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  1. Muffingate was iconic on the feeds well before it was on the show. Him asking the camera if he should eat the muffin is so good.

  2. I would like to see him play too, oddly enough because I wouldn't have said so at the beginning of the season. He's pretty good at comps. If he just studies more for the memorization end game comps like Days and handles his jury management better, he could do even better next time. He handled his F3 exit with a lot of grace and class, more than I probably would have in a similar situation.

  3. I think he was good in the dr because he has a YouTuber way of talking. Makes me wonder if gen z is going to start talking like that on the show.

  4. I honestly think part of his “bad jury management” came from being the youngest person in the house. It’s soooo much harder to get people to respect you outsmarting them when you’re younger than them imo.

  5. I feel like I’m watching a different game than everybody. What did turner do that was so poor? He was probably the 2nd best in the house at comps, was apart of all the major alliances, and had positive relationships with everybody.

  6. Turner was the surprise of the season for me, and in a good way at that. I didn't expect to like him at all because I figured he'd be obnoxious thanks to his YouTube stuff (and I did watch one of his videos before forming that opinion), but he won me over with his chill attitude in the house and his astute (and often very funny) observations in the DR. Hope to see him return someday!

  7. As a bisexual male married to a woman, I felt very represented by Turner being on the show. I don’t really know how to explain the feeling. But I really appreciated that segment they had of him.

  8. I was very much rooting for Turner in the end not because I had anything against Tay or Monte but simply because I felt he had the least likely chance to win after Britt left. Funny how he couldn’t stand her yet she was likely his only chance of winning. Either way, enjoyed his many arcs and sad to see this come to an end

  9. I loved how Turner dislike people but he was never mean. I might’ve missed some stuff on the live feeds, but instead of saying ugly things behind their back, he did things like muffin gate.

  10. Definitely. I found it weird how the jury laughed at Turner’s gameplay. He’s no mastermind, but he’s a relatively good guy who played a decent social game and won comps.

  11. I said it in another thread, but I'm convinced it was his appearance and demeanor. I think everyone just looked at him as this tattooed stoner who didn't give a fuck about the game, but he was playing to win just like the rest of the cast

  12. I thought Turner had an excellent chance of winning the game because he is a super likeable person inside and outside the house.

  13. Monte absolutely beats Turner. I love the guy but he wasn't winning after Brittany left. And honestly there's a chance he doesn't win against Brittany either.

  14. I loved Turner. He was funny, smart, and despite everyone saying he never played the game for himself, I think a lot of his moves were smart to make sure he was in good position. He didn’t have a great social game with a lot of the other house guests, but he was such a fun presence and super likable

  15. Man I really wish he had played better towards the end because he did some things people hardly do in the BB house which is the right thing regardless of how it effected his game. Like saving Taylor and putting his final 2 on the block!

  16. I’m not sure I’d call him a serious contender considering how sloppy his jury management was and taking Taylor over Alyssa at such a crucial point in the game was a big mistake that he had no reason to make.

  17. He was definitely comedic relief in a lot of episodes. Orrrr the show was edited better, for some reason I enjoyed this season than the last few years.

  18. Turner was an interesting player, and seems like a good but quirky dude. I just watched his ET Canada interview, I loved how he called out Daniel, and said he was glad/hopes to look to be on the right side of history with his HOH in Week 3.

  19. All the bashing of Turner and Monte around here is kind of a bummer. I feel like the top 3 were all pretty genuine people throughout the season and I can’t imagine how nerve wracking yesterday was.

  20. He was my favorite player this season just because he is so enjoyable/likeable. I hope he comes back sometime even though his jury management wasn't great

  21. Really enjoyed him on the show. Yeah he had his occasional mishaps but he proved to be a real genuine nice dude and he was really entertaining. The Jim Halpert of Big Brother

  22. Even if he wasn’t the one that came up with the big moves when he was HOH, at least he MADE those moves. How many times have we seen a HOH have a big move fall into their lap and not do it, in favor of the safe move or the move that “the house wants”. I respect Turner was not afraid to make the big move (even if it wasn’t his idea) and not be afraid of the consequences.

