Instead of Archies', it would be awesome if Netflix remakes these fantastic Indian shows.

  1. No no. Let Netflix not touch it. Warna Hatim bhi English bolna chalu kar dega aur kam lighting laga kar "dark and gritty" bolenge Netflix wale.

  2. In Netflix version, hatim will leave his conquest midway because now it doesn't matter if he can't marry princess Jasmine because he has realised he is gay now, also the brother of princess Jasmine who has turned into a stone statue doesn't want to be a human again because it is his choice. Hobo can go and fuck himself because he is not a slave of hatim.

  3. I don't think shitty showmakers will pick up this project. Those showmakers who have been actual fans of shows, will make sure to appeal to the original fandoms.

  4. Shring bring sarvaling, bhoot bhavishya vartamaan badling, Netflix ko ayi akal, ghatiya remakes (with talentless nepo kids) ki jega banaye original content (with people who can act).

  5. Oh, they remade Hatim lol (The Adventures of Hatim), the fact that you don't know about it speaks wonders of the quality of that remake!

  6. Wow very great discovery! Thankyou next becuz the purpose of this post is something else. We are not conducting intellectual property rights moot court rn !

  7. As much as I love these shows but most of them were based on western sitcoms. I feel they weren't trolled back then because the OG versions weren't as popular in India. It's not possible to make remakes anymore without people citing the original like it's happening with Archies.

  8. Maybe someone will be gutsy enough to also bring back satirical shows like Flop Show and Office Office. I am aging myself but I was too young to understand Flop Show when it came out but I stumbled across it a couple of years ago on YouTube and the show still stands the test of time! Jaspal Bhatti was a rare talent.

  9. Hatim deserves a remake. It was a good show . Best part was that it had limited story. It wasn't dragged. Najoomi was a scary villain. Fight scenes and special effects were good for that time

  10. Superb! Mahi way's male lead character still has the charisma to shot arrows in many hearts 💖 We just need a good Indian actor for it🤔 Who can play him ??

  11. Yess, those yrf shows were so good. Also khotey sikkey was pretty good. Seven was my favourite and was mahi way the show where the male and female leads exchange bodies, I have a vague memory of that show.

  12. If we are talking about 90s, there are shows like Dekh Bhai Dekh, Sriman Srimati, Family # 1, and Hum Paanch too. I believe Hum Paanch had a comeback as well and a few shows haven't aged well.

  13. I don't want Netflix or any OTT app anywhere near Shararat thank you very much. Tanishk Bagchi ke remixes Kam torture karte hain ki ab classic tv ke bhi remakes dekhne pade?

  14. Karishma was a straight up copy, they didn't even change the girl's costume. Shararat on the other hand, had enough personality to stand out a bit from the original

  15. I want Netflix to buy the rights to shows like dekh bahi dekh, office office , family no1 etc this will give them viewers

  16. I want to see lifeline "jeeven rekha" which they used to air in the 80s . I think I was only 5 back than but the titlemusic is still in my head.

  17. lol for all this nationalist posturing .. shararat is a remake of bewitched which came out in the 60s .. the robot shows is a remake of small wonder .. both american shows

  18. There's nothing wrong in adapting a show if you do it right. And if you already enjoyed these remakes you should give the Archies remake also a fair chance.

  19. I agree with you. I have no problem with Archie's adaptation. I am just saying that if Archie's which is not very well known in India can be adapted on web, then would it be nicer to adapt national hit shows followed by a whole generation of India on web platform with a better production giving tribute to old titles while making new stories ??

  20. Finally someone agreed. In world where even fanfics are celebrated, admired and awarded; then why can't we appreciate the art of visual adaptations?

  21. I seriously believe Netflix people think "Itna mehenga subscription hai Aam log thodi leta hoga sirf amir log hi lete honge let's make content only for them"

  22. Exactly lol ! I mean if they can make Indian adaptation of Archie's (which was read only by few people of few Indian metro cities), then why can't they do web adaptation of these old Disney shows which were loved and followed by thousands of Indian children and teenagers as well as by fans of other South Asian , South East Asian and Central Asian countries ??

  23. Apparantly one of these movies is being remade and ready to be released in late September .. starring the Nawab and Mr Lovely

  24. I don't think you need Netflix for that, you just need to rewatch some of these shows with the eyes of a rational adult

  25. God no! Instead of remaking them, if they can just get the rights and make all these shows available on Netflix that would be way better.

  26. That's also good. Btw i just used Netflix in the context of Archie's remake. Disney India already owns the rights of these shows, but sadly Hotstar is not very popular outside India.

  27. Just imagine Karishma a girl robot accidentally getting teleported in mediaeval Rajasthan and adopted by a childless couple who are devotees of Goddess Durga.

  28. Nahi, Foreign ka hi barbaad kare aur sab taraf se gaali khaye bollywood, that is better than humare classics ruin karna. Ye log goro ke itne bade simp hai ki. jab gore gaali dege tabhi ye remake banana band karege they don't give a damn about indian audience jinhone hi unko us mukaam pahuchaya ki netflix ghaans daalne lag gaya.

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