And he wants you to buy his shoes/clothes.

  1. And I really wish he wasn't so public about it that it feels like there's no doubt. It's not good for him and it's not good for us.

  2. idk man in disability support work we have this concept called "dignity of risk." basically, we're gonna let you fuck your whole life up because we respect your humanity enough to realise that a coddled, sheltered life isn't living, it's existing like some kind of pet bubble boy.

  3. Nah, if he wasn't rich he'd be on the corner of 6th ave and 34th screaming about something... you forget how great our mental health services are in this country.

  4. This get out of jail free card never expires does it? No terms and conditions, no nothin. Guy has it made.

  5. A lot of people have mental illness issues. I know that I do and I am on medication for it, the issue is that he has convinced himself and let others convince him that he doesn't need help, that he is a genius, and that anything he touches is automatically right and just turns to gold. He doesn't have any reason to change because for the most part he isn't going to hit rock bottom like one of us in his condition would. His shoes still sell like crazy, despite looking goofy as fuck, his albums still do well, plus the old ones are still get plays and he gets money off of that. When he bothers to, he can still make a decent beat. The thing is that everything else about him has changed to the point that ever some of the people who brought him up and stuck by him want nothing to do with him. It's sad to see, especially since he was one of the big reasons I started to feel comfortable being black and understanding blackness didn't mean just one thing, but now he's just out here acting like a grade a coon and I can't even hear him on a fucking guest verse without wanting to cut it off.

  6. I also think that his reactions tend to be hyperbolized. He perceived Beyonce should have won the award, instead of grousing with other audience members or even giving an interview with his opinion, he goes up on stage and tries to make his point embarrassing Taylor Swift; instead of licking his wounds like every other divorced man, he buys a house right next to his ex; the president of the united states who is the face of black achievement and excellence calls him a jackass, he must become his nemesis and hate everything he stands for.

  7. There’s mental illness, and then there’s a consistent choice pattern. He’s choosing at this point.

  8. As a regular commenter in BPT, which it's easily my favorite sub, and as a non verified user I'm going to say this - it's time to lock this shit down for a week or two. The amount of obvious trolls, bots, whatever is ridiculous and they're here to push an agenda that will end up getting attention elsewhere.

  9. You know what. I always feel Kanye always does the most outlandish shit when he’s about to release something. He goes quiet for long stretches at a time then out of nowhere starts acting out of pocket because he knows it will grab him headlines.

  10. The causation goes in the other direction. People with bipolar disorder are often extremely productive/creative in the early parts of a manic episode. Then the mania intensifies to the point that they become delusional, stop producing anything of value, and start acting overtly 'crazy'.

  11. I watched his documentary and sincerely felt sorry for him the whole time. Not one ounce of “fuck this dude” or the other extreme “wow he’s a great person”

  12. Tried to find a lie here…even a slight exaggeration…couldn’t do it. This tweet is facts. What i hate more than what kanye does is how the media treat him with kid gloves just cuz of who he is. If DaBaby was running around doing this shit ppl would kill him n the media but somehow we keep hearing about his mental health when he makes bad decisions. Kanye is a lame, donda was fire though 😂

  13. The only lie I saw “he only fucks women who look like them” Kim was his first one, now he can’t see anything else. But while his moms was living he dated Black presenting women.

  14. He just did some old shock jock shit. He didn’t put any thought into it beyond “This is going to piss people off” and then he did it. This is really easy to ignore when you view it as a lame attempt at garnering attention (which is working like gangbusters on this sub).

  15. Yup. Insane and evil are not mutually exclusive. You can believe the world is triangular and made of chocolate and still want to rule it with an iron fist.

  16. His mon's death was the last straw on his mental health and powerful people are encouraging his sick self to be their prop instead of telling him to use his millions to get better. He's a mentally ill man propped up to be a hate symbol and it is just scary how that happened.

  17. This man also understands how media works. He does and says the most outrageous things to get a rise out of society. Just when things cool down again, and he realizes no one’s talking about him, he drops another bomb. I think he just loves the attention and seeks acceptance from anywhere he can get it because of the lack of self-love and insecurity.

  18. I not a big fan of his , but we all need to stop the racist stuff and it should start with someone why not you.. if it sounds racist it’s racist… and this here is racist

  19. Wrong take. The guy who's spent his whole music career from college dropout to 808's and heartbreak, yeezus, The life of pablo, Jesus is King, Donda trying to reach people and encourage creativity doesn't fucking hate you. Honestly feels like he's internalized whiteness that's showing itself as self-hatred.

  20. Bro, I grew up in Queens NYC and remember seeing crack viles in front of my building back in the late 80's early to 90's. I got family that got deported back to Colombia for fucking around and finding out. This is not a defense mechanism, he has problems and should address it...

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