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  1. The Clap Trap DLC is just genuinely pretty difficult. All of the redesigned enemies are the same, but the gun Claptraps hit like a truck-trap, and the Hyperion soldiers are equivalent to Badass Lanceman. If you don't have one, you'll want a high quality corrosive weapon for them. A Defiler would work best.

  2. Deadlift is easily the worst designed Boss fight in any borderlands game and is up there with one of the worst designed fights in any video game ever.

  3. The most common post about TPS (other than "wow TPS is actually not the worst TIL") is "deadlift is hard in TVHM". It'll really come down to what you said about having to have a shock weapon, no real way around it. And maybe some cheesing. Iirc there was a little nook near the entrance where I would constantly hide because it was pretty safe from hazards, pop out, shoot him a little, go and hide again.

  4. Always find it a little odd when people describe using cover as though it was somehow taking the easy route.

  5. If you're playing the GotY/enhanced version of BL1, and it sounds like you've already completed playthrough 1, be aware that you can farm the center chest at The Vault - it will always contain one of the Gearbox legendaries at your current level - to farm it, fast travel there, open the chest, fast travel to any DLC (like Claptrap), quit, reload, fast travel back to The Vault. Rinse/repeat. (And you can switch back to playthrough 1 for this, then return to playthrough 2 afterwards.) A handful of runs of this can get you a decent pistol, revolver, shotgun, assault rifle, and sniper rifle, and you can come back and do it again as you level up.

  6. For your roland Id just recommend going to the underdome and farming machines until you get some decent upgrades, just get yourself a good shotgun or an anarchy and youre chillin. Cant really help much with tps but from what I remember I used the grinder to get my gear

  7. How are you specced with Aurelia? I go all cold, first, and found that my action skill did a pretty good job of slowing Deadlift down, and damaging him from cover. He jumped around so much that I had difficulty getting a line on him for sniper damage, but that's probably as much my (lack of) skill level as it is the level and fight design. But people sleep on how effective a fully specced cold build wrecks with her.

  8. Sniper build. But I was steadily moving into cold and contract because I was playing with a friend before and the contract bonuses were nice

  9. Deadlift completely wrecked me in TVHM, too. I was able to use the pipe hiding spot the third time around in UVHM so he wasn't as much trouble, a grounded shield and a shock sniper are kind of a must. IIRC I also used one of those lasers that gives bonus damage for sustained fire, hid behind the pipe and popped my ult (Nisha) when he jumped past me.

  10. A shock The Machine can work really well on Deadlift since he is so difficult to get to stay still and it fires so damn fast.

  11. I've been playing mordecai, got to around level 28, dealing with crimson lance I think, and they take me out so quick it's barely fun. Any tips on how to get more survivability? Should I just aim to be higher than the quest requirement?

  12. Mordecai is just very squishy. A Torgue shield can increase your health, and since Mordecai has health regeneration but not shield regeneration, increased health is better than increased shield. Besides Torgue shields, kill them fast before they can hurt you. Revolvers make great elemental weapons, and since Mordecai boosts revolvers, corrosive revolvers will be your best friend.

  13. I don't know about other people but I don't ever play on TVHM until I beat the game and reset it with a good amount of legendary, well synergized gear. If I just tried to jump into that difficulty at level 30 I'd be fucked. I'm not the best at the game though I've always kinda played at my own pace so idk if that's the norm.

  14. There's a trick with Deadlift where you can jump straight up while near him and slam to stagger him, get some shots off, then jump and slam again. The trick is getting close enough and not doing it while the floor is electrified.

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