"Normal" presidential powers.

  1. So, obviously we should never do it, but I am genuinely curious what would happen if they detonated Tsar Bomba in the middle of a Cat 5 Hurricane. For those unaware- Tsar Bomba:

  2. This is also Bush the day after his Hurricane Katrina visit when he flew to Arizona for Sen. Jon McCain's birthday party. "Are you thinking of the people of New Orleans?'

  3. It’s a jab at Trump. Three years ago, Trump made a comment that a hurricane was on a path to hit Alabama, when it was already known that it wasn’t going on to. Local news put a notice that the hurricane was not on path to touchdown on Alabama. Trumps double down that it is.

  4. Michael Harriot is way less likely to Stan for Trump over Biden than Biden himself would be (not implying he's pro Biden). It's satire.

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