Big Brother US 24 - Morning Feed Discussion - September 25 2022

  1. Big Brother was much more fun when I had no idea about the live feeds lol. There have been some great moments of entertainment, but taking in the live feeds and online discussion this season has been exhausting. It feels like it exponentially gets worse every year, but since I know about the live feeds, its hard to go back to being a happy casual lmao

  2. Before the show starts, I want to thank you, Mods and all the commenters for enriching my BB fangirl life. I’m a refugee from Twitter and feel like I’ve found a comfortable spot here. Godspeed, and remember: love one another

  3. I’m so ready to see DR Will again on my tv screens as the jury round table moderator!!! DR Will fan 4 life bay baaaaay! Wooooo

  4. Ok I finally bit the bullet and got a VPN to watch finale with all the east coasters- but how can I tell if its working? I watch on P+ live on Prime and the football is making it hard to tell if I'm truly on EST or not since its not the programming I'm used to seeing Sundays before BB. Anyone have tips and tricks to recommend?

  5. There’s ways you could’ve watched for free with the east coast. I always have trouble using VPN for cbs. Never worked

  6. I currently have 60 minutes on and I'm using a VPN for New York. But I'm using CBS directly instead of P+. On CBS at least, it tells you the scheduling for the upcoming times.

  7. Time for my annual rant. I do not like BB finale night. It always feels very rushed. The jury section is not long enough. The jury/finalist interaction is not long enough. The last minute announcements of both winner and top three AFP are not well timed. One day, they need to change this format.

  8. I wish they’d show part 1 and 2 during clip show. Have the f3 recapping the comps + incorporate events in to the comps more so they can interweave clips if need be. Then finale have more jury/questioning! Do a reunion right after as a paramount+ exclusive. Make it a bow on the season instead of Ok Win and Win Byeeee

  9. I think they will use it to dunk some more on Daniel and Nicole for their Taylor comments. Ameerah is the only pre juror who will get a proper question maybe.

  10. They'll get a bit after the vote before the winner is revealed like they always do. You know CBS is gonna capitalize on the Daniel and Nicole drama of it all, with Taylor making it to f2

  11. The live parts (final HOH p3, Jury questions, voting,) are all 100% live. The only stuff that isn’t is the jury round table and parts 1 and 2 of final HOH

  12. I have a question about auditioning for the show. I've auditioned a few times and every time I film myself I always look and sound like an anxious unphotogenic mess, like with the body language and the way I speak. I don't know what my problem is. How do I fix this?

  13. Maybe try an improv class? Gets you comfortable being a fool and cheesy/loud like the DRs. Also sell it as “I look unassuming and sheepish but I’m a fan and willing to be cut throat so I’ll use that to put people at ease with me before the back stab” is what I’d suggest

  14. you could try doing community theater/improv to get yourself more used to "performing" for an audience without being stiff/self conscious. A lot of it is just forcing yourself to get used to it.

  15. Not going to sugar coat it for you. 9/10 if you are on the younger side of things they want you to be conventionally attractive or fit some sort of niche role/archetype.

  16. well obviously we need a 30 minute update on whether or not kylyssa got back together in the jury house, so probably the same otherwise.

  17. Great question! It’s 2 hours and not the usual 90 minute finale. When is the last time we even had a 2 hour finale!?

  18. If I ever made it on BB, I think I would warn my family/friend about the likelihood of being shittalked, advise them not to take it too personally, and to let me decide who I want to be acquaintances/friends with outside the show without the influence of social media outrage. Most of the HGs tend to forgive and forget eventually, but I’m seeing google docs, Twitter threads, text messages etc. highlighting every little thing this season lol

  19. I think I’d have my brother keep note of certain things to watch since he has a good knowledge of what’s potential friendship breakers for me. Sally Joe calling me a bitch I don’t care to be told but like Terrance’s domestic abuse comment if I didn’t know I’d wanna know to at least talk to him about n see a more total picture to decide on

  20. Production, if you’re in here, please give us another low budget season of BB OTT this fall. That would be 🔥

  21. Does anyone know whose friends and family made it to LA? Are they talking to each other, and have they been up to anything?

  22. Alyssas' friends Jenna and Lauren are currently in Santa Monica and I would assume be meeting Kyle tonight, depending whether or not Alyssa wants them to though.😋

  23. Hi to the lovely mods!! Y’all have done an amazing job this year!!! With such an active season and HG’s staying up all night, I know it hasn’t been easy. Thank you so much for all the hours you have put into this sub!! Much love!! 😘

  24. After BBCan10 where I was nauseous for a week wanting Kevleena to win the game, I decided for this season to make an active effort to care less about specific results, but I'm not sure that I fully succeeded.

  25. Week 1 the HGs were upset about Taylor wearing her finale dress and today she gets to wear it for making it to finale night.

  26. I hope we can have a postseason post that lasts for a while. I feel like there will be lots on info that comes out once they all go home.

  27. I knew she had some friends that like Kyle, but I didn’t know they would be at finale. It will be interesting to see if after their ‘jury talks’, if they still want to pursue things. I’ve seen some speculate base off the ‘roommate’ answer from Alyssa in the latest EE interview that may not be the case; it wasn’t enough information though to say one way or the other though

  28. Xavier said on his stories that final 3 will be locked up in a hotel room tonight without their phones. So no Todrick for monte Taylor or Turner tonight.

  29. Yeah, I’d assume it’s just an elaborate P3 of the Final HOH set up. Idk why people think it would be anything else, but who knows.

  30. What if it's a related to the real love boat and the person who wins afp has to immediately choose someone on the cast as their plus one 😳

  31. Julie Chen-Moonves reveals to the Jury, "I do have some outside news to report, Houseguests! It's with great sadness that I announce that Her Majesty, the Queen, died on September 8th."

