But officer, ashiness is a crime.

  1. No they have way too many cameras to try to steal… well anyone smart. It’s a prison offense, that’s how black Cindy got locked up.

  2. But then how do they get to use it? For real, I think a lot of the stuff they “confiscate” gets taken for personal use. I know of one incident where someone tracked their missing iPad to the home of what turned out to be one of the TSA agents that inspected their bag.

  3. Had a fight with the TSA about that in NYC - yt chick wasn't trying to have it because it was past the 4oz container size. "But it's soft, lady, it's what I use for moisturizing" Now I shouldn't have said "it's like lotion but you probably don't know what it is" but that was escalation automatic. I Said please get someone black so she can explain what it is. I waited (i had time) until she did, and a Black TSA grabbed it, no questions, said "man that's just shea butter" and let me right on through.

  4. You must have been at that airport early af, cause ain’t no way I’m going out my way to get smoke w/ TSA if I wasn’t confident that I’d still catch my flight

  5. I had my nail clippers confiscated because they’re considered a weapon. I mean, I guess I could hurt someone with them, but it would take an awful lot of effort! Pretty sure I’d easily be subdued before getting in more than 1-2 pinches on someone

  6. It’s crazy that they take minor things like this, but when I had a knife and med kit shears in my bag, they took a peek in my backpack for two seconds and let me go. TSA feels pointless a lot of the time.

  7. I've also had (small) nail clippers confiscated, and I've had small tubes of sunscreen confiscated on three continents (North America, Europe, and Africa).

  8. I'm sure it'd still be a touchy subject to tackle, but just imagine someone like Key & Peele doing a skit where hijackers attempt to use tiny nail clippers, nail files and little travel containers of combustible chemicals to take over a plane.

  9. This man moving bricks out here? And they let him go? Oh he got a RICO case coming. Its gone be dry out here for every body.

  10. I think some of the agents are just stealing. I had one agent confiscate a magazine (as in a periodical, not a gun part). I let it go because I didn’t have time to contest it, which is what they count on.

  11. My wife was coming through [customs] from Jamaica with some jerk pork just for me... They wouldn't let her through with it, joking about how they were hungry.

  12. I don’t blame TSA / CBP for that one because what if that jerk pork had some foreign thing in it that gets you sick.

  13. I bought a new bottle of Nivea lotion with me not thinking when I was packing and had to toss it. That hurt.

  14. They took a jar of butter I handmade for my friend. It was solid. TSA Atlanta let her keep it because they're real ones, but TSA Vegas took it on the way back home.

  15. This is some sort of racket right here. They've got a deal with the airport convenience stores to get you to buy a $15 four ounce bottle of Lubriderm.

  16. My (yt) husband lets his elbows get SO ashy!! He used to work in a correctional facility, and the inmates used to rag on him so hard! “Mr.T, your elbows give me nightmares!” It was bad enough that he was so pale they called him Vampire, too! Yt men with ashy elbows are taking over your government! They want us to be ashy, too!

  17. Bro. This happened to me. And it was a black dude too. I waited for shift change and went back through, and they let me keep it.

  18. As a dude with moderate psoriasis that can be heavily comforted with a good lotion routine, I feel this in my bones. Fuck that fucking TSA, except for that one lady who let me take through a larger-than-regulation partial bottle that one time.

  19. Yeah it’s second coating season. Got to double dip in those lotions cause you’ll find yourself looking like you’ve been fighting in flour in 15 minutes or less

  20. They confiscated a full bottle of sunscreen from me because it was just barely over the limit and I got burnt tf up.

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