what are you guys worst experience in bloxburg?

  1. what the heck. its already generous enough that you giving money to everyone in the server because most people dont even do that so they have a lot of nerve to ask for more.

  2. For me it was when I was roleplaying with this girl (she was daughter and I was the dad), it was about 3 years ago so my house was pretty trashy, it was just a concrete box with a pyramid roof and a few windows. I also built the house to only have one room so I had to sleep in the garage, she then left the house and typed "ABC for a daughter". I asked why she left and she said stuff like "your house sucks, it is small, you're poor" I gave her co owner so she could build her own room, she got into build mode and completely erased my house

  3. Ya know I never had someone do this to me but I did have someone delete my house that I had worked on for a few months when I was younger... I cried for a few good hours I never let someone else build on my plot ever since really

  4. I remember me and my girlfriend were role playing together and this girl was saying “ABC for maid or kid!” And I was like “-girlfriends name- can we adopt another kid?” (We had two) She said yes, so I said ABC and asked for her to be a baby. She says ok, shows up asking for perms which we give her. I show her to a dresser, ask her “Can you be a baby? Or even a toddler?” And she says “No maam, I’m the maid.” And I say “I thought you were going to be our kid? You said you would.” And she says no she’s just the maid. So, ok I can deal with that I suppose. But then she tries to take me and my girlfriends room, saying she needs room and board. Then her sister shows up, saying she would be our kid. Proceeds to get perms, and changes to a teen. The original girl starts walking around, does nothing except say hi to the kids, and proceeds to wander around for about 15 minutes. So, later on the sister just disappears, that’s fine she didn’t speak to any of us and just stood outside by the other girls car. Now, it was nighttime by now and one kid, Kyle, was going out on his wagon so me and my girlfriend are saying goodbye and have fun. Maid walks up to us, asking for money. Me and my girlfriend are private chatting about it, saying we should just fire her because she doesn’t do anything, wants one of our kids rooms, and is now demanding 4000 dollars (I’m saving for a large build and my girlfriend doesn’t want to pay it) I humor her and say “How about you let Kyle decide” because Kyle thought she was a leech. He says “You are worth exactly $3” and I laugh at that. The girl says “My payment now or I’m quitting!” And my girlfriend says “Ok, your fired then.” And I say “How about since you do nothing, and we gave you a room and food you can have 150” she agrees, and then proceeds to quit immediately after. I call her an extortionist, as she’s driving away with the sudden appearance of her sister. I understand it’s almost my fault completely, and I should have probably given her just 3 dollars. But I worked it off at the pizza delivery job and Kyle insulted her a bunch. I think that’s one of my worst experiences.

  5. I was roleplaying once as a kid, and i asked the mom “Hey mom, why aren’t any of the walls colored?” And my “Sister” said “STOP BEING AN UNGRATEFUL LITTLE BRAT” so I ignored her. Then i asked my “mom” if i could change my name and my “sister” snapped in the chat she said “STOP BEING SUCH A UNGRATEFUL LITTLE RUDE BEACH” and started being rude. So i then responded with “MISS GIRL WHAT DID I DO TO ANGER YOU? AS FAR AS I KNOW YOUR NOT THE MOM AND NOBODY WAS EVEN TALKING TO YOU” so my “Mom” banned me and after i was banned they started calling me a brat, ungrateful child, a rat, and more!

  6. I hate it when people start calling you a “beach” to get the word past the filters while keeping the meaning. Ive had it done to me multiple times and it effects people more than they think it would

  7. I'm brown, so I decided to match my avatar for fun... roleplayed with some kid, they told me to change my skin color💀

  8. i had a similar experience but the girl asked me to change my body type bc my character is blocky. the amount of times i got called fat in roblox is so funny bc how can you body shame a pixel? and my avatar literally looks nothing like me and the only thing that's remotely close is the skin ton and hair. so its funny that they think they are hurting me when I'm not even fat in real life and even if i was they are body shaming my avatar 😭but its honestly sad that people in Roblox are so rude. i have no doubts that they act like that in real life because if you meet a black girl in real life you cant tell them to change their race

  9. Discrimination is sadly really common in bloxburg, which sucks because it was made for everyone to be able to play and enjoy. Two of my closest irl friends (Both are mixed race) were harassed in chat for having “a bad spray tan.”