  32. Monte keeps swearing to her that he is taking her and crying over having to let Turner go if the choice is in his hands, and he has made no promises to Turner and is evasive with him, so that seems promising. I think he thinks he has a better chance to beat her.

  33. Tbh I never really cared about the HGs post BB lol But this season has been an exception for some reason, I’m not too sure why. I typically fade out by F6 on these subs and don’t bother watching the feeds. Maybe it’s post Covid/Pandemic lockdown or something.

  34. I just saw the eviction episode with The Cookout as guest and damn, they all hate Monte. He’s going to be bothered by that especially since he’s been shouting out Xavier.

  35. Isn’t he done with BB? It’s so weird how he latched onto big brother and making his name in the fandom, in a way. Then going on the celeb version. IM the guy wasn’t a fan of the show before BB23.

  36. I bet Todrick invited them without them asking him to. I’m not surprised they would try to network at all. Still don’t like any of those prejurors though!

  37. Do we know if any of them are aware Queen Elizabeth died? I know it’s not related to the U.S. but I’ve been generally curious

  38. Can’t wait for tonight when I’m celebrating Taylor’s win while simultaneously ignoring the fact she’s at Todrick’s house ✨

  39. This may be a long shot, but is anybody watching the finale with a vpn on paramount plus live tv and has had this issue I'm having. Sometimes when I try to watch the episode live, the episode isnt even playing and the news or some other tv show is on instead. I make sure I'm watching at the time it airs and when I look for it on the channels I cant find it playing. I just want to make sure it works for the finale tonight 😩

  40. Are you in Canada? Mine does that sometimes, last week it kept changing to young Sheldon for a few seconds, then the next show was the news

  41. If you are watching on a computer download the Location Guard add-on for Chrome and set your location somewhere on the East Coast. Then you don't have to worry about your VPN being screwy.

  42. Rihanna is definitely watching the finale, i wouldn’t be super surprised if they somehow got her to show up

  43. Idk but I remember that, when she was on the block, Nicole told Will she wouldn't give him a haircut until after he voted to keep her at the F4 eviction lol

  44. I don't know if you saw the tweets of the back of Monte's head, but people were roasting him for his haircut he gave himself. It's hard to trust anyone with a good haircut unless if they have hair salon experience.

  45. I don’t want to sound stupid, but what particularly is the issue with moving in Todrick’s house? Why would houseguests moving there make them bad?

  46. Todrick is...problematic, to put it mildly. He was on CBB3 earlier this year and it came out that he very often doesn't pay his employees, AND there was some issues surrounding him owning/renting his home (which I guess he got figured out). That, and he's genuinely not a nice person.

  47. People complain, but they'll be watching all the instagram lives and looking at photos of all the houseguests together at his house.

  48. Todrick was on CBB3 earlier this year. I didn’t watch that season but he was apparently pretty awful on the live feeds and doesn’t seem too great of a person outside the game either.

  49. "winning Big Brother is certainly no predictor of future life success; many former houseguests who didn’t win later embarked on meaningful, happy lives while some former winners took monumental falls from grace."

  50. Michael being someone who didn’t win that will be successful, Jackson being someone who fell from grace. Taylor will be successful regardless.

  51. Todrick’s plan is to get as many BB houseguests to move into his house to pay rent so he can pay off his over 4 million dollar loan he took out to buy the house.

  52. and that green? beautiful!! I hate jumpsuits but really considered buying the same one online for a hot second LOL.

  53. Did she do it herself? I know she was curling her hair when feeds went down. I was so hoping Taylor would help her. Brit said she had thought about a personal stylist IRL, since she just started her new career. I remember some of the women helping Nicole A and it was sweet.

  54. You know what’s sad is that all of these people (esp Daniel and Nicole) are going to use the connections they got from failing on BB to fail even more upward and it’s kind of depressing

  55. Despite having a blue checkmark, Daniel is sitting on a measly 4,276 followers. I'm not sure he'll get much out of it at this point

  56. It's alright. I think if I just watched BBUS it'd definitely be the best season in ages but there's something just weird about this season. I think the best way to describe it is that it's a trashy season of reality TV from the mid-2000s that was made in 2022 lol, and that doesn't make it a bad season of TV, just not really something I'm super into. The whole situation with Kyle ruined a lot of the vibe of the season for me personally, and even though he got his comeuppance there weren't really anyone else other than Taylor who I actually cared about. Also these past couple weeks have been boring af, but that's more of a consequence on how they decided to pace out the evictions

  57. Best season since 17. The cast wasn't as great personality-wise, but the gameplay was dynamic until the final four which is just insane for a modern season. If Taylor doesn't win, it will take a small hit, but a bad ending doesn't ruin everything that came before.

  58. It was a crazy and entertaining season, not the most strategic but I didn't care. The winner is going to determine how I truly feel about it. If Taylor wins I think this goes into Top 5 Baby, with one of the most incredible winning stories in BB history. If Monte/Turner win I think I'll look back on it as mid. We'll see.

  59. Fun time, prejury was exciting daily, after Michael’s exit it’s been a bit slow but Brit kept the end game moving by not just laying down and dying at lwast

  60. Regardless of winner, this has been one of the funnest seasons for me. First time I wasn't feeling major underdog syndrome (aside from with Taylor potentially) because I was able to root for an alliance I liked, and, it was great that the people on the outs were able to piece it together and rally and make the Leftovers.

  61. That last season and cast I enjoyed watching this much was BB14. BB23 had good gameplay, but the ride wasn't as wild and the cast wasn't as interesting- the Cookout making it to f6 is a hard moment to top though, but it was really the only Moment the season offered. 24 had so many.

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