What is the best blog platform?

  1. If you are looking to start blogging, there is a few things you should do from the beginning to ensure you have no headaches down the road.

  2. hi there. Can you give me examples of setting up a self hosted blog? I'm a noob but I understood this as paying for a hosting site and using a wordpress theme.

  3. Wordpress but if your going for the free option it’s super limited you will never make a penny and hardly anyone will probably ever read your articles.

  4. There is no best blogging platform, but there is one out of 100 available platforms that best suits your needs. When you ask for best platform you get answers about respondents personal preference which may not fit your needs. I think you get more out from your questions when you are specific. What are your must haves / what are nice to haves? Are you fine with hosting, installing, theme tweaking or are you looking for a solution that allows you to start right away? Do you need a newsletter or not? What’s your budget? Just a few questions that will determine what’s right for you.

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