  23. Love Turner. He’s young, may have a little bit of finding his own voice to do, but generally seems to know what’s up, is funny, good-hearted, does not take himself too seriously - he got about 97 percent of my fan fave votes. Thanks OP, great post - always down for some Turner love

  24. Let’s not forget that although it was the right thing to do Turner was basically forced to use one of his HoH to get his #1 ally out. Him and Kyle were very close and I feel like that goes unrecognized

  25. Taylor was still my fave but agreed that Turner was underrated. Would have rathered seeing him at F2 than Monte.

  26. His good moments were bussin'. But he showed some sides to himself (live feeds mostly) that were kinda disgussin'.

  27. turners loyalty through me for a loop- his kyle loyalty in dyrefest, and then his loyalty to monte and taylor when he chose to cut alyssa. they never really made sense for his game per say but i think he was just more loyal to the bros of the house.

  28. I love Turner! Not as much as Taylor or Joseph, but widely more than the others. Those three I will defend with soul! I was upset when he joined the Kyle bandwagon against Joseph, especially considering it did nothing but completely burn a jury vote. But otherwise, I really don’t think he’s a bad person. He’s Just snarky. But you can tell he comes from a good place usually.

  29. Yeah someone mentioned that Monte and Terrence would talk shit about Taylor all the time on the feeds. Not sure if this is true or not but I somewhat believe it.

  30. Not a popular opinion, Kyle. Prior to his demise, he was working everyone, including Alyssa before she was aware she was being worked. But, he saved her twice without really drawing enough attention to place him on the block. He played a tough strategic game, and if it weren’t for the controversy, I believe he would have made it to top 3.

  31. I agree with you. Michael and Kyle are the 2 top strategist in there and that is why they cannibalize each other. Kyle initially wanted to work with Michael. Michael knew Kyle was his biggest threat.

  32. I agreed with the jury’s assessment of Turner. He did not contribute much to the game, made a couple of big moves, but other than that, his cocky demeanor and attitude in general (especially towards the woman playing the game) put me off.

  33. the McCrea, Nakomis, bb12 Matt, Paul and now Turner architype always brings the entertainment and usually makes it far but they never seem to win.

  34. Turner was one of my absolute favorite. He was smart when he needed to be, strong when it counted, calm and zen almost always, loyal to a fault, had a serious poker face. What couldn't he do besides shower? I have mad respect for him!

  35. His personality comes across as very fake, I wasn’t a fan of him the second half. His personality is not one I’d like to have near me honestly

  36. I find myself very confused and conflicted over Turner and how exactly I view him overall. It's not something I really want to write a think piece on because I think it'd be a novel of confusion, lol. But I definitely wouldn't mind seeing him on an AS season or another show. I don't really have strongly negative opinions about him. I'm just not sure if I have strongly positive feelings about him.

  37. I really wanted turner to win as a fan of the show. I think he was the best houseguest at being self aware of being on the show which was extremely refreshing. It always seemed that he would shake up the house for the intention of the viewers

  38. Turner was my favorite for most of the season. However, he was a weak player strategically and socially.

  39. When I saw there was going to be a house meeting after the Kyle stuff came to light, I instantly wondered who’s idea it was. I was glad to see it was Turner that thought the house would benefit from all talking together at the same time. It was the right move. So maybe he didn’t play the best game as far as jury management but he seems like a damn good human.

  40. I liked him, too. I didn’t always love his moves but he played a pretty clean and respectable game and seems like a really good dude. I wish him much success and hope a lot of great opportunities come his way.

  41. I agree he is cool but I do not think he came to get #1 and hence did not try as hard. He is also at the age where friendship and following the house is important to him.

  42. I really like Turner! I thought he was a great character and a very chill dude. His gameplay was tumultuous, but I enjoyed watching it.

  43. Yeah I think he could definitely do better strategically if he watches more of the show and comes back in a later season. And he still made final 3 so not too shabby for a first run

  44. Dude was my favorite at cast release due to the same home state and the exact same name as my favorite soccer player. I was scared seeing how much screen time and exposure he was getting the first two weeks as at some points even I forgot he was in the house, but im so happy he stayed. On top of all the points you mentioned overall he was just so entertaining and such a funny guy. I saw myself cutting away from game talk feeds just to see what he was up to

  45. he was a comedic relief character and tbh his dynamic with Jasmine was amazing but he was soooo passive in the game that i wouldn’t ever wanna see him come back. We have enough good characters who can play aggressively that i don’t need to see him come back

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