Kamehameha Schools Wants To Build A Culturally Sensitive Boutique Resort On The Big Island. Members of the public are concerned about increased traffic and tourist pressure on Keauhou Bay as well as the proposed removal of a popular beach volleyball court.

  1. Instead of more tourist accommodations, KS needs to build affordable housing for Native Hawaiians. That would actually be “culturally sensitive”.

  2. That should be their priority imo. What better way to serve students then to provide them with quality, stable, affordable homes to grow up in. "Kamehameha School's mission is to fulfill Pauahi's desire to create educational opportunities in perpetuity to improve the capability and well-being of people of Hawaiian ancestry."

  3. "Well, y'see... that takes money, see... an' an' an' we figgah dis here hotel, I mean BOUTIQUE, that is, ah say BOUTIQUE, That's "B", "O", "U"... you got it. Yeah, it won't be no "hotel", no sir! Dis here goinna be one fuss class, European plan, BOOOOO-TEEK! An' it's gonna bring in all da big MOVIE STARS from HOLLOWOOD and Asia, yessir, them Chinese people gots lots a money, dese days, an' an' an y'see, Europe is TOO FAR, but if dey can git into one of them European style SPA kine BOOOO Teaks, den dey goin home an goin say, "Whhho EEE! Dem Hay-Waiiiians got some fiiiine BOO-TEEKS, dey sure has, yessiree, boy, howdy!

  4. I have a better idea. Rent foam parking rafts, and let people park their cars right on the water, on a rented raft. Have a launching ramp, and you drive your car onto the raft, then give it a shove...

  5. How about they help fix the sewage problem around that bay. I believe it’s one of worst areas on island/state with a large number of cesspools near there.

  6. This is my aunties favorite swim spot. It’s also popular spot for family get to togethers, birthday parties, bbqs etc. Can we please leave some space? Not everything has to be for tourists. People still live here.

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