  10. Dang that’s super annoying. I think one of my worst times on bloxburg was when a group of roleplayers were acting suspicious and me and a friend were on my plot chilling, and then they came to my plot and started bothering us and chasing us around, (dressed as slenders) whilst my friend and I were just trying to enjoy the game.

  11. that really sucks that some people just dont like to see people chilling and enjoying the game. i was curious about other people's experiences because i know there are some interesting people on this game

  12. that story the "mom" had doesn't add up at all. why would she need to ask you what yall did to her daughter when she already knew? and if she found her passed out then how would she have know the reason

  13. This one isn’t too bad I guess, it was a longggg time ago though… like 4 years ago now. I had seen a bunch of people making lemonade stalls so I decided to give it a try, and basically This random girl asked for help with something really quick, I can’t remember what but I said sure, and went to help while her friend broke in and stole all the lemonade while I wasn’t there to block her…. That showed me how low so of the players were.

  14. either they are that desperate to not spend money or they were just trolls. i had someone take all of my inventory at my very first restaurant. told me they would pay and never did but the only thing that made it better was that their friend felt bad so he gave me 1k which covered all the food they stole. but some people are ruthless in bloxburg. they are so broke that they can even afford lemonade now💀

  15. This was like 2 years ago, but my sister was building me a modern house, and I wanted to roleplay with some people in my unfinished house. This girl came over with a kid in her car and I asked if she wanted to roleplay with me. They both said yeah. I stupidly gave the girl co owner, and I went to work. I randomly saw a bunch of money appear in my cash thing, and I went back to my house to check. Turns out the lady went into build mode and started deleting everything. There wasn't a bunch left of the house and I spent hours crying over it. Another time I fell for one of those "if you give me 100k, I'll give you 200k back" tricks. I said I would do it, and the person was like "if you don't trust me, just ask my cousin, I gave her 200k back." And the cousin said the person did. I gave them 100k and they just left. This was like 3 years ago and once again, I started crying. These were both my fault for trusting strangers, but it just ruined the experience for me for a while.

  16. i actually had someone do one of those scams to me a few days ago but i dont trust people in bloxburg so i didn't fall for it. she said "give me 10k and ill give you 100k" i scrolled up in chat and saw she was begging people for 10k💀 not the best idea if you wanna scam ppl

  17. There was this girl with a starter house, I guess she was like 9. She wanted to see my town. She also wanted to see my supermarket, which I usually do not open. Once in there she wanted to buy stuff, I let her because I can easily restock a few items. She paid and done, and started wandering through town on her own. After a while she wanted to go into the supermarket again. This time she got a lot of stuff. She didn't pay and worst of all, threw away her tray so all the food was lost.

  18. ive learned that no one in bloxburg can be trusted unless you've had past experiences with them or they prove to you that they aren't untrustworthy. ever since i got scammed out of a bunch of food at my first cafe i stopped giving out stuff or trusting people without a good reason.

  19. Well I was trying to work till 50k bbc and there was one pizza delivery near my house which unfortunately is a giant basement cause I’m building Hogwarts and I FELL INSIDE the basement! And guess what! I gave up after that lol

  20. me except when i fall in the water at riverside lol. it sucks when your trying to work consistently to know how much your earning but i just restart and keep going

  21. I saw someone with a similar story , so i have this cafe that i opened not so long ago . Today this girl comes in and asks for lots of food and her total is 230. I usually ask people to pay after they eat, but she was acting weird and order a lot of food so i ask her to pay first . She gets all mad and calls me a scammer and annoying and she said i have terrible service and she won't come back, at the time i had a friend defending me but miss karen didn't seem to bother. She ended up paying only 200 but i have had enough to argue about that . She just left the cafe right after and started saying bad things and that people shouldn't go to my cafe...not my worst story but decided to tell this one since it's recent

  22. Oh! Another event just came in my mind. Me and my friend usually rp as twins and im usually the boy , one time this mom called me horrible words and she said im too girly for using the "woman" body type. MISS IM SORRY BUT DID YOU WANT TO SEE A MUSCULAR TODDLER?

