Not sure what to do with my Operculicarya decaryi—info in comments

  1. So I’ve had this tree for 4-5 years, I don’t know how old it was when I acquired it, but the trunk has about doubled in thickness at the base. I repotted the tree this spring, but did not change the size of the pot, I just cleaned up the roots a little bit and refreshed the soil. At this point I’m happy with the size and general shape of the tree, but I haven’t put any real effort into styling the branches and honestly I just don’t know where to start. I’ve done some idle trimming here and there to keep it from growing too out of control, but there is a lot of new growth from this summer and again I’m just not sure what to do with it all. Should I trim the new growth back? if so should I try to be strategic in some way? should I wait and trim at some later point?

  2. In the same boat with mine! I'm torn because I think it would look nice pulling the branches down a bit, but knowing it's tropical and nothing would have done that in nature has me thinking against it...

  3. I typically prune back the long extensions on mine back to first pair of leaves or to a dormant bud facing a direction I like. I just wait for the new growth on the extensions/shoots to harden first.

  4. Definitely too tall, and does not suit the pot at all. It needs to be compacted. I would reduce the height by about 40% and train a young side branch as the new leader. Hem the remaining branches in closer and remove the lowest ones.

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