BBUS24 - West Coast Episode Discussion - September 22 2022

  1. Y'all, Joseph looks so much better when he rocks the longer curly hair and has a bit of facial hair going on.

  2. Idk if this has been said already, but could Taylor and Xavier make a good couple?? Hearing him talk today got me thinking 🤔

  3. Monte saying Taylor was on a power trip is so dumb. He's been on one all summer. Ever since he wore the HOH robe into the DR, his arrogance has been set in stone

  4. For those who aren't aware, tomorrow's episode is just a scripted season recap, where they might show a few things we didn't see on the episodes.

  5. Michael’s eviction was probably the last time the show became interesting for me. Too upset at his eviction to care about the outcome of the season.

  6. With all due respect to Azah/Tiffany and their statements about alliances needing to believe in a bigger cause - we don't follow Big Brother to watch people hold hands and sing kumbaya, we want that encourage that selfish individual gameplay that was exemplified in the earlier seasons...

  7. I think they’re aware that no alliance is ever going to be able to recreate theirs, and were just explaining that that’s why they were so successful.

  8. Julie can't hug the houseguests when they come out of 90 days of quarantining under complete supervision, but she can hug guest appearances who live regular lives in the outside world.

  9. I think its more about her possibly getting a houseguest sick then them taking that to the jury house with them.

  10. Nah they're good. They've been hanging out a lot actually. Probably the tension is just from not being on TV in a while.

  11. Even last year it felt like a good amount of the time they were only sticking together for their alliance, not because they particularly liked each other

  12. I'm still of the opinion the Brigade was more dominant but if you wanna say Cookout I wouldn't fault you. Now both of them vs. Pretty Boys is a thinker

  13. Did anyone else feel a weird energy after Brittflea’s interview?? No GBM, Julie didn’t tell her to stay right there and then Julie teleported from the chairs to the screen and Brittany was ushered offstage at some point during Julie congratulating the final 3. Seems like a technical malfunction or something but you could feel the energy through the screen lol

  14. They seemed like genuine friends the vast majority of the time, if she doesn't forgive him in jury, she will by the time she watches it back.

  15. Monte going from boring pile of socks to gigantic douche in the literal last week of the gamehas gotta be a record for latest in the game reception shift

  16. Monte overdoing it with the mmmhmmm and shaking his head every word looked like he was about to twerk for tik tok at one point but I know that’s kyle’s job

  17. Indeed - that's why it was extra funny to me that he said "Hi Monte - this is your father" (maybe not exact quote but close). Then I thought, maybe it's actually a Maury moment. (just joking).

  18. dumb move by monte lmao. like does he really want to compete against turner in the final hoh instead of brittany? …one of the worst moves I think I’ve ever seen in bb tbh.

  19. And what did she say after? She said enough of vulnerable Taylor she’s gonna go back to being her cold self. The former was all a facade.

  20. I understand they have been locked in the house for weeks so problems seem like way bigger of a deal than they would be otherwise, but this headphone issue is something else lol

  21. I’m not even a Taylor stan and I think he is blowing this way out of proportion, that was such a minor incident lol

  22. Cookout was a dominant Brigade-esque alliance that killed the season because there wasn't Britney Hayneses, Ragans and Brenchels to make the season outside of them interesting

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