I’m sure we can agree that Noelle is one of the best new gen female leads

  1. I love how tabata had a plan for Noelle, that's gotta be what I like most about her character, it doesn't feel like he was just remembering he had to do something with her

  2. What made her develop out of her annoyingness to you if you don't mind me asking. Tho her character has had some good development I still find her doing the same types of things she did early on in the series that I found annoying.

  3. I mean when her main competition is uraraka from MHA and nobara who I’m pretty sure hasn’t been having a fun time recently it’s not hard. However she is one of the better developed female leads I’ve ever seen

  4. I mean there's more competition than that, Emma from Promised Neverland, Power and Makima from Chainsaw Man, Nezuko from Demon Slayer, Kohaku from Dr Stone. But is Noel is definitionally fucking up there, she's probably the best one from traditional battle shounen of this generation.

  5. Was so hyped for nobara. Sassy not useless not even a close to a simp for the a mc. Went out fucking sad tho like literally a L of a charecter

  6. Personally I wouldn't even consider uraraka the "main girl" the story is basically only about izukus journey and his classmates all have about the same importance as each other. Any romance between the two is purely C plot, A plot being Izuku's journey, and B plot being the villains.

  7. Noelle is def one of the best new gen leads. Unfortunately that's not saying much with the competition she has. I do think tabata has done her decently well, but she should have been in the battle with lucifero as well if asta and yuno were.

  8. One of the best female characters in all shonen, which is funny because she's a fairly standard tsundere character.

  9. I completely agree that she’s one of the best. Definitely had one of the best development in recent Shonen.

  10. It's honestly quite sad that I can't think of much competition for her within shonen manga.... besides maybe Chika from world trigger or some of the fairy tail/edens zero gals.

  11. Yeah, especially when it comes to leads, competition is slim, ironically probably the best female characters from most shounen from the new generation were side characters not the main characters/co-leads. Like Uraraka, Nobara, Nezuko, etc, probably wouldn't be my pick as the best female characters in their own show. The only exceptions is probably like Emma from Promised Neverland,

  12. I agree with this most battle shounen female leads pretty average in my opnion, and there are only a handful of really good ones like you Chika from World Trigger who I believe is better than Noelle. If Makima is the female lead for Chainsaw Man I would say that she is better, and Ashido Benio from Twin Star Exorcists is too in my opinion.

  13. A female character that actually gets her own fights and development. Love to see it. Bc has great female characters imo. Love charlote and mereoleona.

  14. I fully agree with this opinion but I have to say I can’t wait until this exact same opinion gets separately posted twice on this subreddit next week

  15. Considering the female leads I honestly agree I’ll say her main competitor is prolly Maki from JJK Makima from CSM chainsaw man Nezuko Shinobu and you can sneak in Mitsuri

  16. i think that ururaka’s characterisation has been majorly butchered to become centred around midoriya, like she had so much potential with her drive for her family in the sports carnival and then it just.. went nowhere?

  17. How she was in the beginning made it hard for me to like her for the longest time. I don’t think I really liked her until the Megicula fight, I believe, where she realized her true feelings. Personally, I like the strong, energetic, crazy, confident girls like Meleoleona the best. Noelle really had some great development though.

  18. This post and these comments tell me y’all don’t watch much anime lol I don’t even think of Noelle when I think of good female characters. Go check out Jobless Reincarnation

  19. They think getting a couple fights = good well developed female. She literally confessed her feelings to herself then reverted right back to her normal gimmick

  20. I like jobless reincarnation but none of those characters pop out as much better than Noelle imo. They're better than most shonen female leads for sure though

  21. I just hate how in the last season they decided so sexualize her character, so much so that it’s just weird to watch. They also did that to some of the other female characters

  22. For sure. When we first meet noelle she basically screamed damsel in distress tsundere simp for mc. Although whether she was a Sakura or orhime I couldn’t tell luckily she was neither

  23. Yes, but when the competition is Mikasa and Uraraka, you can be a no personality Sung Jin Woo type character and still be better than both. She's one of the best, but isn't good.

  24. Maki, Nobara, Fuuko, Kikoru and the list probably goes on and Noelle is still better. idk why everyone is only mentioning Mikasa and Uraraka lmao

  25. It’s good but could have been better. Didn’t like how nozel fit into this, at first being intentionally cruel and traumatizing to her only for the mom reveal to change his motivations

  26. I truly think she’s a top 5 character in the manga too. She’s changed so much from the beginning and really became a strong character.

  27. Maybe it depends on what you consider a "New Gen" battle shounen, but I guess if "New Gen" is all battle shounen manga and anime after 2014 until now I would say this probably true, I personally would pick Makima (Chainsaw Man) over her although I am not sure if she is the female lead of that series.

  28. Noelle is considered one of the best written female characters in Shonen. Not only fans say so, but also many critics. Unfortunately, since the timeskip, she has become more and more sexualized. Since then, 80% of the time she has only been seen in fanservice mode. The many butt-shots during her fight with Vanica/Megicula were just unpleasant. Tabata should be careful not to make her completely ridiculous at the end.

  29. I don't know, I don't like her as a character. It's not that I dislike her, but she is kinda boring. Everything that I like about her Asta does better, and she doesn't have enough cool factor either for me.

  30. Her Valkyrie power up was cool but yeah she’s kind of annoying personality wise and really only got handed those powers cause of her mother

  31. Is she though? I mean character development aside she's annoying as fuck, bitchy and jealous. Asta deserves much better. A meme I saw on reddit says"you love tsunderes, I hate bitches. We are not the same"

  32. That’s the point, good character development. personality isn’t as important of a factor this isn’t a romance anime or slice of life. She’s well written for shonen. And being “bitchy” was her defence mechanism from being abused and belittled her entire childhood

  33. Judging an entire character on her personality instead of actually paying attention to growth and development invalidates your mid opinion

  34. I recently watched the ranking of kings which had 2 more compelling and thought provoking female characters who weren't even leads. Lady Miranjo and Queen Hiling blow Noelle out the water, nazuna nanakusa is another female lead who is better imo, ik we all love black clover but to continuously say she's the best of all female characters out of new gen anime and manga is a super strech, it also old y'all should give it a rest.

  35. Ofc this is on the black clover subreddit, everyone would agree. Take this to the anime subreddit, I’m actually curious who most fans think is the best new gen female lead

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