And the rest of the Is that about it?

  9. Yeah. That's it. We waited all day for Britt to tell Taylor about her vote last week, but cards happened for hours upon hours instead.

  10. Talk to each other!!! ...these people all stay quiet. Taylor has to basically narrate dinner preparation to fill the silence.

  11. Alyssa always was fun feeds, did she ever admit to being the one to steal Michael's cider that caused a Terrance/Indy blow up? Queen of Newark

  12. I know that's kind of the point, but it is just cruel of production to let them go on thinking it doesn't end until next week.

  13. I think Julie will tell them after Thursday’s eviction. Although, I personally would be entertained by a F3 in sweatpants/loungewear. 😂

  14. Seems like she’s worried about her husband’s feeling having changed, I remember her talking to the viewers asking them to message her husband on Instagram to please come to the finale and not to worry about getting a flight back home, they would figure that out after the finale. Thought it was odd. On another feed she was talking to Alyssa I think and was hoping her husbands feeling hadn’t changed, something like that. I think not having any communication for that long must mess with someone’s head.

  15. This week has turned boring, but Brittany gave us Turner's tantrum ("Respectable.") and for that, we should be thankful

  16. It was only boring cuz of the veto outcome, would have been way more exciting with a Taylor victory, or with a Brit victory (less so but more than the boys for sure)

  17. Was just thinking about what Monte said about Taylor the other night about being disrespectful to him with the headphones and the wise remarks about his godchild. He says that it is only when she is in power. I don’t buy that. I think she is that way regularly and she tones it down when she is possibly in danger of being evicted.

  18. Yes. She has a dry, sarcastic sense of humor. She's had to tone it down all season because she has always been on the block, been a target, etc. I happen to love it, but some people don't get sarcasm.

  19. When Paloma said she wanted to split the check, she said she already saw the endgame scenario, so I wonder who made it to the end in that alternate reality

  20. britts leaving either way. i want maximum entertainment/chaos. and ofcourse my girl Britt is gonna come through w her speech 😂

  21. She had one other thing to do before she left. And we waited all day for it. I'm very annoyed with her again. Respect her fight, but I'd like her to respect her FRIEND enough to tell her the truth before she walks out that door.

  22. It's a good thing the cameras will be there, because every aspect of this speech is gonna piss him off even more.

  23. Brittany suddenly realizes that reverse psychology* is the way to go at the eleventh hour. And .... she's planning a speech that Monte will take as a complete insult and disrespectful to him and his Big Man, Bigger Ego.

  24. Honestly stopped watching once Michael was voted out. Can’t stand when the game is so obvious as to how it’ll play out. We all know what’ll happen for final 2…

  25. I know the whole point of Big Brother is to evict people, but damn its been so tough sense the split house twist watching all my favorites get evicted one after another. This cast (and live feeds) was so good. I hope they recognize when they get out how good of a season this was.

  26. Facts. The main reason Kyle became anti-Joseph was how hard he was pushing Alyssa and some jealousy of his social skills. They had some really good moments in the first month of the season. They are both super happy people.

  27. Does Brittany actually think she can persuade Monte with her eviction speech? There's no way he's going to change his mind 30 seconds before the vote.

  28. ima watch the feed even less once britt leaves lol. the other three are so boringgg. (love taylor want her to win <3)

  29. If Brittany wasn't in this endgame, it would have been significantly more boring. She's the only one who keeps feeding us on the feeds. Just imagine the third Michael HOH without Brittany.

  30. Everyone this season has gone out fighting except Indy and Kyle and he would have probably too if it was under different circumstances.

  31. Monte and Taylor are Boogie and Erika redux from Big Brother All stars. Change my mind! 😆😅 TOXIC af (mainly cause of the men) and won’t last a second outside of the house!

  32. Okay so Brittany suggested to Taylor, that they should use reverse psychology. Monte always says "I like doing things that people don't expect." So now she wants Taylor to tell monte that taking out Brittany is the easy expected move because she's such a big threat. "No one would expect you to keep her."

  33. haven’t been on feeds the last two days, is monte still planning on saving turner? what are y’all wanting brit to spill?

  34. So she changed her mind? I guess I should give up on it. Was the only thing left to care about until the F3 HoH comps.

  35. I'm flashing back to week 1 and Ameerah/Turner are explaining the chess pieces and moves to Joseph. He's all like this is confusing, can we just play checkers?

  36. So (since I'm clearly biased in my hopes for the final game): is it better for Taylor for them to close off the extra bedrooms, so the boys can't spend their time closed off, hatin' and conspirin' and bonding in the Boy Room, or is it better for her to have her own room so she has her introvert-needed solo/recharge time?

  37. If this Britt convo even happens, it will probably be tomorrow. They are about to dinner and then probably more cards. Gonna need Taylor to please get some sleep tonight.

  38. Remember in CBBUS3 when they were given cards they didn’t even play games with each other, they just all played their own game of solitaire constantly. Now THAT was boring.

  39. I heard Brittany say this morning that she thought about playing solitaire but couldn’t remember the rules. Thank god. shudder

  40. I haven’t been watching feeds for too long, how often per season is the final 4 week boring? I feel like most people have their minds made up.

  41. I have a hard time believing she won't be asked. I thinks she said she was originally approached for Amazing Race and she said she'd rather do Big Brother. Selfishly I'd like to see her with Joseph because I can't take a season of Monte telling her what she's doing wrong and why she's holding them back...Joseph and Taylor are just fun together.

  42. I'm starting to wonder if Brittany's going to tell Taylor during lockdown or some shit. There's nothing left to do, go chill without the boys, PLEASE.

  43. Brittany did whisper to her a few hours ago that she needed to talk to her, but they've all been glued to this table all damn day!

  44. Taylor " take me out to the backyard and beat the shit out of me already " if that doesn't perfectly describe this week I don't know what does lol

  45. I swear Taylor's doing it to avoid studying. Brittany's doing it to avoid doing what she knows she needs to do.

  46. Due to the 2 hour Survivor and The Amazing Race premiere there will be no episode tonight however there will be the usual Thursday episode and a special Friday episode before the finale on Sunday.

  47. I’m worried we seriously won’t until finale night since the cook out will be on the live show tomorrow….

  48. Did Monte of ALL people tonight really have the audacity to say he hopes Alyssa puts herself first and doesn’t get back together with Kyle!? 😆😅 I have to laugh at that coming from him of all people.

  49. I’m watching The REAL Big Brother All stars and every time I convince myself there will be a different result and DR Will doesn’t go out at final 4!!! 😭😭 he was 2 points away from winning final 4 hoh too. This will forever be my biggest heartbreak as a bb fan….

  50. Still planning to! They had to do their goodbye messages earlier and you could tell both of them were in their feelings. They’ve been playing cards literally all day haha. I imagine they’ll break apart here in a bit.

  51. It's funny how often people in the house talk about going on the Amazing Race and it ends up being Derek and Claire who none of them would have expected.

  52. They tend to end mid-morning on the day of the finale. The cast is usually informed of this and gives some kind of sendoff to the feeds before they cut out.

  53. Watching the Feeds on the East Coast is an interesting experience. Here it is past my bedtime, and it's only 7:00 PM there.

  54. Good news is that they won’t get fun till after you wake up! They have sleep patterns conducive to my overnight work schedule and insomnia.

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