Harmful Tourism… should i visit hawaii

  1. The tainted water is in Oahu, this is a big island sub. You should absolutely come for a work exchange, and you seem like a super respectful person.

  2. honestly the main problem with most tourists is the lack of respect. if you have that you should do fine out here

  3. To be fair, i think we were talking about American tourists. Not fair to lump them into all the others. Lol

  4. Are you talking about the Red Hill water shortages? Because that is on a different island from this sub’s focus. No shortages here.

  5. You might be reacting to the Tik Tok influencer with 80k followers who asks tourists to stay away because of "disrespect" for the culture. Social media has give an unusually large megaphone to a really small minority. Fact is, Hawaii is many people from all kinds of places. It's always been that way, from the first Melanesian migration to the Polynesians and beyond. As long as you don't vibe that you own the world, you'll do a lot better.

  6. Who gives a fuck what anyone thinks, it’s a free country. Come on over. Just don’t be a dick. Don’t listen to any of these guys in this sub. Sounds like a good program. Come on down.

  7. If you're coming to the Big Island, people don't really care that much. It's mostly the white haole Karens on Maui who are the loudest screamers - as their little retiree and vacation spot has been getting busy.

  8. This is a complete crock of shit. Tourism is the main driver of the gentrification of Hawai’i, and if you honestly believe that Hawaiians “don’t care that much” about it, I have to wonder how many Hawaiians you know.

  9. The fact that you are asking here already answers the question. In my time out there I learned, respect them and they respect you, just like anywhere else. Hawaiians are good people man.

  10. Who do Native Hawaiians ask when they are thinking of visiting Los Angeles or Las Vegas or really any mainland city to make sure it's aligned with their wishes and to not do harm? Is there a directory or 411?

  11. This exactly. Idk why people feel like they need to operate at a different level of respect or virtue when traveling to the islands. Simply don’t be a dick lol.

  12. "I’m aware of the fact that people should not be vacationing in hawaii at this moment" Ummm...no? Not sure where you got your info, but your question is based on a false premise. It's a big state with plenty of water and a native population that will largely welcome you, if you're not being an idiot while you're here.

  13. To be completely fair, they may be talking about Maui. Maui is running out of water. We had 7 fires start in 2 hours today. Even waterfalls in Hana are drying up. Maybe other islands are fine, but Maui does not have plenty water.

  14. Lots of hate on Reddit for tourists but we didn’t experience any while visiting. We keep to ourselves and are low key so maybe that’s why. Loved the big island and it’s people.

  15. It’s not tourism - it’s the specific shitty tourist that’s flicked to the islands since the pandemic.

  16. I just returned last week from a vacation on the big island. It was a great time and most people were very friendly. Just be respectful, like you should be anywhere in the world.

  17. Well, the East side of the Big Island is very wet, no drought (actually, currently no drought anywhere). Come on over, we are a really big island.

  18. It's been so wet and rainy this past month! Like driving through a cloud everyday back and forth from work in Waimea.

  19. There really isn't a problem with tourism. There is a problem with some groups blaming others for their problems. Tourists coming and dumping money into the economy isn't a problem, it's more about how we've handled it over the years.

  20. I'm from the mainland and lived in Hawaii for two years (about 4 years ago), and worked at the homeless shelter on Oahu. Also got involved in volunteer work, and rebuilt a fish pond on another island. I attempted to use my skills to leave the island in a better place. What I learned there is that it is about mindfulness and respect, and your actions will demonstrate that. :)

  21. Pfft How does anyone here survive without the tourists. It literally is the full economy. Everyone would starve if they stopped coming as there is almost no other industry infrastructure.

  22. Lol @ the taco bell thing. The damn drivethru line is always wrapped around the building in Hilo

  23. It's not disrespectful or harmful, but ultimately locals just don't really care for white mainlanders.

  24. Come on over. Be polite, clean up after yourself and share in the aloha is all we ask! Don't confuse the majority of Hawaii with a few loud native Hawaiians with a victim complex white apologists attention whores. We are all extremely fortunate and grateful to live here and we love guests- just not the disrespectful ones (trespassers, rude and demanding folks, narcissists).

  25. There are water shortages (and haters) in lots of places. Tourism, in general, is harmful, because the planet can't sustain the carbon footprint of first-world jet-setting. Hawaii is no different in that respect.

  26. We need tourists to survive. It is like 90% of our economy. So please come and please bring your $$$. Please be respectful. There is no water shortage on this Island right now. We have had a ton of rain lately.

  27. You prob seen those post on tiktok/ig that natives telling tourist to not visit the islands 😆. Nah you good. Just be respectful

  28. Not cheering I am just a poor bloke trying to make a living as best I can in a limited choice of industries here. I live in reality.

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