  23. one tip for anyone with cafes is to ALWAYS make people pay before. ive gotten scammed so many times from assuming people would pay after they eat but they just walked right out. i know its just food but sometimes they order lobsters and those are 80 dollars so i want at least something back from what paid

  24. Ok it’s not my worst experience but it’s one I remember clearly, so I used to have a town (mediocre at best) and these people were role playing with my friend and I when another friend joined my friend said hi and asked if she could join the role play, I explained she could not since the apartment we were using didn’t have enough room. I felt bad because we rarely got to play together since she had moved. The people I did not know who had joined the role play said the could move into the apartment below while we played above. I gave them guest because I didn’t trust them with roommate. All the buildings in this town were locked, i said that if they wanted to go in a building they would have to ask. Whilst I was at the school with my friends they had broken into all my buildings and had taken all my food which included out of game products or things that took a long time to build. I caught them and as soon as I had caught up to them, they left the game. I was heartbroken. They had now wasted the food and after that I deleted the town and I am now rebuilding it.

  25. I was building this town. I had one of my brother (irl) and one of his online friends helping me. His online friend had this ‘girlfriend’. She would always join us and complain at me for not giving her roommate/co-owner, I got fed up of her whining and gave in. She started deleting everything. I blocked her immediately from my plot. She continuously harassed me and accused me of trying to steal her boyfriend. I tried explaining to her multiple times that I had an irl boyfriend and that her ‘boyfriend’ was like 4 years younger than me. She didn’t wanna listen so my brother and I blocked them.

  26. just for future reference if you ever give someone roomate, theres a setting that allows you to keep roommates from being able to go into build mode. i turned on this setting a long time ago bc i work too hard on my builds just for someone to ruin it. im sorry this happened to you tho and i hope all those people get karma for what they did

  27. i had someone call me poor for having a mood station to work lmao💀 i have houses but i choose not to have to spend 1k+ on bills while im already trying to work for money. that girl probably had someone call her poor and felt the need to be rude. i build a new house like every few weeks and i still prefer to teleport to work bc its just quicker

  28. My worst one is I was playing with my friends and they knew I was rp with them. Then we started to play with their friend. Then there friend kicked me out they could have told her so ya.

  29. my worst experience was when i was rping as a kid, and the person who was rping teen was super rude. She and the mom od the rp were best friend. She kept private chatting me very rude stuff and threatening me, and when i tried to tell the mom of the rp, she didn't believe me and kicked me out. I rped with them another time before that, and she chased another girl out of the rp. I feel sorry for her friend bc she wont know why NOBODY wants to rp with her and her friend.

  30. i own a cafe/diner and these 2 girls came in and asked for everything on the menu. i took the time to calculate the prices and it came to a total of over $650. i make all the food beforehand and as i waited for them to pay, i was getting the food from the back. i asked if they paid and they lied to me and said they did when they never did. after i told them i couldn’t give them the food bc they didn’t pay, they proceeded to call me a scammer when they’re the ones scamming loll. i ended up giving them the food anyway bc i didn’t wanna deal with their bs. a few minutes later they come back to my diner/cafe and tried to break in, that’s when i left the server and joined a new one

  31. From what I remember, me and this girl I met on bloxburg got along and basically became besties. But she kinda dresses in a way in which I guess would be considered a tomboy while I dress in a more feminine style.

  32. im glad you got a good laugh out of those stupid people. i strongly believe people are just bored and have nothing better to do so they decide to mess up People's day

  33. Oh boy. When I was 11 I was rping and gave this random girl build permissions, and without me knowing she deleted my jeep. I didn’t see her delete it and was really confused as to why I had a ton of extra money and asked her. She then told me that she donated it to me by accident and meant to give it to her sister (who was also rping with us.) Then my dumbass completely believed her and gave her back all the money. She left. I went back to building. Realized I lost my jeep. Realized how impressively dumb I am. (Also afterwards she made fun of me and was a complete asshole) so yeah I lost my jeep+ the money from it+ plus got made fun of. (Another edit- this was right after the jeep was released so that made me feel way worse lmao)

  34. thats 90k that you lost😀 im so sorry that happened to you, money in bloxburg is very precious unless your insanely rich and even though i have quite a bit of money i still get stressed out when i lose a lot

  35. Don't really roleplay much as I prefer to build diorama's on the game but I have had some experiences. Some girl saw me underground (I use the basement game pass alot), she requested to see what I was doing down to which I declined saying it was still being built. She then proceeded to gather her friends , about 4-5 players, and attempt to break into my house and find out what was down there, rather fitting as what I was building was a Cold War fallout shelter.

