Who’s “that’s cute, that’s real cute” was better: Erica (BBCAN6) or Rockstar’s (BB20)?

  1. Rockstars all the way. One of my favourite bb moments. ON MY DAUGHTERS BIRTHDAY! Brett was just messing with her too "I can't" "then don't" It's gold.

  2. Love bbcan6 and Kaela but “Rockstar’s Daughter’s Birthday” and everything surrounding it is too much of an iconic Big Brother moment for it to not be that

  3. Erica was not a quality player. She literally flipped on both her HOH’s by getting rid of people who weren’t coming after her and we’re not a threat at all. First she completely screwed up her first HOH by backdooring Veronica who wanted to align with her/Hamza/Will who she also considered Allies just because her other alliance Olivia/Ali/Kaela told her to. Then they betrayed her and got rid of one of her closest allies Hamza who was also her shield.

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