He's mastered the Thanos snap.

  1. You still can! I think part of the controversy is that Walmart lifted the flavor from the Black-owned Creamalicious brand so I recommend seeing if you can get your hands on some of their ice cream

  2. Walmart just released some little Debbie flavored ice cream. Swiss rolls, Honey Bun, Zebra Cakes and Nutter butters. If you can't get your hand on the Red Velvet one, try the other hood classics

  3. I still have it in my freezer I never finished it. It's really meh it tastes like the color red and yellow I was expecting a lot better

  4. Noah has been cancelled for me ever since that segment where he had Bill Nye as a guest and then proceeded to shit all over him with his cronies. The look on Bill's face was just heartbreaking when he realized he wasn't there for science purposes but to be used as a verbal punching bag.

  5. Roy Wood Jr. had a convo with Trevor stating that it had been 7 years since he started hosting the show. The next day Trevor announced he was leaving.

  6. From what I gather from the comment section. Apparently that twitter account mentioned those things and they have been ether removed from production or announced they were leaving.

  7. yeah, there appears to be some "mixed-culture" or "cultural appropriation" theme there, but I think it is coincidental and not the point of his post.

  8. I get what you’re saying cause I went there too when I was trying to figure out what was being said but I think it’s just one of those low context internet things. And I think I get the kinda off putting vibes you got too but I think it’s really only as harmful as you let it be, cause there are idiots out who will run with nothing so this isn’t really a problem.

  9. The Walmart one? I never even saw it, my local Walmart yanked it and replaced it with some pride ice cream. That was like 4 months ago and they’re still trying to sell that old ass freezer burnt ice cream because nobody is buying it.

  10. Those random conversations really do spark something in you sometimes lol. I feel like Trevor was debating then Roy put in perspective he's given 7 years to TDS and said, "Yeah... that'll do pig"

  11. Juneteenth ice cream kinda looked like a banger though. Kinda disappointed I didnt get to try it before it was canceled.

  12. The Walmart one appropriated it from a Black owned Ice Cream brand. Look for the Black owned brands like creamalicious that sold it before Wal Mart tried to co opt it.

  13. Trevor is leaving the show and he’s making a joke about canceling him considering wood was just talking to him about being on the show for seven years and the next day he quit.

  14. I thought these three pictures were somehow supposed to make the word “mistake” when you say them together. 🤦🏾‍♂️ I was so confused.

  15. Forgive my ignorance, I haven’t been online in a while, but why is the last guy (Trevor Noah, I think?) on this list?

  16. I welcome his departure as his standup is way better than his hosting of TDS… but ima be mad AF if they don’t let Roy host.

  17. I kinda feel sorry for the Daily Show writers, imagine having to write a covid joke once a week every week for two years.

  18. Alright, this is my first time hearing rumors that my guy Trevor is leaving the show and I hope to the Lordt that y’all are just talking random things about my dude Roy Wood, and he was cracking a joke in good faith and y’all are blowing this out of proportion because this is a bit much for me to handle right now: So shut the duck up and leave these comics alone. Thank you

  19. The fuckery. Y'all really gonna sit here and act like y'all watched The Daily Show w/ Trevor Noah? I like the guy, but the show wasn't it. Id watch a different project of his though.

  20. That wasn't the controversy. The stole the flavor from a Black owned company and slapped some Black associated labeling on the package for Juneteenth. It was soulless corporate cash grabbing as well as undercutting a Black owned business. Fake diversity and inclusion at its finest.

  21. They did, there is a whole term for it called Rainbow Capitalism. You can find countless video essays and viral tweets complaining about that too.

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