  36. im sorry that happened to you, some kids dont take no for an answer. i had someone ask to roleplay in my house and i told them it wasn't finished and they had the nerve to say "prove it" like maam i dont have to prove anything to you. i dont roleplay unless my house is completely finished, even if its only a few pictures that need to be changed

  37. I’ve been playing bloxburg for a a couple years and had my fair share of people looking to ruin somebody’s day. I was chilling at my build and it was a very quiet server like everybody was in build. Somebody starting putting a bunch of 😭😭 in the chat. I decided to ask them if they were okay lika normal person and they said “😆 retard” and I just left because what’re you even supposed to respond to that.

  38. When I gave these 2 kids co-owner who i've roleplayed with for many days so i thought i could trust them so they can decorate their small and bare room to make it bigger and instead deleted my house which I was very proud of

  39. I had been playing bloxburg for about a year, and my building skills weren't the greatest. I was just chilling on my plot and this random girl asked for a tour. So I showed her my house, and she was doing the normal "wow" that people do to be nice. But then at the end she said "I was lying. Your house is bad and you should just quit and die" and then just left. I was like 11 at the time and it hurt alot back then. Ended up bulldozing the house that I was so proud of and ended up doing one of those regular youtube tutorial houses.

  40. im sure your house was nice. i will never understand why people are so mean to newer players or people who just started building. you aren't always gonna be good at something as soon as you start

  41. I once asked a friend to build me a house and they agreed. Once they started building it I noticed my money going down rapidly. THEY SPENT ALL MY MONEY ON USELESS STUFF, LEFT THE SERVER, AND UNFRIENDED ME

  42. As a guy player I'm usually invisible when it comes to me saying abc to be the dad unless I have either a rich looking mansion or they're already in a family and need a dad. I'm aro and I can't role-play with a wife to save my life XD

  43. Ok, my worst time? It's not RP nor bloxburg related, more less, getting hacked by some bozo who can't leave me alone (I'm autistic and anti-social). So, this person decided it was a good idea to log into my account (thetrainwarrior) and COMPLETELY RUIN MY MANSION, I later found her on my alt on PSX, she began harrassing me, luckily the entire server was on my side, she then left, unfriending my alt (now my main) and changing everything. Fast forwarding to a 4 days ago, the same person somehow gets into my account (ThatBritishBus), I then went on another alt (YeshIamHere) and SHE joined me, on slap battles, she than used a 1 shot glove to target me, luckily I played slap battles alot and she had no experience, so I dominated her with my Phase glove. She then left. Fast forward 4 days, some of my friends found out I got hacked, and a specific friend of mine somehow managed to get my ThatBritishBus account back, I still have it now, just waiting for a PIN removal from Roblox so I can change gmail. I still have it now. And I hope that's the last from the fatherless "go touch grass" child.

  44. once i got harassed for telling this girl that she couldn’t look around my plot- she literally wouldn’t leave me alone for 10 minutes and i was just in build mode like 🧍‍♂️ she then proceeded to try to get me to tell her my snap so we could fight on there lol

  45. A friend of mine constantly wants to rp with me, i don't like rps so i always tell her no. Then others friends joined so i visited their house and just hung out there and suddenly i get a message like "YOU SAID YOU DON'T LIKE RPS". And I'm like "Yah, i don't." And then she tried to tell me how visiting friends = roleplaying??? Along with some nasty words

  46. Another, I asked someone to build me a house and i was bored, so i gave this girl and her friend co-owner. And left to work, when i came past my house i saw they only bought the most expensive shit in the game. There were like 5 elevators and 3 of those expensive cars outside. So I removed perms and joined buildmode. Then they left. And i only had a plot with useless expensive shit on it. Luckily i could undo most things, but still lost 100k

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