1. First and foremost I would suggest switching to WordPress. Second, if you haven’t already setup an account with Google AdSense. Third, while you’re waiting to be approved by Google I would do research and development for how you can monetize your website beyond Display Ads. Affiliate networks are out there, sell music courses? You could also setup affiliate links to actual concerts and take a percentage of each ticket sale you refer from your website. You could market streaming services, you could reach out to small artists and offer them an advertising spot or an article post about them.

  2. Very sound advice given here. I would highly recommend Wordpress also. It will give you far more control of your website. That’s very important especially if your blog takes off.

  3. Piggy backing off of this to say even though you claim you aren’t interested in switching off of square space, if you want to monetize it’s practically a prerequisite.

  4. Thank you all for this advice! I enjoy using Squarespace because it is very easy to use for someone who isn’t too familiar with coding but I do see how it can be beneficial long term to switch in order to better monetize.

  5. I also use Squarespace. Monetized with display ads on Ezoic, Amazon affiliate and digital products. You can do everything with Squarespace 7.1 and code injection but might be limited.

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