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  1. I left my job right before the holidays I work in restaurants as a chef, place I was at I noticed they were losing 15k+ a month in food waste and selling items at a loss then the owner gave 6 employees food poisoning by not heating food up properly and firing anyone who tried to. So when I brought all this up the ogre said to me “bitch I know what I’m doing I’m doing so well look how many places I have” well his food cost was 85% and we were owed 65k to the food distributor so when they wouldn’t deliver food I quit and the owner had the great dumb ass Idea to fire me the day after I put my two weeks in now I’m enjoying unemployment while I apply for jobs that all pay 15-25k more a year

  2. I think Atlanta or Fulton County public schools are starting this week with remote learning with an insane caveat: Teachers have to report to school or not get paid. And to make matters worse, their only other option is to use some of their 5(!) PTO days for the year.

  3. I was ALMOST a teacher in Atlanta but there is literally not a program in that area where you can drive an hour and make 10k more and not feel like a inner city slave.

  4. Yeah that’s par for the course in Georgia. Mama had to do that last year on the college level. Get up early in the morning to go teach in an empty classroom or in mama’a case an empty office.

  5. My boss hired a teen who no reliable transportation and expected me to pick them up because they were a 5 min detour on my normal route and would call me asking to come in early because the kid needed a ride to work.

  6. The job comes first to them, they aren’t thinking about your well being. I don’t feel bad calling out or using up my sick time anymore. I feel like I failed if I reach the end of the year with a remaining balance.

  7. About 15 years ago we had a wild snowstorm come through Rhode Island. It started in the morning and lasted all day. Nearly 2 feet of snow fell. My boss wouldn't let anyone leave until the day ended at 330pm. I left and didn't get home until 11pm because of the snow causing vehicles to get stranded on the highway. 7 and a half hours in traffic, nearly run out of gas, no smokes (smoked back then) and no food. I had to go home, eat, go to bed and wake up to shovel and head my ass right back to that hell hole.

  8. Had some crazy weather in New York this last year. One time we had a storm approaching and the wind was really crazy and they canceled all above ground train service, the only stations by my job were above ground, when we got to work we kept calling the bosses telling them how hard it was to get to work and that we should head home. Took them 3 hours to let us go home and it took me almost 6 hours to get home.

  9. I ran into this a few years back. I was slipping all of 95 on my way to work. I got to the office livid and asked why didn’t they call a snow day there was over 6 inches on the ground. They said because people needed us to be at work. Employers should have the right to put employees through unsafe driving conditions to get to work. If it’s unsafe let them stay home. If there is a telework option, let them do it. Employers are like well you can use your personal time for that? Well fuck you. Why should it be between saving up some PTO and risking my life?

  10. I love reading about american reactions to snow. 6 whole inches? Surely an insurmountable environmental disaster and danger to your life... Do go on...

  11. Last year during one of our worst snow storms, I didn’t have a car. So I stayed home. My boss asked if I’d come in anyway. Buses weren’t running and an Uber was $100 one way. I’d spend more money getting to work than I’d get for being there that day. I laughed and turned off my phone. Maybe 5 people in the whole franchise showed up at their locations and we had about 10 customers the whole day from what I heard. Clownery, all of it. Retail shit like I was doing is inessential and in a storm so bad that public transit won’t run, I know for a damn fact that my little store shouldn’t be running

  12. This season of “America: Unplugged” I thought was going feature a redemption but clearly the capitalist greed storyline is something the writers are unwilling to let go of

  13. This is why so many people are quitting their jobs. People are tired of being miss treated. I think it’s the only good thing about the pandemic. It’s not lazy people it’s people standing up to stupidity

  14. Why is this only a criticism of Capitalism in America without also mentioning the failure of the Govt and lack of effective use of tax dollars? The snow wasn’t that damn bad, but the DOT failed to address it and make it safe. I’m quite a liberal person, and believe in a fair tax code that provides the tax payers with god damn benefits and services. People shouldn’t need to shut down their lives, and hide in their houses over a few inches of snow in 2022. We somehow lack the ability to move some snow off the road and treat icy spots? That’s the hurdles humanity can’t get past? No, local govt failed to do their job, and should face consequences such as losing their next election. That’s how Democracy works, do your job or we vote you out. My fellow liberals and lefties call for bigger government programs and benefits and assistance and services, and I’m on board so long as they do their job. But if people are honestly saying that society must shut down every snow storm, they are out of their fucking minds.

  15. I just mentioned this in a reply with someone clowning on American's reaction to snow. This shit wouldn't be bad if our tax dollars did what it was supposed to do. But, everyone gotta make money money off of everything and here we are. Someone's greed putting lives in danger as always.

  16. We routinely get work emails asking to “donate” PTO to other employees who have run out and are on sick/bereavement leave, etc. It’s insulting to everyone. Give us proper benefits so we don’t have to internally GoFundMe every time.

  17. I’m at the point where I think we all must have done something awful in our past lives or not who knows but this is definitely hell.

  18. Our “manager” has extended the black out period from mid-November to mid January. It used to be the second week of December until January 5th at most. All PTO denied. She tried to make sick call a write up too. I had a 24 year old coworker who died on site. She was supposed to be on vacation but her pto was denied. She sustained a head injury following a dehydration spell that caused a fall. She came back from her day off because PTO denied and found out after midway through her shift that everyone was extended to 12 hours. She died on the parking lot. She had an aneurysm. She should not have been at work. She should have been in the hospital. She was 24. She was so sweet…

  19. I’m a contractor and the place I work at shutdown for the holidays. I asked if I could come in and handle project work. Nope. I don’t have PTO to cover all that time off and this shit is depressing.

  20. We sometimes have heavy rain here in Saudi Arabia which creates water accumulation on some roads. Most companies will excuse you if you can't come to work and will not deduct pay. Currently due to Omicron many companies have asked only half the workforce to come in. Even if you cannot WFH you will get paid no matter what. Labor laws here are extremely stringent and any company found in violation is fined heavily. I am continually suprised by the amount of Capitalistic bullshit that American's consider normal. America is the greatest country seems like some bullshit to me.

  21. And they are wondering why we have a worker shortage in certain jobs. Workers are going to jobs that treat them better, opening their own businesses, training programs/back to school. This is what they have been saying to do for years...until it's being done!

  22. I eagerly await the day something drastic happens and we no longer have to go work. Wanna work that’s cool, do your thing, but me? I’m about to go mediate or draw or something.

  23. No. You stuck me in traffic, I'm not taking PTO for being unable to travel in what you knew was bad weather.

  24. The more time I spend on the internet, the less I understand how SOME people can be so patriotic to such a broken country

  25. Don’t just pick a job, pick the manager too. I know that’s harder and you can’t predict they will stay. But it should always be an objective to work for someone fair, honest, and that you can learn from. A fair and honest manager let’s it go with no pto.

  26. How about an excused absence without using your personal time, for these kind of things? Close the office?

  27. But aren’t they talking about I95 in the North? Issues starting in NOVA (just south of the Mason Dixon) on up

  28. It snows every year in VA. And they never clear the roads correctly when they do. It’s always a total fucking mess. They never learn. Might as well stay home because if not your car might end up on the side of the road.

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