It's all in the uniform.

  1. Tulsi Gabbard. Rep from Hawaii who recently switched from D to R (although she was a R hiding in plain sight for years, anyone with half a brain could see through her bs)

  2. She is actually Hindu, but she was raised in a weird cult in Hawaii—a sort of Hare Krishna off shoot. Her dad has also been a long time politician locally in Hawaii. But I wouldn’t dismiss the tree and gun scenario 😂

  3. You literally know nothing about her. She has been pretty vocal about so called assault weapons bans/restrictions. Supports abortion rights. And generally has towed the democrat party lines for years but gets called a republican Nazi bigot because she is anti war. If you are going to not like a politician at least do it for a legitimate reason.

  4. Shame that the flag of our country has been essentially warped into a hate symbol because of the Cult of Trump and all his slimy ilk

  5. And always Incoming with “well it’s just questions what we can’t ask questions anymore?” Like yeah the holocaust and racism are bad, that doesn’t have any questions to it. They’re inherently bad, no further questions ya psycho grifters

  6. Drives an F-250 Super Duty or maybe Yukon XL for leisure. Also complains about high gas prices and public transportation bringing the wrong element to the subdivision.

  7. She was always somebody who donned liberal aesthetics but was never one in actuality. Her anti gay and trans stance is more prominent but did you guys know that she is very close to the Hindu nationalist establishment in India? She was gifted a Gita by our own "Dear Leader" Narendra Modi. Most of her donors have links to American chapters of the above mentioned elite. At least 105 current and former officers and members of U.S. Sangh affiliates, and their families, have donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to Gabbard’s campaigns since 2011. Gabbard’s ties to Hindu nationalists in the United States run so deep that the progressive newspaper Telegraph India in 2015 christened her the Sangh’s American mascot. She was going to chair the 2018 World Hindu Congress which was organised by another radical Hindu org named VHP but she quieltly withdrew.

  8. She says it at least 3 times in the minute twenty video. She also dogwhistles anti-semantic shit all through the video. It's honestly fuckin scary because she has droves of moderates who like her because she's hot (for a politician).

  9. Hosted an episode of Tucker Carlson and felt she had to tell us she isn’t left wing anymore…I guess. Changing your whole political views of social safety nets, holding capitalist accountable, ending systematic racism all because the party is to “woke” says something about you just being self serving from the beginning.

  10. The whole "woke" as a negative is just really weird to me.. I'd rather be a"woke" than a"sleep" ANYDAY about this insane, unforgiving world around me. Amazing that word has been weponized like that..

  11. I’m tired of the overused, overgeneralized, antiquated, over simplistic definition of racism and the weak comeback of “Everyone does it experience this…” No they don’t, because there is called perception as and reality of experience basic social science concepts. No two ppl experience the same thing the same way. And that is the basic concept of racism, power and prejudice have to be present for it to be racism. Who forced their way to the top of the social economic totem pole? Yt ppl! And who was forced and placed at the bottom? Blk ppl. We do not have the resources or gatekeeping for us to affect you education, financial, work, or housing status. But ppl placed above us do. Especially yt ppl. If it’s not the same across the board then it’s no comparison. A bully getting punched back is not the equivalency of being punched and bullied for years and centuries! You can’t wrong someone then tell them how to act, or tell someone how to experience something you don’t or have not that is asinine! Science 101, there has to be a control, baseline, and same conditions for something to be compared. It’s look cooking two different things on different temperatures. They both are cooking but not at the same rate and/or same way. You

  12. Imagine seeing a politician stand up against the war mongering push for WW3 and all ppl can see is what shes wearing and call her racist.....🤦

  13. No one mentioned color. Second, Okay let’s focus on what she says. She says she’s in favor of drone strikes and torture. She has supported regime change and on numerous occasions defended Russia, despite Russia 100% being in the wrong.

  14. Some of these folks are so deep in identity politics that they would watch the world burn as long as their celebrity politician puts a flag or a pronoun on their bio.

  15. It sucks, I look like most of the folks in those scenes. I miss when seeing an American flag didn't instantly mean, nationalist racist. It was, "oh, they were probably in the military."

  16. The number of Bernie dickheads in my socials who worshipped this woman for years, I wonder if they're doing okay today 😂😂😂

  17. I really liked her at first, but the more she talked the more I could see the red flags. I'm surprised she had to make an announcement.

  18. She's been grifting up the right wing tree for a while now. At BEST she could have been a progressive reforming the DNC that would be able to splinter off dumb ass libertarians and republicans sick of the status quo.

  19. So much uninformed idiocy in these comments. Doesn't matter that she has been more progressive than the DNC during her tenure. "She wears denim and has a flag herdurr"

  20. Damn... I didn't know people still claimed democrat. They lost me at drage shows for children and litter boxes in school bathrooms

  21. Is there one example of a ‘conservative’ abandoning their cause and the becoming a liberal and making millions talking about how bad conservatives are?

  22. Meanwhile, denim and the Canadian flag can only mean that there is a Ca-knucklehead off to a black tie event

  23. What about those countries that absolutely love American denim? They might be shown with the flag to show off how much they love the style.

  24. I hate that she proved Hillary right. Her career as a Democrat was over regardless once she got ostracized but her leaning into the right wing shyt to stay relevant ain't a good look.

  25. Her rant and grandstanding exposed her as well. She prob got caught red handed doing some gop dirty work and was told leave or get exposed.

  26. The whole "woke" as a negative is just really weird to me.. I'd rather be a"woke" than a"sleep" ANYDAY about this insane, unforgiving world around me. Amazing that word has been weponized like that..

  27. Good for her … people need to get off the plantation called the Democratic Farm … the govt tit … the liberal communist… you will never be free under that regime… think about it… I walk away.. and I am so happy and am an independent thinker… you should try it.. love a clean life without beholding to the ‘dangled carrot’ every 4 yrs… come on families!!! We deserve better than the scraps they offer

  28. This announcement wasn't for Democrats. Tusli G is just a political grifter. She's gonna go be herself now I'm the team she was always on.

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